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Top Best Spa Centers in Nepal

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Want a delightful spa break? Or tired of daily work life? If yes, then Spa centers can be the best option for you. But, finding the best Spa center is a quite confusing task. Thus, here we are with the list of the top best spa centers in Nepal.

To begin with…

A day at the Spa center can help improve your digestive system. Moreover, a simple face and scalp massage will relax. While also improving the condition of your scalp, hair, and facial skin.

Further, face massages have even been shown to prevent skin sagging and wrinkles in several studies as well. Now, it’s time to pick the best Spa Center for you. Thus, without delay, let us move on to the list below.

List of Top Best Spa Centers in Nepal

  • Nepal Spa and Wellness Private Limited
  • Wellness Organic Club
  • Nepal Ayurveda Home
  • Club Oasis at the Hyatt Regency
  • Tranquility Spa
  • Amantran Spa
  • Atithi Resort and Spa
  • Seeing Hands
  • Mandala Studio yoga and spa
  • Real Therapy and Beauty Point

1. Nepal Spa and Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Firstly, let us talk about Nepal Spa and Wellness Private limited. Since its beginning in 2017, Nepal Spa and Wellness Private Limited have established itself as one of Nepal’s premier day spas, setting industry trends.

So, It offers a comprehensive range of spa services for men, women, and couples as an award-winning day spa and salon. After all Massage therapy, facials, aromatherapy, hair and skin care, and more are all available in this Spa Centre.

Also, In Thamel and Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Spa and Wellness Pvt. Ltd was chosen as the “Best Spa” and “Best Massage.” Especially, they offer a wide variety of massage therapy, spa body treatments, and hair and nail services.

They also give specialty services for Men and Women, couples treatments, laser hair removal, permanent cosmetics, and a Package for Special Occasions.

AddressThamel Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone977-014215507 , +977-014215508

2. Wellness Organic Club: Top Spa Center in Nepal

Image Source: Wellness Organic Club

Firstly, Their spa provides a one-of-a-kind pampering, relaxation, and rejuvenation experience for the customers. Also, The magnificent facilities at the wellness organic club include 15 treatment rooms, a calm environment, a relaxing space with breathtaking views, a sauna, and steam.

Along with that, they also have a large Jacuzzi with a panoramic view of the northern Himalayas. Also have private and comfortable shower rooms for both men and women as well.

AddressMetropark, Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Phone+977 014005126 / 014005127

3. Nepal Ayurveda Home: Natural Spa Center in Nepal

Top Best Spa Centers in Nepal
Image Source: Nepal Ayurveda Home

Similarly, the next one of the top spa centers in Nepal is Nepal Ayurveda Home. Moreover, the Nepal Ayurveda Home offers great Ayurveda in Nepal with a variety of programs. Therefore, suits the needs of visitors from all over the world.

Hence, one can experience the miracles of health and harmony by removing toxic components from the mind and body, eliminating diseases and afflictions. Also provides the relaxation and wellness that one deserves.

Furthermore, It creates the ideal environment for you to reclaim your youthful vitality via Ayurveda research, Ayurvedic techniques, Ayurvedic treatments, regular yoga, and meditation. Also allows you to live life with self-knowledge, awareness, and energy.

Lastly, Nepal Ayurveda Home’s professional doctors and Yoga Masters assist and guide you in healing yourself through a balanced body, mind, and soul composition.

AddressKathmandu, Goldhunga
Phone+977-9851201828, 9851167373

4. Club Oasis at the Hyatt Regency

Image Source: Hyatt Regency

Basically, The Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a five-star luxury hotel and resort in Kathmandu, Nepal. Also, It was built on 37 acres of landscaped grounds and designed in the traditional Nepalese Newari style. What’s more, is the Club Oasis Spa at the Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu advertises itself as a “luxury hideaway,”.

The same characteristics may be found in Club Oasis. Their catalog includes all of the standard facial, mani-pedi, and massage services, as well as packages that include two or three treatments. A sauna, a steam bath, and a Jacuzzi are also included.

