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Why let your child play mobile games? What and what not to fear?

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma · 1 min read >

Your child/children are playing spending their time in mobile/desktop gaming? Let them, but limit them. We researched few advantages and disadvantages when it comes to gaming. Not only children gaming, it’s even equally benefiting for adults.

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Advantage of playing mobile games:

Children Gaming
  1. Team Work

Most games today are played online and often involve several players across the country or world, which encourage children to play with others. This helps to build the skills required for team work and solving problems together.

  1. Improvement in Decision Making Skill

Games function in real-time, and most games are fast-paced and require quick decisions. This helps in improving decision-making skills that are valuable in real-time fields such as sports and medicine, where split-second decisions under pressure are often necessary.

  1. Better Cognitive Functioning

When a certain skill is repeated multiple times, the brain starts developing a pattern and creates new neural pathways and transmitters to optimize its functioning. Whenever intense concentration is applied, the brain develops itself to be able to solve problems faster, which can ultimately help in solving issues in real life.

There is no doubt that playing games on smart phones and tablets have tons of benefits, but continuous and addictive playing has some demerits as well.

Some of the disadvantages of playing mobile games:

  1. Health problems

Eyes related problem has increased lately in kids because of watching phones for longer time. Playing games extensively can become addictive and can cause serious psychological problems. Continuous focus on a small screen and small button can sometime bring great pain in hands and fingers.

  1. Change in Behavior

The violent content in video games and instant gratification that they provide can cause children to be impatient and aggressive in their behavior. When things fail to go as planned or any restrictions are laid on them, they may lash out or start harboring aggressive thoughts that can manifest in troublesome behavior.

  1. Time restriction

Children may promise you that they will play for 10 minutes or until they finish a level, but they may not be able to follow through and end up playing for longer hours without realizing it.

So, what should you do? It is up to you to make better decisions whether you want to allow your kids to play smartphone games or not. However, we need to bear in mind that these games can be beneficial, but only when used under adult supervision. As a parent, one should try to look over duration and content of the games children play. In this way, games can serve many productive purposes and can be even beneficial for your children.

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma
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