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Top Best Wines in Nepal

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Dear readers, Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world along with beer. But unlike beer, it is made with fermented fruits and has a higher alcoholic percentage. It’s usually drunk while catching up with friends or unwinding after a long day. So, today we are gonna talk about some of the best Wines in Nepal.


To Begin With

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made with the fermented juice of grapes or some fruits. Unless specified other wine in table wine is usually made up of grapes. Along with that, wine comprises starch, honey, and other fruits as well. On average wine contain about 12% of alcohol.

The sugar in the grapes is consumed by yeast, which turns it into ethanol and carbon dioxide while also producing heat. Moreover, diverse grape varieties and yeast strains play a big role in different wine styles.

Wines in Nepal
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Grape wine is prepared from two types of grapes: white grapes (which are green in hue) and black grapes (which are red-colored). There are hundreds of varieties of grapes used to make thousands of different wine varietals and blends.

Many other characteristics, like the wine area, tannins, sweetness, acidity, body, and tastes, influence the character of a wine. There are mainly 6 types of wine that are available around the globe. Red wine, White wine, Rose wine, Sparkling wine, Fortified wine, and Dessert wine are the types of wine.

In Nepal, in the market different national and international brands are available. Thus, here we are with the list of the top best Wines in Nepal.

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Here is the List of the Top Best Wine in Nepal

Wine is one of the popular alcoholic beverages in Nepal. People consume wine for refreshment, recreation, reunion, occasions, and festivals too. Along with that, Nepal uses wine for various culinary purposes too. Around the year, dessert wine has been one of the important beverages served with dessert.

Moreover, drinking an occasional wine has health benefits too. Wine can help you with indigestion, reduce heart disease and inflammation, and mental health too. So now without delay, let us move on to the list.

JP. Chenet

best Wine in Nepal
Image Source: JP. Chenet

First, let us talk about JP Chenet. JP Chenet is one of the popular wines around the world. It was launched in 1984. JP. CHENET is a one-of-a-kind French wine. It has conquered the world, delighting tastes on every continent.

JP. Chenet wine has a bottle that is distinguished by its original curves: a slanted neck and a generous body. It claims the title of the most sold French wine in the world. JP. Chenet has distribution in more than 160 countries. 

Some flavors that are popular in Nepal are: It has the following flavors:

Sweet Red WineMerlot Red WineSweet Rose WineFashion Peach Flavored Wine
Fashion Strawberry Raspberry Sweet White Wine Brut Sparkling WineCabernet Syrah
Divide Muscat Sweet Sparkling WhiteDivine Pinot Noir sparkling RoseFashion AppleFashion Litchi

You can get a JP. Chenet 750ML at a price range of NRS 1600 to NRS 2500

Robertson Winery

best Wine in Nepal
Image source: Robertson Winery

The next one of the best wines in Nepal is Robertson Winery. Roberston Winery is a South African Wine manufacturer brand. It is a very well-known brand in Nepal. The Natural Sweet Range is made in its very own unique way by blending varietals to showcase fruity and fresh, floral flavors.

Moreover, this process leads to wine packed with naturally sweet flavors that are low in alcohol and very quaffable. Some of the best Roberston Winery products available in Nepal are:

MerlotSweet RedBrut Sparkling
Sweet White Sparkling Winery ChardonnaySweet White

A Robertson wine bottle (750ml) can take a price from NRS 1200 to NRS 1900

Dadaghare First wine of Nepal

best Wine in Nepal
Image Source: Dadaghare

Dadaghare is said to be the first Nepali wine. It is well known by both locals and foreigners in the country and is also said to be the best wine in Nepal. It comes in 4 different flavors that are manufactured using various fruits, herbal fruits, and honey without any chemicals.


Dadaghare wine bottles (750 ml) can cost customers from NRS 500 to NRS 700 per bottle.

Hinwa Finest wine of Nepal

best Wine in Nepal
Image Source: Hinwa

Another one of the best wines in Nepal is Hinwa Wine. In the 1980s, research for wine production began to promote organic wines created from Himalayan wild berries. Since 1994, their dream has become a reality.

