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Top Best Vodka Brands in Nepal

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Dear readers, Vodka is an alcoholic drink loved by many people who are drunk in homes and establishments like bars with a side dish. So, today we are gonna talk about the top best vodka brands in Nepal.


To Begin With

Vodka is a distilled liquor, clear and colorless and without definite aroma or taste. It has an alcoholic content of about 40% to 55%. Vodka is usually consumed unmixed and chilled, in small glasses and accompanied by appetizers. Along with that, It is also used for mixed drinks because of its neutral character.

Traditionally, manufacturers often made Vodka using distillation of liquid from fermented cereal grains and Potatoes. Today, some modern brands use fruits, honey, or maple sap as the base as well. In Nepal, we can find many different Vodka brands. However, some of them are not so popular too. Today, in this article, we are with the top best vodka brands in Nepal.

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8848 Vodka:One of the Best Drinks to Hangout

Image Source: 8848 Vodka

First, let us talk about the 8848 Vodka. It is made with only the finest of grains and purest spring water. In the same way, It is all-natural and gluten-free giving it a clean and crisp taste, with a subtle sweetness in its undertone. The water used is from the Langtang Himalayan range rising above pollution, capturing the purest rain and snow.

Using Copper in the distillation process gives it a remarkable superior taste. For achieving a desired flavor of the 8848 Vodka, a large copper pot is filled with an eclectic mix of ingredients and the process of distillation is repeated five times until the desired flavor of 8848 Vodka is achieved.

The product is sugar-free as well as glycerin-free with no additives and artificial flavors added.

The Everest Vodka (750 ml) has a price NRS 2000 at the high end.

Absolut Vodka–One of the Best Vodka Brands in Nepal

Image Source: Absolut Vodka

Another one of the popular vodka brands in Nepal we have on our list is Absolut Vodka. It is one of the most popular Vodkas in the world. Absolut Vodka was launched in the US in 1979. It completely redefined the premium vodka landscape, becoming identical with art, culture, and tradition.

Absolut Vodka is made using all-natural flavors and is the purest Swedish Vodka. The sweetness and richness that the peach imparts compliments the vodka and leaves you with a pleasant and uplifting vodka. It has 40% of alcohol volume. It has the following flavors:It has the following flavors

GrapefruitWatermelon LimeRaspberryCardamomKurant
PearsMangoCherriesBerri AcaiPassion FruitApple

A 1L Absolut Vodka has a max price of NRS 6500 while a 200 ml bottle has price of NRS 1350 at the low end to NRS 1500 at the high end. A 750 ml Absolut Vodka cost about NRS 4500 to NRS 5000 and a 500 ml bottle can cost nearly NRS 4000.

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Ruslan VodkaOne of the Best Options for Chill

vodka brands in Nepal
Image Source: Ruslan Vodka

The list of top vodka brands is incomplete without including Ruslan vodka. It is the most popular vodka in Nepal for over 25 years. Ruslan uses traditional ingredients based on the old Russian recipe and state-of-the-art filtration technology and triple distillation ensuring a crisp consistent taste.

Today, Ruslan is enjoyed by millions of people not only from Nepal but also in countries like Germany and Japan. This Vodka retains a powerful advantage over its competitors with more than 85% of Nepal’s vodka market share.

Ruslan uses the finest hand-picked grains and the purest Himalayan water to create a smooth texture and clean flavor. Along with that, their multi-column distillation plant is considered to be one of kind state-of-the-art technology makes them one of the most preferred alcohols in Nepal. Its varieties are:

Gold Reserve
Ultra Premium Vodka

A Ruslan Vodka price can range from NRS 1500 to NRS 2500.

Smirnoff-One of the Best Vodka Brands in Nepal

Likewise, another one of the best Vodka brands in Nepal is Smirnoff. It is a brand of vodka owned and produced by a British company. Smirnoff is one of the largest vodka companies in the world. It is distributed in 130 countries and several countries. Smirnoff products include vodka, flavored vodka, and malt beverages. Some of its most loved products include: Some of its varieties are

Red Label
Silver Label
Black Label VodkaVladimirBlack Ice Triple Filtered

A 750 ml Smirnoff can cost a low ball of NRS 4000 to high of NRS 4500 while 1L Smirnoff can range from NRS 5000 to NRS 8000

These are the well-known Vodka brands in Nepal.

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