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Traditional Art and Craft of Nepal

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With a rich tradition of carving and crafting, Nepalese artists and craftsmen have had a lot of success. Nepalese woodcraft, sculpture, stone carving, and many special crafts were popular. Wood carving has a long tradition in Nepal, with master carvers creating beautiful works of art. The historic Durbar squares and many temples in the Kathmandu valley have incredible ancient wooden artworks. In this article, we have brought traditional art and craft of Nepal which we all are really proud of.

Nepal is home to a varied range of art and craft in their various fields. You can find many unique woodworks, stone carvings, wall painting, and other arts in a single temple or any building built by our ancestors. Modern art and craft have evolved from traditional art. Today’s artists and craftsmen continue to practice these ancient arts and crafts.

So, let’s jump into the Traditional Art and Craft of Nepal

1. Wood Carving

Wood carving is the process of creating artwork or sculpture utilizing various instruments such as a knife, chisel, and gauge. There was a golden era of the Cultural Revolution in between the Licchavi and Malla periods. Wooden architecture and wood carving became widely popular during this time.

Masters of Craft : Traditional woodcarving of Nepal

A wide range of industries still focuses on wood carving. These industries are selling a variety of carved wood sculptures and crafts in different locations including international countries.

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2. Sculpture

The sculpture is the art of creating different products by carving, metal, stone, wood, clay, glass, or other materials. The majority of Nepalese sculpture is religious in nature. Making idols and pictures of gods and goddesses has been a tradition in Nepal since the beginning of time.

Similar to Wood carving, the sculpture industries are also still in use. Many industries create traditional sculptures and sell them in different locations.

3. Stone Carving

Stone carving is the art of creating beautiful stone products. One of Nepal’s most attractive art forms is a stone sculpture. Stone carving has a rich history in Nepal, a long way back. Many old and ancient sites from Nepal have a great display of stone art.

You can find the beautiful stone-carved idols of gods, kings, and mythical animals. There are many online stores, such as Daraz, where you can buy stone carvings in Nepal.

4. Jewelry Making

Nepal is one of Asia’s finest jewelry-producing countries. In Nepal, you can find jewelry made of various elements such as iron, silver, gold, platinum, copper, and so on. In many marketplaces of Nepal, you’ll find the best collection of beads and jewelry.

Traditional Nepali Gold Jewellery, #Pahadi मंगलसूत्र #Bengali Gold Chokers  Designs With Weight! - YouTube

Nepal has a strong reputation for offering genuine, made-in-Nepal products. Many people throughout the country as well as foreigners highly valued traditional Nepalese jewelry.

5. Mandala Art

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. In the Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions, their sacred art often takes a mandala form. Mandalas are sometimes utilized to create a sacred environment and as a tool for meditation and trance induction in various spiritual traditions.

Understanding the Mandala Tradition in Nepal - Inside Himalayas

Other handcrafts like Dhaka Topi and Khukuri

These Nepalese handicrafts can be used to reflect the entire country. When someone wears a Dhaka topi, the world sees they’re from Nepal. Similarly, khukuri is another product that is recognized as a Gurkha weapon by many people around the world.

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The products also express love for the ancestors throughout the country. Therefore, several Nepalese businesses continue to produce Dhaka topi and khukuri. You can still find and purchase items in local markets as well as online markets such as Daraz.

As previously stated, Nepal offers a wider range of art and craft in different sectors.  There are many more types of art and craft that were not covered in this article. But we have a list of related articles for you.

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