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Top Electric Scooters in Nepal 2022 | Updated Price

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Welcome to JointRead. Today in this article, we have brought information about the top electric scooters in Nepal 2022. As we all know, these days many people are drawing their interest in electric vehicles. In fact, there are many undeniable benefits of using electric vehicles that have equal potential to increase the usage of electric vehicles in near future.

By now, we all are familiar that scientists and researchers are looking for innovative ways to save the environment. While everything around us is upgrading to electric system these days. Moreover, from studying to shopping, everything is going digital and electric today. So, why not try an upgrade from a petrol scooter to an electric scooter?

An electric scooter will definitely help you contribute to making our only home, the Earth, a green and clean place.

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Here is the Top Electric Scooters in Nepal 2022

NIU Electric Scooter

NIU is also claimed to be the world’s Number 1 Electric Scooter brand. To point out, it has been selling various ranges of electric scooters in Nepal for 4 years now.

Image Source: NIU e-Scooter | enepsters

There are 5 NIU models in Nepal—Niu N-Series, Niu M-Series, Niu N-GT, Niu MQI+, and Niu U-series.

NIU electric scooter requires a standard of 6-8 hours to fully charge. In addition, NIU scooters have a good road mileage i.e. they can cover up to 50km to 90km differing as per the models.

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Cost of NIU Electric Scooters in Nepal

NIU U-SeriesNRS 1,85,000/-
NIU GOVA-03NRS 2,55,000/-
NIU M-SeriesNRS 2,19,000/-
NIU MQI+NRS 2,55,000/-
NIU N-SeriesNRS 2,69,000/- (Glossy)
NRS 2,76,000/- (Matte)
NIU N-GTNRS 4,45,000/-

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TAILG e-Scooter

The TAILG e-Scooters are one of the best electric scooters available in Nepal. Moreover, TAILG Nepal, a partner of the UN Environment E-Mobility Program, currently sells three different e-Scooters in Nepal.

Image Source: TAILG e-Scooter | Techlekh

The average time for TAILG e-Scooters to fully charge is 6-8 hours. And, the average mileage is 70km to 110 km on a full charge. Furthermore, there are 3 different models of TAILG e-Scooter in Nepal – TAILG Lion, TAILG Tiger, and TAILG Leopard.

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Cost of TAILG -Scooter Models in Nepal

TAILG LionNRS 1,85,000/-
TAILG TigerNRS 1,95,000/-
TAILG LeopardNRS 2,10,000/-

Super SOCO CUx Electric Scooter

Trend of electric scooters will definitely get more hyped soon. More e-Scooters with power and performance are coming in the market. Super SOCO CUX is definitely one with class and performance.

Image: Super SOCO CUx | Hamrobazar Blog

The average charging time for Super SOCO CUx is 3-4 hours. Moreover, it can operate on both single and double batteries. Further, the company claims to have a mileage of 100km on full charge.

Cost of Super SOCO CUx in Nepal

Super SOCO CUx NRS 2,39,000/- (Standard Color)
NRS 2,49,800/- (Luxury Color)
Super SOCO CPxNRS 4,59,900/- (Single Battery)
NRS 5,89,900/- (Double Battery)

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YADEA Electric Scooter

Yadea is one of the best names in the e-Scooter market. It was recently launched in Nepal. There are different models of Yadea such as Yadea G5 and Yadea C1S.

Image: Yadea G5 | Yadea Nepal

The average charging time for Yadea scooters is 3-8 hours depending upon the models. Moreover, the company also claims to have an average mileage of 60-80kms on a full charge.

The price of Yadea’s S-way is 169,000 NRS. And other scooters price is not revealed.

These we the top electric scooters in Nepal 2021 with their updated prices.

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