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Top Plywood Companies in Nepal

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Plywood has come into existence in the furniture industry in the long run. It is one of the essentials in making many furniture items. Moreover, we can see many types of everyday use as well as sophisticated furniture made with plywood. As well as that, it is good news that there are plywood companies in Nepal that produce quality plyboards and supply them all over Nepal. Today, in this article we have brought the list of the top plywood companies in Nepal.

Before we begin…

First of all lets know more about plywood like its features, available sizes, and uses.

Plywood is a type of strong, thin wooden board comprising two or more layers glued and pressed together with the direction of the grain alternating. In simple, plywood is a type of manufactured wood panel. It is made by gluing together plywood layers, also called veneers. In addition, a typical plywood panel has face veneers of a higher grade than the core veneers.

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Uses of Plywood

Exterior Wall Sheathing
Interior Walls
Roofing and Flooring
Furniture, and Cabinets
Other Construction

Available Sizes of Plyboards

The length and width of plywood are measured in standard units. The most common size of a sheet of plywood is 4×8 feet. Moreover, the hardwood plywoods are also available in sizes 2×2 feet, 2×4 feet, and 4×4 feet. And, the common size for utility ply is 4×10 feet.

Likewise, they are also available in other sizes such as 5×6 feet, 5×8 feet, 5×10 feet, and many more.

Thickness of Plywood — Nominal and Actual

Plywood comes in several variations when it comes to plywood thickness. Therefore, we can choose the right one that suits our needs. The thickness of plywood ranges from 1/8 inch all the way to 1 ¼ inch.

However, sanding the wood, during manufacturing, can remove up to 1/32 inch of plywood. For example, a plywood sheet with a thickness of 3/8 inches really has a thickness of 11/32 inches.

The common standard thicknesses of plywood are 1 ¼, 1 1/8, ¾, 5/8, ½, 3/8, ¼, and 1/8 inches. And, the corresponding actual thicknesses are 1 ¼, 1 1/8, 23/32, 19/32, 15/32, 11/32, 1/4, and ⅛, respectively.

Here, are some of the specific features of plywood that make it a carpenter’s most used choice.

Higher stability
High-impact resistance
Surface dimensional stability
High strength to weight ratio
Panel shear
Chemical resistance

Now, lets move on to the list of top plywood companies in Nepal.

Here are the Top Plywood Companies in Nepal

Shree Ganesh Plywood

Shree Ganesh Plywood is one of the leading plywood manufacturing companies in Nepal. It is one of the largest manufacturers of plyboards, blackboards, and flush doors in Nepal. The company has been making Nepal’s finest plywood since 2000. The manufacturing facilities of Shree Ganesh Plywood are in Lucknow, Bareilly, Nepal, and Burma.

Address: Krishnanagar Municipality-08, Bahadurgunj, Kapilvastu
Phone: +977 9867004393 / 9867004392
Website: Shree Ganesh Plywood Pvt. Ltd

Duro Ply – Ply for Life

Image source: Duro Ply Nepal

The next one we have on our list is Duroply. Duroply manufactures plywood of the highest quality which offers a premium look and feel. The quality of their plywood ensures versatility in product design.

Duroply manufactures plyboards, commercial plyboards, teak ply and veneers, PF ply, doors, and shuttering plywood as well. It is one of the leading ply industries in Nepal.

Location: Tripureshwar, Kathmandu
Phone: 0097714100066 | 0097714260705
Email Id:

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Kohinoor Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd

One of the leading top plywood companies in Nepal is Kohinoor Ply Industries in Nepal. It is one of the largest plywood manufacturers and suppliers in Nepal. Kohinoor ply is running since 2071 B.S.

Kohinoor Ply manufactures commericial plywood, waterproof plywood, film-faced plywood, blackboard, flexi plywood, flush doors, and other products as well.

Location: Tankisinuwari 05, Morang, Nepal
Phone: +977 21-420173, Mobile: 9851029431

Ganapati Veneers and Plyboard Industries

image source: Sangrilaply

Another leading top plywood company in Nepal is Ganapati Veneers and Plyboard Industries. It is running since 2007. This plywood company gained ISO 9001:2008 certifications for two of its major brands: Shangrila Ply and Siddhartha Ply Company.

Ganapati Veneers and Plyboards produce flexible ply, chequered ply, Blockboards, Decorative, and other products as well.

Location: Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan City, Dang, Nepal
Phone:   082-530169 / 01-5530816

Shikhar Group of Industries

image source: SHIKHARPLY

Shikhar Group of Industries started its journey in 1996 with only one plywood industry. Now, there are three plywood industries and a cable industry running under this group.

Shikhar Plywood is among the best plywood companies in Nepal. It produces different plywood and doors. Shikhar ply uses the best technologies and raw materials to produce the best quality for its customers.

The industry produces film-faced shuttering plywood and film-faced shuttering plywood, commercial and decorative plywood, and waterproof plywood. Likewise, the other products are chequered plywood, flexible plywood, laminated melamine plywood, and dipping plywood.

Address: Shade no:-7, Nepalgunj Industrial Area, Nepalgunj-10 Banke, 21900, Nepal
Phone: +977-81522122

Surya Timbers Pvt. Ltd.

image source: Surya Ply

Surya Timbers is one of the leading furniture industries in Nepal. For over 50 years, Surya Timbers has earned its reputation for quality, service and dedication to innovation in the hardwood lumber industry. 

Surya Ply is a product of Surya Timbers. Moreover, the company manufactures all types of plywoods, doors, and customized furniture as well.

It produces commercial and decorative plywood in a large scale.

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Location: Dhobighat Ringroad,Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: +977-9840050192

Bhagwati Laminates Pvt. Ltd. – Neply

image source:

Neply one is one of Nepal’s most Trusted brands of plywood. It is the product of Bhagwati Laminates Pvt. Ltd. They produce Plywood and BLockboard, doors, and specialty ply.

Neply counts among Nepal’s most respected brands of plywood. A premium brand created by Bhagwati Laminates Pvt. Ltd. Neply plywood range is used in high-end cabinetry, fine furniture, and exquisite interiors. 

Address: A.D.S. Complex, 4th Floor 501, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4780367

Pashupati Plyboard Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Image source: Sagun Ply

Pashupati Plyboard Udhyog is one of the leading top plywood industries in Nepal. Sagun Ply is a product of of Pashupati Plyboard udhyog.

Sagun ply is one of the leading premium brands in the Nepalese plywood industry. It is running since 1994. Also, Sagun Ply is the most preferred brand for interior designers and builders.

It produces quality plywood. Moreover, Sagun Ply is the most preferred brand for interior designers and builders.

Address: Dhalkebar, Dhanusha Dhalkebar, Nepal
Phone: +9779101304552

These are the top Plywood manufacturing companies in Nepal. These plywood manufacturer companies’ products are highly durable and affordable. Moreover, these companies’ plywood provides higher strength in all their products.

In the end,

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