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Top NGOs in Nepal for Rural and Community Development

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Hello readers, welcome to the blog. As for developing countries likewise Nepal, the Non-Governmental Organizations seem profitable. They work for social inclusion, equality, equity, education, health, etc. In addition to the society, NGOs in Nepal are doing the best job for rural and community development. Here, in this article, we are with the top best NGOs in Nepal for Rural and Community development.

Image Source: Rural Development

To Begin With

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a citizen-based, non-profit organization that operates independently of the government.  These Organizations (NGOs) are also an important part of the Nepalese society and play a vital role in the development of the country.

Moreover, NGOs are doing great in the development of rural parts of Nepal for speedy progress. Thus, this article lists some of the best and popular existing NGOs in Nepal for rural and community development.

List of Top NGOs in Nepal Working for Rural and Community Development in Nepal

LWF Nepal
BASE (Backward Society Education)
CWIN Nepal


Image Source: HEED

HEED Stands for (Health Education Empowerment Development). It is a non-profit and non-religious organization, helping in rural development since 2003. Also, its name suggests the organization is kept to implementing its work in the improvement of health education and the empowerment development of the people in rural areas.

The organization is creating an awareness program regarding the health and education sector. Similarly, as women are engaged in most of the household activity the organization mainly focuses on the health and sanitation regarding menstrual health.

It had started its good work by building two weatherproof classrooms in the school in the remote Chalish village of Dhading district (North /west from Kathmandu) and also reestablishing schools in the same district.

HEED is also actively engaged in, supporting school and community aid programs. It also does the agricultural development of the farmers of Dhading, Livelihood support for the poor and homeless people, Empowerment by providing employment opportunities, etc. to raise the quality of rural life.

Name of the Organization:HEED NEPAL
President :Rankesh Gurung
Address:Samakhusi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:+977 9851026855

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Image Source: EcoHimal

EcoHimal Nepal is a national non-governmental organization that was created in 2009 to create sustainable development in remote mountain areas through community empowerment and also quality of life improvement.

This NGO’s main goal is to improve the livelihoods of unreached and socially excluded groups by major efforts and deep involvement with financial support while preserving the native ecology, social, and cultural framework.

EcoHimal’s major focus is “Participation, Ownership, and Sustainability.” Participatory Rural Health Development Programme, Everest Clean-Up Programme, Saving Mount Everest – Solid Waste Management Project, Forest Conservation, and also Ventilated Stove Programme are some of the completed projects done.

Its main goal is to improve the quality of life of rural people with the main focus on women children and socially discarded groups.

Name of the Organization:ECO HIMAL
Address:Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:00977 1 4721039, 4720115

Top NGOs in Nepal for Woman Empowerment

LWF Nepal

Image Source: LWF

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has been working in Nepal since 1984. It has also been working to empower the disadvantaged in Western Nepal and to assist Bhutan refugees and affected communities. LWF has been actively participating in working with disadvantaged communities of Nepal since 1984.

The motive of this organization is to improvise and help those in need irrespective of their race, sex, religion, nationality and aims to bring people from all backgrounds of life together in the name of equality, harmony, and also reconciliation in a highly complicated and broken world.

LWF Nepal has mainly focused on women and girls, persons with disabilities, internally displaced people, youth, ex-bonded laborers, and also local communities as right holders of the rural areas.

Rural development NGOs aims to enhance their voices and participation through developing community-based organizations in achieving fair access to livelihoods, quality services, as well as protection and social harmony.

Name of the Organization: LWF Nepal
Country Director:Dr. Bijaya Bajracharya
Country Office:Chun Devi Marga Ganesh Basti -4, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:4720217, 4720152, 4721271

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NGOs in Nepal
Image Source: COPPADES

COPPADES Lamjung is an active organization leading with services since its establishment. It is serving several districts in the country and also it has already served with services over 43 districts. The main objective of COPPADES is to bridge the gap between rural and urban public school children as early as possible.

It’s mainly because of the opportunity children can gain to obtain computer skills. With the support of the World Computer Exchange USA and Computer Aid International UK, the project was implemented until 2007.

The project was a huge success because it started the computerization of rural schools in rural areas. Also, an NGO operating mainly in the eastern part of the Lamjung district, COPADES had to take care of its, victims who suffered badly from the April 25, 2015 earthquake, rebuilding their lost homes and infrastructure.

The focus is therefore on helping people get what they missed in the earthquake and preparing them for future disasters. The organization mainly focuses on women’s empowerment and also rising the living standards of poor and lower-class people.

Name of the Organization:COPPADES
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:00977 1 4721039, 4720115

BASE (Backward Society Education)

NGOs in Nepal
Image Source: BASE

The origin of BASE (Backward Society Education) was founded by a young activist who established the Charpate Club in January 1985. With thirty-four young people, the Char Pate Club was formed during the traditional Tharu community festival “Maghi” (New Year of Tharu Community) in the village of Dumrigaon.

The BASE is not just an NGO but also one of the largest social movements (membership-based) in South Asia. Its membership is organized through a network of Central committees, district committees, area committees, village committees, women’s awareness committees, and youth awareness committees, all operating at their respective levels and also in their areas.

Name of the Organization:BASE (Backward Society Education)
Address:Tulsipur Municipality-6, Rajaura Dang, Rapti Zone Nepal
Phone:+977-82-520055, 520312, 522821

Top NGOs in Nepal for Woman Empowerment

CWIN Nepal

NGOs in Nepal
Image Source: CWIN

Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN) is also a leading organization that was established in 1987. This organization is also an active organization for the child’s rights with a focus on children living and working under several difficult situations.

With the motto of “For Children, With Children “CWIN makes efforts to promote and ensure children’s participation in the child rights movement. CWIN has been trying to ensure the education rights of the neediest children from the risk areas likewise street children, child workers, conflict-affected children, and other needy children.

In addition to It organizes national campaigns on different issues of child rights to bring positive change in policy and the lives of children at risk through public awareness, social gathering, and community development.

CWIN conducts participatory and action research to raise awareness, influence policy, and also guide CWIN’s programs.

Name of the Organization:  CWIN NEPAL
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:4282255, 4278064,

Top NGOs in Nepal for Woman Empowerment

These are the top best NGOs in Nepal for Rural and Community Development.

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