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Yatri- First Electric Bike Made in Nepal | Is it too expensive?

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Congratulations to us. First of all, it is a moment to be proud that Yatri- First Electric Bike Made in Nepal has successfully launched in Nepal. Yatri Motorcycles revealed details on the first Nepali-made electric motorcycle. The event showcased the two Yatri products: Project Zero (P0) and Project One (P1). We all are looking forward to having more products from Yatri Motorcycles soon.

With the launch of Yatri, many questions have also risen now. The hottest topic or the most heard question is “Is it too expensive?” “Can Nepalese people afford it?” “Will it match the level of existing electric vehicles (motorcycle)?”. Here, in this article, you will find the details about Yatri Electric Bike.

Before we begin,

Here are the features of Yatri Motorbike, Project 0

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Peak power:48 kW (64 hp)
Torque:120 nm at shaft (650 nm at wheel)
Acceleration:0-60 km/h in less than 2.5s
Top speed:140 km/h
Battery capacity:8.0 kWh
Range:230 km
Charger:3.3 kW onboard (2 hr. Full charge)


ChassisChromoly steel trellis frame
SuspensionFront 43 mm RCP adjustable USD forks
Rear RC adjustable nitrogen-charged mono-shock
BrakesFront brembo 2-piston 320mm disc
Rear brembo 1-piston 240mm disc
Warner borg e-braking
TyreMetzeler sportech m7rr
Front 110/70-17
Rear 150/60-17
WheelsAluminum Rims and CNC Machined Hubs

Price: NPR 1,945,000/-


Weight:190 kg
Ground clearance:175 mm
Seat height:800 mm
Rake angle: 24.5 deg
Wheelbase:1400 mm


InternetOn-board 4g network
Mobile appAndroid and iOS
Anti-theft with Onboard GPS
On-demand Servicing Appointment
Roadside Assistance

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Here are the features of Yatri Motorbike, Project 1


Peak power:14 kW (19 hp)
Range:110 km
Top speed:100 kph
Wheel torque:480 nm
Ground clearance:270mm
Battery capacity:3.0 kWh
Home charge:0.5 kW (< 6-hour full charge)
Fast charge:3 kW (1-hour full charge)

Price: NPR 495,000/-

Is the Allocated Price for Yatri Electric Bike Justified as per the Nepalese Market?

We all know that the prices of Yatri electric bikes are creating controversies in the Nepalese market. Especially, the price of Project 0 is more debatable in the Market. In fact, Yatri has fixed the price for Project 0 to NPR 1945000/- and Project 1 to NPR 4,95,000/- .

Moreover, the price of the Project 0 bike is more than we expected. But the allocated price is justifiable as per the super-premium components used in the P0 bike and also its performance.

In addition, Project 1 is cheaper but the performance, range, and power of Project 0 are more powerful than Project 1.

Furthermore, as per Yatri, Project 1 is a commercial bike and Project 0 is a limited production. So, the price and performance of P0 are higher than P1. As a matter of fact, they are also working on the project for the production of cheaper models in the near future. 

Social Media Debate on “Is Yatri Electric Bike Too Expensive?”

Now let’s look at some fun trolls and comments on social media on the unexpectedly high price of Yatri – first electric bike made in Nepal.

While Nepalese were looking and expecting the cheaper price of the first electric bike made in Nepal. People were expecting the price to be comparatively lower than an international electric bike because of lower tax and domestic Manufacturer Company.

But the price revealed by Yatri was beyond the expectation of people. Considering the performance and specifications of the Yatri, the electric bike price is justifiable. As well as components, materials used on the Yatri bikes are of top quality, this has made the price of Yatri bikes high.

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Yatri Business Policy and Vision

Established in 2017 AD, Yatri is focused on the aim of reinventing urban mobility. It is running with the aim to prove world-class electric vehicles can be designed, engineered, and manufactured from the ground up in Nepal.  

Yatri’s major goal is to reinvent the urban mobility landscape that means creating an entirely sustainable ecosystem of products and services.

By 2021, Yatri is focusing to establish a powerful network of charging infrastructure across the nation, making that freedom from travel even more accessible and real.

The Expectation of Nepalese Consumers

In Nepal, Yatri is the first domestic electric bike manufacturer company. Though, the public is quite disappointed about the price of the Yatri bike. Definitely, the launch of Yatri electric motorbike is a moment of pride for all Nepalese people.

Here, are some consumer expectations for the Yatri bike.

  • Quality products and reasonable price
  • Good customer relations
  • After-sales service
  • Availability of charging stations and other infrastructure

Marketing Strategy of Yatri Motorcycles

Yatri is doing its best for attracting customers for using electric vehicles. They are doing their best for increasing the electric bikes market in Nepal. They are applying their various marketing strategies to boost their sales.

Yatri is working on key marketing elements or marketing mix, such as Product, Price, Promotion, People and Place.


The product mix includes the appearance, performance, quality, warranty of the product. Yatri is working for the best appearance, quality, performance, and features of the bike.


Price means pricing marketing strategy for the product. Pricing strategy includes selling price, discount, payment mediums, reservation, and booking, loan and premium, etc.


Yatri is promoting to inform people about the bikes. It is posting blogs and articles regarding the promotion of bikes.

Yatri has its website and Facebook page to connect with its customers.

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Click here for the Facebook Page of Yatri Motorcycles


Place refers to the place for the production and sales of the product. Yatri is increasing its dealership and branch for the sales of their bikes in Nepal.


People refer to the employee or the one who works for the company. Definitely, people are very important resources for the company, so, Yatri is also focusing on employee satisfaction and motivation.

Is the Marketing Strategy of Yatri helping Them to Grow?

We know a Yatri motorcycle is in the expansion phase of the business cycle. Yatri motorcycle is using these marketing key elements for enhancing their sales of the bikes.

Looking at the current scenario of the Yatri bikes in the market, we can say that the marketing strategy of the Yatri motorcycles is helping them to grow.

If we looked at the past, there was a huge controversy over the price of the Yatri bikes. But these days, Yatri motorcycles have been able to make clear to the people about their price.

They have made people clear P0 bike is a limited edition with high-quality materials with super performance and the p1 is for commercial purposes. So, the P0 bike price is higher, but it has super performance when compared with the P1 bike.

On the End Note…

Moreover, looking at the top electric car manufacturer’s international brand company, Tesla’s electric car price then and now, we can assume that price of the Yatri bike will be more flexible in the coming days.

In summary, a Yatri motorcycle is working for making its product the best for the electric bikes market in Nepal. Yatri has given perfect appearance and quality products for the manufacturing of the bikes.

Yatri is working on another project intending to sell their upcoming bikes at a lower and reasonable price.

Dear Readers, we hope this article helped you know more about Yatri- first electric bike made in Nepal. Also, if you find this article helpful please feel free to show your love. We will appreciate your likes, shares, and valuable suggestions.