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Top Roof Sheet Manufacturing Companies in Nepal

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Dear reader, there are different types of houses in Nepal. From the traditional thatched-roof house to the very modern eco-panel houses, we can find many types of houses in Nepal. Among them, tin-roofed houses are one of the most popular houses that we can find in every place in Nepal. Today, we have brought a list of the top roof sheet manufacturing companies in Nepal.

Image source: Metal Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheet is one of the prime raw materials for our buildings. Moreover, we use roofing sheets as the cover for our building roofs. These sheets are mostly made up of iron, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc. Roof sheets are preferred for their easy installation and lesser cost. Roof sheet houses are easy to construct and cost comparatively less than RCC roof houses.

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Before that, let’s take a quick look at the types of roofing sheets available in Nepal.

In Nepal, there are different types of roofing sheets that are used for different constructions. These roof sheets are used not only for residence constructions but also for other constructions for business purposes.

Types of Roofing Sheets in Nepal

GI roofing sheetsAC roofing sheet
Polycarbonate roofing sheetPVC roofing sheet
FRP roofing sheetAluminum roofing sheet
UPVC roofing sheet Plastic roofing sheet
Color-Coated roofing sheet

Roofing sheets are preferred because of their lightweight, affordability, and it is easy and fast to install. Here we find many roofing sheets manufacturing companies in Nepal. Now, let’s look at the top roofing sheet manufacturing companies available in Nepal.

Here are the Top Roofing Sheets Manufacturing Companies in Nepal

Siddhartha Sunrise Industries Private Limited

Image source: Siddhartha Sunrise Industries

Siddhartha Sunrise Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of the reputed roofing sheets manufacturers in Nepal. It uses the latest available technology to ensure the superior quality and performance of its roofing products. In addition, Siddhartha Sunrise’s UPVC Roofing Sheets are affordable and durable as well. Furthermore, these sheets are acid-alkali, water, and fire-resistant.

Address: Teku, Kathmandu
Telephone: 01-4261617/ 01-4248537
Website: Siddhartha

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Kapilvastu Glass Fiber Industries

Kapilvastu Glass Fiber Industries is in operation since 1981. It is an eminent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of translucent, corrugated, and GRP/FRP sheets in Nepal. Moreover, it is one of the leading industries in manufacturing roofing sheets, Aluminium products, and fiberglass products as well.

Address: Tanka Prasad Ghumti Sadak, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu
Mobile: +977 98688 34366, +977 98510 61345

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Panchakanya Group

Image source: Panchakanya Group | Home

Panchakanya Group manufactures Corrugated Galvanized Iron (CGI) sheets. These sheets are available in various designs and profiles to enhance the aesthetic properties of the building. Moreover, Panchakanya Sheets have higher tensile strength and excellent corrosion resistance properties. In addition, these sheets have minimum wastage and an attractive design.

Address: Panchakanya Bhawan, Krishna Galli, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-5526551 | Fax: +977-1-5526529
Website: Panchakanya Group | Home

Arati & Company

Image Source: Arati & Company

Arati & Company is running since the year 2000 AD as a construction company. The company has expanded its services and now is one of the leading companies in manufacturing roof sheets in Nepal. Also, it is one of the leading manufacturers of EPS Insulated Roof, Stone coated roofing sheet (Roser Sheet), UPVC Sheet, and PUF Insulated Roof in Nepal.

Address: Maharajgunj, Chakrapath, Kathmandu
Telephone: +977 015903091
Website: Arati & Company | Arati Prefab

Hulas Steel

Image source: Hulas Steel Nepal

Hulas Steel is in operation since 1981. It is a joint venture between Golchha Organization, Nepal, and Comcraft LTD, Singapore. Hulas produces Galvalume coils (Steel coils coated with Al-Zn), Galvalume Sheets, Galvanized Sheets, Cold Rolled Steel Sheets, and Aluminum Sheets. It is one of the most trusted roofing sheet manufacturing companies in Nepal.

Address: Ganabahal Golchha House, Sundhara, Kathmandu
Telephone: +977 9861844845
Website: Hulas Steel Nepal

These are the top roof sheet manufacturing companies in Nepal. These companies are also one of the industrial sectors of Nepal that add to the national economy of Nepal.

As well as that, we all prefer roofing sheets for cladding our building roof as they are light and affordable. In addition, roofing sheets are easy and fast to install.

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