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What to Study After SEE in Nepal? Which Course is Best?

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 3 min read >

Choosing what to study next is really confusing for many students. After the SEE exam, students can choose what they want to study next. Here, in this blog, we will try to suggest what to study after SEE in Nepal. Also, by the end of this article, we will help you decide which course is best for you.

In Nepal, during the first 10 to 16 years of their school life student have little to no choice in what subjects they want to learn. They have a set amount of courses and they are to give about 3 to 4 exams per year to track how much they have learned. This might seem redundant in the eyes of most people but these 10 to 13 years give students basic knowledge about the various subject.

New Revised Curriculum of Grade 11 and 12

Following, after this school life student gets their first chance to choose which path they want to go—management, Science, Humanities, Education, etc.

What to Study after SEE?

After finishing 10 students have choices of joining a college of their like for their +2 education. There are quite a few choices for +2 education in Nepal. Here, are the five major streams students can choose to study after SEE.

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Studying Management after SEE

+2 management is usually for students who are what the be go toward business sectors. This course is made up of knowledge regarding organizational activities, processes and operations, principles, and managerial roles. Moreover, this faculty is made with the goal of making a strong foundation for higher-level managerial studies.

Here are HM universtiy you might like after +2

Compulsory subjectsCompulsory subjects
Comp. English
Comp. Nepali
Comp. English
Comp. Nepali
Optional SubjectOptional Subject
Travel and Mountaineering Studies
Travel and Mountaineering Studies
Optional subjects-IIOptional subjects-II, Elective-II
Business Studies
Computer Science
Business Mathematics
Hotel Management
Business Studies
Computer Science
Business Mathematics
Hotel Management

Though some schools have separated optional studies into day and morning classes. This helps the students to choose the morning class if they want to follow their desired subjects. Some colleges have removed particular optional from their course. Students might need to research beforehand if the college they want has the course they want.

Studying Science after SEE

Science faculty is a 2-year program that teaches the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. It is the best foundation course for students who are interested in technical lines. And, to pursue a career in the field of science and technology. A science student can enter the fields of medical, engineering, IT, biotechnology, and also in other natural science subjects.

Best Civil engineering university to go after Science in +2

1st YEAR2nd YEAR
Computer science/ Biology(Optional)Chemistry
 Computer Science/ Biology (Optional)
 Mathematics (Option for Biology students)

Similar to management some college has separated optional studies into day and morning class. Students might have to choose the morning class if they want to follow their desired subjects.

Studying Education Stream after Grade 10

Education course is for students who want to choose the teaching profession. It is designed to give a basic understanding of several important aspects like educational background and its development. The students of this course usually aim for a teaching job but it’s not all that this course provides. Students of this course can be a good leader or guide in any sort of organization. They can make a career part in Government offices, NGOs and INGOs related to education. The student can choose a list of subjects they want to follow:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Agriculture
Animal Science/ Plant Scient, Electrical Engineering/Civil Engineering/Computer Engineering
Mathematics/ Geography/ Accountancy/ Economics/ Computer Science/ Teaching Mathematics/ Psychology/ Elements of Finance/ Jyotish/ Co-operative Management/ Business Studies/ Business Mathematics
Physics Education/ Chemistry Education/ Biology Education/ Teaching Science
English/ Alternative English/ Teaching English/ Linguistics
Hotel Management/ Travel and Tourism
Nepali/ Teaching Nepali
History/ Political Science/ Culture/ Home Science/ Sociology/ Philosophy/ Library and Information Science/ Rural Development
Introduction to Education/ Instructional Pedagogy/ Health and Physical Education/ Population Studies/ Environment Education
Sanskrit Byakaran/ Sahitya/ Nyaya/ Veda/ Niti Shastra/ Bouddha Education/ Law
Mass Communication/ Human Value Education/ Law
Maithali/ Hindi/ Newari/ French/ Japanese/ Urdu/ German/ Chinese and Other Languages
Dance/ Music/ Sculpture/ Painting/ Applied Arts/ Sports and Others

A grade of D+ is needed in subjects like English, Nepali, and Social Studies. If students want to follow the science subjects group they need to get C+ in Science and Mathematics. For a more detailed subject list click here.

Studying Humanities after SEE

Humanities stream is for students who are interested in working in the social field. This course has subjects like journalism, mass communication, English and so on. This course is multiple packages that offer many alternative fields to choose from in further study.

Likewise, students learn about society, life, art, culture, and much more which helps them to understand the basic concepts of the course. They get an understanding of different aspects of human life. Humanities provide students with options of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW), Bachelor of Sociology, Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism, and many more.

EnglishCompulsory English
Nepali Contemporary Society (Optional)
Sociology Rural Economics (Optional)
Mass Communication (Optional) Sociology (Optional)
Economics (Optional)Mass Communication (Optional)
Mathematics (Optional)Economics (Optional)
Optional English (Optional)Psychology (Optional)
Mathematics (Optional)
Optional English (Optional)

These are the few well-known choice students that have passed SEE. Unlike the School years which have very few choices when it comes to subject student want to follow. +2 can be counted as the first step they take toward the path to the future they want to take to get their desired job.