Hinwa wine is the product of the Makalu Wine Industries, Sankhuwasabha. They experimented with various local berries, making white wine which uses Raspberry as a base, and red wine which uses barberries as a base. Its products are:

White Wine HinwaWith a golden off-white color, it has a fragrant fruitiness and a light, delicate, and exquisite well-balanced aftertaste.
Hinwa Red WineThe wine has a dark crimson hue and a superb texture. It is brimming with juicy, fresh fruit flavors. It pairs well with meat and spicy foods.

Hinwa wine bottles can cost customers an average of NRS 500 and a 4L box can cost them about NRS 2900.


best Wine in Nepal
Image Source: Canvas Wine

Now let us talk about Canvas wines. Canvas wines are prepared in a handcrafted, expertise manner, resulting in wines with depth and richness of character that only improve with age. Its flavors are:

Canvas Sweet Red WineIt has lovely citrus and spice fragrance, as well as a distinct oak character. Moreover, It’s a smooth-tasting wine that’s well-balanced and easy to drink.
The wine has been matured to add further smoothness and barrel nuances to the Syrah grapefruit wine. It’s great with roasted tenderloin and tough cuts of meat.
Canvas Sweet White WineCanvas Sweet White Wine is prepared from fully fermented and matured grapes. Further, it has a light, fruity flavor and a pale golden appearance. It’s a combination of intense plate and light preparation that’s great to try with snacks.

A Canvas wine bottle (750 ml) can cost up to NRS 850 while a 4L box can be NRS 4000.

Big Master

Image Source: Big Master

The next one of the best wines in Nepal we have on our list is Big Master. Big master is a product from Royal Kathmandu Himalaya Beverage Pvt Ltd. They believe in providing locally produced high-quality wines. Therefore, they are one of the popular organic wine producers in Nepal using real fruit pulps with no artificial adding.

Moreover, they are also the first wine producers providing a range and variety of wines with unique tastes to cater to untouched consumer segments as well.

This wine company is located in Sanga, Kavre, Nepal. Their location with cold weather is best to bring out the wine taste and helps in the process of preservation. Along with that, the water property adds to the unique flavor and taste which arrive straight from the Himalayan ranges as well.

This wine has been one of the favorite wines of people recently. Its flavors are:

Mixed Fruit White WinePerfect fruit Red wineYacon Sweet White wine and Dry White WinePerfect Fruit Dry Wine
Apple Sweet White WineBlack Stone: Sweet Red WinePerfect Fruit Sweet Red wine and Semi-Sweet WineBlack Stone: Sweet White Wine

A Big Master 4L box can be obtained at an average price of NRS 3600 while a bottle might be obtained at Rs 800.

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Divine Wine

Image Source: Divine

Divine wine is manufactured by Shree Mahakali Wine Pvt. Ltd. It is a smooth, semi-sweet wine full of wild honey aromas. Further, It presents with the union of orange blossom honey and Muscat Hamburg Grapes. Along with that, it has a spicy, woody finish and is caramelized giving it a sweet subtle start as well.

Red Wine
Premium White Wine
Honey Wine
White Wine
Premium Red Wine

A divine Wine bottle can be found at prices of NRS 550 or lower.

Jacob’s Creek

Image Source: Jacob’s Creek

Now let us talk about another one of the top wine brands in Nepal, which is Jacob’s Creek. It is one of the most loved international wine brands in Nepal. Jacob’s Creek wine is Australia’s largest wine brand in Nepal. Moreover, it has more than 160 years of winemaking expertise. Some of its popular wine flavors in Nepal are:

Sparkling RoseClassic Chardonnay Classic Shiraz CabernetSparkling MoscatoClassic Cabernet Sauvigon
Reserve Cabernet SauvignonClassic Pinot NoirReserve Pinot NoirClassic ReislingChardonnay Pinot Noir
Classic Shiraz RoseReserve ReislingClassic Semillon ChardonnayReserve Chardonnay Double Barrel Shiraz
Classic MoscatoReserve Sauvignon BlancClassic Grenache ShirazReserve ShirazClassic Merlot

A Jacob’s Creek bottle (750 ml) can start from a low price of NRS 1500 to a high price of NRS 3500.

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These are the top best Wines in Nepal. You can buy these wines at liquor stores near you or online shopping sites. Click here to know the best online shopping sites in Nepal.

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