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Top Cement Brands in Nepal 2022 | Updated Price

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top cement brands in Nepal 2020

If you are searching for the best cement to use for your dream construction, then you are in the right place. Here, we have prepared the list of top cement brands in Nepal 2022.

We all want our constructions to be strong and well-built in every way possible. Thus, right from choosing the design to implementing skilled people to get your dream project built, we want the best for it.

top cement brands in Nepal 2020

First, lets know about the basic types of cements.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

The Ordinary Portland Cement is made from calcareous and argillaceous materials, such as limestone or chalk, and from aluminum oxide, silica oxide, ferric oxide, and magnesium oxide found as clay or shale. OPC is available in grade 33, grade 43, and grade 53. This cement is widely used in general construction all over the world.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

The Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a type of Ordinary Portland Cement. When fly ash, volcanic ash, Calcined clay, Lica fumes added on OPC then it becomes PPC. It is best for projects like dams, buildings, foundations, bridges to make high-strength constructions.

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Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

PSC cement is produced by mixing Portland cement clinker, gypsum, and granulated Blast Furnace slag in suitable proportions and grinding the mixture to get a thorough and intimate mixture between the constituents. It is blended cement and is suitable for Infrastructure Projects because of its high flexural strength. It provides maximum strength, low risk of cracking, improved workability, and superior finish in the construction.

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Here is the list of top cement brands in Nepal. The price is as per 2021. We have listed these cement brands in alphabetic order.

Agni Cement

It is one of the best Nepalese cement producers located in the Rupandehi district. It provides cement of OPC and PPC type at a reasonable price. It is a high-quality cement best for concrete structures all over Nepal.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 630/- to Rs. 780/-
PPCRs. 570/- to Rs. 750/-

Ambe Cement

Nepal has many cement companies and this has in fact made Nepal self-reliable for cement demand. Ambe cement is one of the leading companies in Nepal, in terms of quality cement. Ambe cement provides the construction industry with cement quality that’s truly international.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 720/- to Rs. 800/-
PPCRs. 640/- to Rs. 750/-

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Arghakhachi Cement

 The company has been established with the objective of establishment and operation of a clinker and cement manufacturing unit. Arghakhachi cement the foremost Cement Manufacturing Companies in Nepal. It provides both PPC and OPC type of cement. 

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 590/- to Rs. 820/-
PPCRs. 640/- to Rs. 750/-

Brij Cement

Brij offers a wide range of OPC and PPC cement with consistent quality cement and cement conforming to applicable statutory. It is one of the widely used cement in Nepal.

Type Price Range
PPCRs. 640/- to Rs. 800/-
OPCRs. 770/- to Rs. 850/-

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CG Cement

Chaudhary group of Industries is one of the most successful companies in Nepal. It has many conglomerates sold widely in Nepal. CG expanded its periphery by investing in Cement production as well. CG cement is one the leading cement brands in Nepal. It has OPC and PPC range of cement at affordable price.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 750/- to Rs. 850/-
PPCRs. 650/- to Rs. 750/-

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Hongshi Shivam Cement

Cement produced by Hongshi-Shivam cement, a joint venture of Shivam Group and China’s Hongshi Cement. It manufactures quality standard of PPC and OPC cement. It is one the vastly grown cement brand in terms of sales in Nepal.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 520/- to Rs. 750/-
PPCRs. 680/- to Rs. 820/-

Jagdamba Cement

Jagdamba Cement is one of the best cement in Nepal. It provides varieties of OPC, PPC, and PSC cement. Jagdamba cement has remained the market leader in the cement manufacturing business in Nepal.


Type Price Range
OPCRs. 650/- to Rs. 850/-
PPCRs. 610/- to Rs. 750/-
PSCRs. 700/- to Rs. 750/-

Sarbottam Cement

Sarbottam Cement is the first and only cement manufacturers in Nepal to use a completely European production line. It is an innovator and pioneer in the cement industry of Nepal. It provides a wide range of PPC, OPC and PSC cement in Nepal.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 720/- to Rs. 850/-
PPCRs. 590/- to Rs. 750/-
PSCRs. 750/- to Rs. 850/-

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Shivam Cement

Shivam Cement is a commercial producer of 3000 TPD cement and 1900 TPD clinker from the company’s self-owned limestone quarries. It is manufactured with high quality limestone from its self-owned mines situated at Sukoura and Ipa Panchakanya Districts. It is one of the leading cement producer in Nepal.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 750/- to Rs. 950/-

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United Cement

It provides different variations of OPC and PPC cement. United Cement is equipped with a modern dry process and five-stage preheating technology. United Cement ensures an Eco-friendly green environment for production. Definitely, it is one of the best cement available in Nepal.

Type Price Range
OPCRs. 700/- to Rs. 850/-
PPCRs. 680/- to Rs. 750/-

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