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Top Online News Sites in Nepal

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Hello, readers as the pandemic hit again hope you guys are fine. In this current scenario, it’s very important to get every detail of the situation of a country. With the advancement in technology, every news may get a hand to hand with a few clicks. Here is the list of some top online news sites in Nepal that never miss covering the details concerning ongoing issues.

List of Top Online News Sites in Nepal

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Top Online News Sites in Nepal
Image source: ekantipur

Kantipur is a popular Nepalese newspaper that is renowned all over Nepal. is the Top Online News site in Nepal is a popular newspaper. The Nepali news site provides visitors with the most up-to-date national and worldwide news, including political, gaming, business, and also entertainment news.

Likewise, other Kantipur Media group newspapers (The Kathmandu Post, Saptahik) and magazines (Nari, Nepal) can be accessed through the website The portal is available in both Nepali and English.


Top Online News Sites in Nepal
Image source: onlinekhabar is a renowned online news site for people of all ages is one of the Top Online News Sites in Nepal. In fact, it provides the most up-to-date national news, covering business, politics, and sports. From the portal, you can learn about public opinion, social issues, and view beautiful photographs and movies.

With the recent pandemic count and details, Onlinekhabar also covers almost every detail related to coronavirus and the new variants. The OnlineKhabar is available in both Nepali and English.


Top Online News Sites in Nepal
Image source: Ratopati

Also, the online portal is famous for delivering the latest political news online to its readers. Besides this, we can read the News about national and international issues, sports news, business news, and other social issues.

This site is famous for delivering news according to province. This portal is in both Nepali and English language.


Top Online News Sites in Nepal
Image source: Annapurnapost

Annapurna Post is another well-known Nepalese newspaper. is a website that provides up-to-date news from Nepal. Likewise, it covers national and international topics, social issues, entertainment, educational news, sports news, lifestyle news, and business news.

The online version was originally only available in Nepali, but it is now available in English as well.


Top Online News Sites in Nepal
Image source: Setopati

Due to its excellent articles on social concerns as its focus, has become quite popular among Nepalese people all over the world. So it mostly delivers information concerning political topics.

Aside from that, we can read about current events in the fields of social affairs, literature, business, and lifestyle. The online portal is available in both Nepali and English.


Top Online News Sites in Nepal
Image Source: Nagarik Dainik

Nagarik is an everyday Nepalese newspaper. is Nagarik National Daily’s online Nepali site is one of the Top Online News Sites in Nepal.

Therefore, the worldwide and national news is delivered through the internet site. Aside from that, readers can read about political concerns, finance, literature, world news, health issues, interviews, and also opinions, among other things.


Image Source: Taja khabar

In the same way, let’s talk about is also a news portal based on Nepal News. The portal is in the Nepali language. It also delivers national and internal news as well. Along with that, You can also view the news of different sectors in the portal.


Image Source: News24Nepal

Another news portal to hit our list is News 24Nepal. This site is based on News24 TV. As you might know, this TV channel is also popular in Nepal for its great videos in the social change sector. In the online portal you can read and watch political, entertainment, economics news, and video-based on social issues.


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Image Source: Purbelinews

Finally, let’s talk about Purbelinews. is one of the most widely read news websites in Eastern Nepal. Both English and Nepali versions of the news are available. Moreover, the internet site provides national and worldwide news from a variety of industries, including finance, sports, politics, education, and also sports.

These are the top best Online News Sites in Nepal.

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