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Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal

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Most people’s day starts not when they wake up but when they drink warm tea and the slight sleepiness left in them flies away. Most people from all over the world consume Tea. Tea is consumed in the whole world by many people. There are varieties of teas that help a person to start the day. So here we are with the top best tea brands in Nepal.

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
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To Begin With

Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by steeping young leaves or leaf buds in freshly boiled water. Usually, people drink tea in the morning with breakfast and during the afternoon with snacks.

Some tea is specially made to help the person with digestion. Thus, they are consumed a few minutes after eating a meal. Along with that, teas are famous as one of the best mood boosters and relievers. Moreover, they also help you relax after your busy long day as well.

Tea is one of the top exported products of Nepal. In Nepal, we can find many national and international brands in the market. Here we are with the list of the top best tea brands in Nepal. So now, without delay, let us move on to the list.

Tokla Tea-Best selling tea brands in Nepal

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image Source: Tokla Tea

First, let us talk about Tokla Tea. When it comes to tea brands from Nepal, Tokla tea is one of the best-selling tea brands in Nepal. Tokla brand blends special tea made directly from the best gardens of Ilam teas Estate and Soktim Tea Estate.

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Catherine Tea- One of the top tea brands

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image Source: Catherine Tea

Catherine Tea is one of the top tea brands in Nepal. This tea is consumed, especially by people who wanted to lose weight and slim down. Taste-wise, it might not be like much because it takes a little better because of its content. But those contents help the consumer to burn fat stored in the belly and flush down any unwanted contents in the body. Making it especially like among the female portion of consumers.

Broke Bond Red Label- High-quality blend of tea rich

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image Source: Booke Bond Red Label

Red Label is an Indian tea brand known in Nepal. It’s a high-quality blend of tea rich in taste processed in the unique Brooke bond tea excellence center. It has a refreshing smell and makes consumers feel more energetic and refreshing after drinking. It’s a good tea at a cheap price.

Rakura- One of the leading brands

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image Source: Rakura

Here we have another one of the leading brands of organic teas in Nepal, that is Rakura. Rakura is a Nepali tea brand that has eight varieties of organic green tea. The varieties are made up of

Organic Himalayan Black Tea with Natural PeachGentle preach citrus scent
Pure Himalayan Green TeaLight vegetal scent
Organic Himalayan Green Tea with Natural ChamomileSlightly vegetal almost grassy scent
100% Healthy Natural TeaPekoe Tea
Organic Himalayan Green Tea and Natural PeppermintFloral and mint
Pure Organic Green Tea with Natural JasminePerfume Floral
Himalayan Organic Light GreenVery light Vegetal Scent
Pure Organic Green Tea with Natural Lemon and HoneyThe sweet scent of Lemon and a very slight scent of vegetal green tea

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Upakar Tea- Finest teas

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image source: Upakar

Upakar is a blend of the finest teas combined with rich and warming spices that creates an authentic cup of Masala tea. It gives a true, bold, and reviving flavor. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties of masala tea that helps to prevent colds and nasal congestion.

Kanchanjangha Organics Tea

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image source: Kanchanjunga

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Centre (KTE) is situated in a remote region of the Pachthar district in eastern Nepal called Ranitar. It is near the tea area of Darjeeling at an altitude of 1300-1800m. The tea ingredient is grown in the latest vegetation area at the foot of Mt Kanchenjunga. The natural factor that helps in the growth of exclusive aromatic tea. Some of its products are:

Organic Moon Cycle Tea
Tulsi Tea Organic
Organic Lemon Green Tea
Mint Green Tea Organic
Organic Ginger Black Tea

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Uttam Tea

Top Best Tea Brands in Nepal
Image Source: Uttam

Now, let us talk about Uttam tea. Uttam is a very well-known tea brand from India that produces quality Assam Tea. Tea is blended, packed, and transported in a manner to preserve its strength, briskness, and taste. This tea is famous for its good flavor to special wholesome taste.

Muna Tea- One of the oldest Nepali Tea Brands

Image source: Muna Tea

Muna tea was launched by the Shree Hari Tea industry of Bhadrapur Jhapa. It is one of the oldest Nepali Tea brands. The tea is a high-quality CTC product with strong color and excellent flavor with a zing in it for the true satisfaction of consumers.

Sai Kripa Tea- Best-selling tea brand in Nepal

Image source: Sai Kripa

Another best-selling tea brand in Nepal is Sai Kripa tea. It is a product of the Sai Kripa Tea Packaging Industries. Sai Kripa contains Antioxidants. Along with that, Sai Kripa Tea is said to help in losing weight, protect bones and reduce the risk of heart attack and stock.

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Taaza Tea- Refresing Tea Brands

Image source: Taaza

Taaza tea is one of the famous teas in both Nepal and India. It is a special tea blend made with tea leaves from Trustee Certified gardens. This tea brand stands out with its unique green leaves that cue freshness in the minds of its users.

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Tata Tea -Well famous tea of Nepal

Image Source: Tata Tea

The next tea we have, is Tata Tea, a brand from Kolkata, India. It is made with natural ingredients like Tulsi, Brahmi, cardamom, Mulethi, and Ginger. These ingredients are known to have a revitalizing effect on the mind and body. Moreover, some products from Tata Tea are famous in Nepal. Some other products are:

Premium TeaTulsi GreenKanan Devan Tea
Elainchi TeaGoldTea

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Taj Mahal Tea- Substitute for a cup of coffee.

Image Source: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is another one of the teas from India that is popular in Nepal too. It is quite strong and can serve as a substitute for a cup of coffee. Just a small amount of tea is needed for a pot of tea.

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Mechi Tea- Leading brand in Nepal

Image Source: Mechi Tea

Mechi Tea is one of Nepal’s most well-known tea brands. Mechi Tea is a leading brand in Nepal. It has tea gardens located in the eastern portion of the country and processed in high-tech factories and packed with cutting-edge technology, unique goods, and quality. It has the following products:

Masala Tea (box/pouch)
C.T.C Tea (box/pouch)
Tea Bag
Special Masala Tea Jar (Box)

These are the top best tea brands in Nepal.

Tea is one of the most beloved beverages from all around the world. Any age, gender, or profession, we can all enjoy tea when it’s cold outside or in the morning when you feel sluggish.

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