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Types of Flooring in Nepal

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The floor is the lower surface of the room, or on which we walk in. The best flooring emphasizes the beauty of the interior of your room. However, there are many types of flooring available in the market. Thus, choosing the flooring of your choice and need is a difficult task. So, we have come up with the different types of flooring in Nepal, that will help you to choose one that suits your need.

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Before We Begin

Good flooring is easier to maintain, and repair. You need to decide the purpose of flooring, duration of the stay in the room, and many other factors while you choose the flooring for your floor. 

Each of the types of flooring has its merits and demerits. Therefore, you need to choose one that exactly matches your need, choice, and purposes. Now let’s talk about the different types of flooring.

Here is the list of different types of flooring in Nepal

Flooring is the process of laying flooring material on the floor. Good flooring will help you relax your mood. Therefore, now without delay, let’s move on to the list of different types of flooring in Nepal.

Marble Flooring

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Marble is a naturally occurring material. Moreover, Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of crystallized carbonate minerals. Associated with style and opulence, marble is available in a variety of colors. Marble is highly porous and fairly easy to maintain, makes it one of the best flooring options.

However, some low-quality stones tend to turn yellowish with time. Because of its natural occurrence and limited availability, this one is priced steeply.

Vitrified Tile Flooring

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Another type of flooring in Nepal is Vitrified Tile flooring. They are composed of a mixture of clay and other minerals like silica, quartz, and feldspar baked at high temperatures. Generally coated with an external glaze, vitrified tiles have a low water absorption rate and are durable. 

Vitrified tiles come in a large variety of designs, colors, prints, and textures. These tiles are an alternative to marble and granite. These tiles are an affordable option suitable for both interior and exterior use. Moreover, these tiles are available in glossy, matte, and anti-skid finishes. 

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Vinyl Flooring

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The next flooring type we have on our list is Vinyl Flooring. Available in designs that simulate hardwood and stone finishes, vinyl is one of the affordable flooring options. Vinyl flooring is stain resistant, water-resistant, and are quite durable.

However, we need to protect the Vinyl flooring from scratches. One disadvantage of vinyl is its susceptibility to discoloration when it comes in contact with the rubber.

Hardwood Flooring

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Now let’s talk about Hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is one of the popular options for flooring in Nepal. Hardwood flooring is available in strips, planks, and parquet patterns. These floors are quite durable if you maintain them well.

Hardwood floors are available in different natural shades that can complement a variety of decor themes.  However, Hardwood flooring is relatively expensive when compared to other options. But it’s still a popular choice in terms of aesthetics.

Hardwood flooring requires high maintenance. Moreover, Wear and tear can sometimes cause noises, creaks, and squeaking in the Hardwood flooring.

Granite Flooring

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Granite is a naturally occurring stone. It is available in a variety of colors in the market. Granite flooring can bring a note of sophistication to any setting. It has high stain resistance and durability. Moreover, it is fairly easy to maintain and only needs protection from scratches. The stone keeps your floor cool for most parts of the year. Therefore, it is a good choice for the types of flooring in Nepal.

Bamboo Flooring

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The next type of flooring we have on our list is Bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a plant and the flooring done with this material resembles hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring is fairly easy to maintain as it is stain-resistant. Thus, Bamboo flooring can bring a sophisticated feel to your home decor.

While with the Bamboo flooring, you should know that humid weather can cause the Bamboo planks to plump up. Therefore, it is best to use it in moderately dry conditions.

Concrete Flooring

Types of Flooring in Nepal
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Concrete is a man-made mixture of cement, rocks, granite chips, and other material. It is strong and probably among the most durable types of flooring. Moreover, Concrete flooring is largely damage-resistant, except for slight chipping and scratching due to wear and tear.

However, moisture can adversely affect concrete floors with cracks and craters. Today, concrete floors are found in a wide range of colors and textures.

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Laminate Flooring

Types of Flooring in Nepal
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Laminate flooring is gaining popularity for its sheer durability and sturdiness. It is easy to install. Moreover, laminate flooring is fairly resistant to stains and water damage. However, it cannot be re-polished or re-done. Thus, sometimes it may lead to complete replacement.

The diversity in the range of patterns and finishes makes it a good choice for various interior styles. While choosing the laminate flooring, it is best to choose ‘slip-resistant laminate flooring.

Linoleum Flooring

Types of Flooring in Nepal
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Another popular flooring type in Nepal is Linoleum flooring. While Linoleum is an eco-friendly material produced from raw materials like linseed oil, cork, dust, and resin. Linoleum flooring is a cost-efficient and highly versatile (in terms of design) flooring option. Thus, it’s very popular in Nepal.

The soft surface of Linoleum flooring is prone to dents and scratches from careless usage. Thus, it is best to use Linoleum flooring in areas of the house where there is low traffic.

Carpet Flooring

Types of Flooring in Nepal
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Carpet is a floor covering material usually made of wool or other fabrics. Moreover, it comprises woven nylon, polyester, Olefin, or wool fiber. There are many varieties of texture, style, and color available. The carpet is both durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, Carpet also has insulating properties in terms of both heat and sound. However, carpets are highly prone to stain and can be damaged by water and dampness.

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Rubber Flooring

Types of Flooring in Nepal
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Rubber flooring comprises natural or synthetic materials, including recycled rubber tires. It is categorized as a type of resilient flooring. Because it exhibits characteristics of elasticity or ‘bounce’. Rubber flooring is suitable for dance floors, restaurants, or other high-traffic areas where foot fatigue and slippage can occur.

Moreover, Rubber flooring is becoming a popular option for children’s playrooms, showers and bathrooms, garages, home gymnasiums, and other applications. In addition, Rubber floorings are moisture and stain resistance, sound absorption, durability, elasticity, and temperature stability.

These are the types of flooring in Nepal.

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In The End

Flooring is a crucial part of any interior design. The flooring option you choose can easily make or break your space. Moreover, the best flooring can relax and calm your mind. In addition, Flooring can make your space look instantly cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, more intimate, cozier, and more luxe. Therefore, you need to choose the flooring, that matches your budget, choice, and need.

Thank you for reading. I hope after reading this article you got to know the types of flooring in Nepal. If you find this article helpful, please like and share this article. Stay safe.