AddressTaragaon, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone+977 1 517 1234

5. Tranquility Spa

Top Best Spa Centers in Nepal
Image Source: Tranquility Spa

Here we have another one of the popular spas in Nepal, which is Tranquility Spa. It has been in operation since 2008. Since then, the Tranquility spa-216e has become the leader in spa-216e and the wellness industry.

Also, Tranquility spa has numerous outlets in different cities and luxury hotels in Nepal and abroad. Besides, they are the first Day spa-216e to be established in Nepal and recognized by Nepal Tourism Board.

Essentially, they are also the first Nepalese brand to expand its service in the international market. Moreover, This Spa is well equipped with state-of-art technology and provides a peaceful environment to soothe away your stress, pain, anxiety and rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Spirit.

AddressLazimpat Road, Kathmandu, Nepal

6. Amantran Spa and Salon: Another best spa center of nepal

Here we have another best spa center in Nepal. Also, Amantran Spa and salon is one of the leading Spa in Nepal. Amantran means invitation in Nepali. Likewise, its name suggests Amantran Spa, and the salon invites you to a peaceful and soothing environment where you will find comfort and privacy.

Further, you can feel, how your anxiety melts away as you rest and unwind in the peacefulness of Amantran. Also, it is an exclusively female-only spa and salon.

AddressS K Bhawan, Gairidhara Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone4416920 / 4412041

7. Atithi Resort and Spa

Image Source: Atithi Resort and Spa

Similarly, Atithi Resort and Spa can be the best Spa destination in Nepal for you. Atithi Resort and Spa is a one-of-a-kind resort located in the heart of Pokhara, the city of lakes. It is tastefully decorated with contemporary architecture and amenities.
At oasis spa and beauty care in Atithi Resort and Spa, offer the highest quality spa and massage treatments, performed by their best and most highly educated and qualified massage therapists.

AddressShanti Patan, Lakeside, Pokhara-6, Nepal
Phone00977 61 466760, Fax: 00977 61 466762

8. Seeing Hands

Top Best Spa Centers in Nepal
Image Source: Seeing Hands

Now let us talk about Seeing Hands. Seeing Hands is a social enterprise that offers visually challenged people massage therapy training and jobs. They have four massage clinics in Nepal, each with a team of properly trained blind therapists who provide massage to visitors.

Their expert sports-style massage services are well-known, with high ratings on Tripadvisor and in guidebooks, and have helped over 25 blind people so far.

In 2005, Seeing Hands was founded. However, it does not offer a spa-like selection of treatments. As their main goal is to provide high-quality remedial sports massage in a therapeutic setting. Moreover, it has branches in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

AddressKathmandu: Office Jhyatha Rd, Thamel

9. Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa

The next one of the top best Spa centers in Nepal is Mandla Studio Yoga and Spa. Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa opened its doors in Thamel, Kathmandu, in 2014. Previously, it had been operating our program in Paknajol since 2005.

They are committed to providing the ideal balance of relaxation, joy, and wellness. Further, it is the ideal place to go for daily yoga lessons, spa treatments, Reiki and sound healing therapy, and workshops.

Along with that, they also have worldwide certifications for yoga teacher training, spa training, reiki, and sound healing training, as well as short-term and long-term courses as well.

AddressMandala Street (2nd Floor), Sagarmatha Bazar, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone+977 1 4701322, 9841857958

10. Real Therapy and Beauty Point

Now let us talk about Real Therapy and Beauty Point. Real Therapy & Beauty Point is Nepal’s oldest and largest full-service day spa. Since 2002, they have been providing Spa services in Nepal for the first time.

They provide international grade services such as Full Body Massage, Sauna Bath, Steam Bath, Ofuro, and Ladies/Gents Beauty Parlor in a family setting. It is administered by a professional business organization, a team of professional therapists, and a team of expert beauticians.

In addition, they also provide affordable spa and beauty salon services to interested clients to encourage a healthy, beautiful, and long-lived lifestyle.

AddressSamjhana Street, Thamel, Kathmandu

These are the top best Spa Centres in Nepal.

Like a spa, there are many other ways you can relax and stay healthy as well. One of the ways to relaxing yourself and maintain your health can be yoga. There are many yoga centers in Nepal where you can do yoga positions to relax and lose weight.

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