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Top Best Indoor Plants for Decoration

Written by Roshan Bhattarai · 4 min read >
indoor plants for decoration

Hello readers, hope you are doing well. Of course, we all love flowers and plants. Flower and plants give us the feeling of relaxation, joy, and relief to us. We all like to decorate our house with flowers and plants. Moreover, these days the trend of indoor plants is growing all over the world. This trend has entered Nepal as well. Today, in this article we will discuss the best indoor plants in Nepal for decoration.

Before we begin,

These days low maintenance house plants demand is very high in Nepal. Also, most indoor plants are known as These indoor house plants are mind-boosters and also air purifiers. So, now let’s talk about the best indoor plants popular in Nepal. We have listed below the top best indoor plants in Nepal.

Here are the Top Best Indoor Plants for Decoration Available in Nepal

Snake plant

The snake plant is one of the very popular indoor plants in Nepal. The care of snake plants is very easy. It requires very little watering and indirect sunlight is better for it. A fertilizer will enhance the growth of the snake plant.

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Aloe Vera

Image: Aloe Vera

Another indoor plant we have on our list is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is good for decoration as well as it is great for our health. Aloe Vera doesn’t need any maintenance and plantation frequently direct sunlight will help it.

Lucky bamboo plants

Lucky Bamboo Lucky Bamboo is a species of Dracaena; it is not a real bamboo. It is a tropical plant grown for indoor purposes. Chinese called Lucky Bamboo “FU GUI ZHU” which means wealth, power, and honor. Lucky bamboo plants come under Herbs.

The expected blooming period is the winter and summer season and the expected planting period for these plants is summer. They are good for Fengshui and gifts. Lucky bamboo is easy to take care of, just add water and avoid direct sunlight.

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Jade plant

Image: Jade Plant

Another plant we have on our list is the Jade plant. It is an indoor flower best for decoration. The expected Blooming and planting Period for this plant in summer. Aso, it is easy to grow a house plant. Jade Plant prefers sun, and you need to water it when it is dry. The green leaves feature a magenta edging in the summer that gives a view of a beautiful sunset.

Cactus plant

The next one we have on our list is a cactus plant. Cactus is an Eye-Catching flower, spines, and forms. It is easy to grow and they go great together in gardens or any container. Cactus can grow in the sunniest, most neglected spots of the yard, but they do well in containers and part-sun locations too.

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Spider plant

Spider plant is also very popular indoor plants in Nepal. It is a succulent plant. The expected blooming period is winter, spring to summer. Sandy Soil is best for spider plants. Spider Plants like to have their soil dry out completely between watering; leaving it in damp soil will rot the roots.

We need to fertilize it every two to four weeks during spring and summer and withhold fertilizer during the fall and winter months. Also, you should give the plant 6 hours of sunlight each day.

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The next one is Peace lily. It is also one of the best indoor plants. Its expected blooming period is spring to summer. Peace lily shows off dark green leaves with white flowers. It fits in well in just about every style of interior design; tabletops, windowsills, or any other small space. It is best to grow in bright light. However, it can tolerate low light for its growth. You should keep the soil moist and water weekly.

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Pothos plant ( Money plant)

Pothos or money plant is one of the easiest houseplants. It is also an air purifier plant. You need to Water the Pothos well but ensure all excess water is drained. Pothos does not like wet roots. You should always allow the soil to dry out between watering.

It can grow anywhere in just about any room of your home, it will grow in low, medium, high light spaces. Pothos is wonderfully versatile in the home. We can grow it in hanging baskets to trail down and then let it climb a totem or trellis, or grow horizontally along a tabletop or mantle.

Rubber plant

The rubber plant is the oldest plant used as houseplants worldwide and also in Nepal too. It can adapt to and endure lower light conditions and requires poor maintenance. You should provide as much light as possible and also keep away from cold and drafts in winter.

We need to keep the soil lightly to moderately moist with good drainage. Any type of soil will be fine and sandy soils mixed with some organics are perfect. Light fertilization will be best for it. Rubber plants are great for the house, apartment, office, or dorm. And they are great air purifiers.

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Swiss Cheese plant

Swiss cheese plant is a perfect evergreen houseplant for both beginners and experts. Because it doesn’t grow fast so, it is perfect for smaller spaces. These plants have narrow leaves have large oval-shaped holes in them so their name is the Swiss Cheese Plant.

This plant hangs on a basket or trails over a mixed pot. It is easy to grow and tolerate low light. It is also good for your health. A NASA study identified this plant as one of the top air-purifying plants to remove harmful chemicals from the air in your home.

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In the end,

You can choose these beautiful indoor plants to décor your home. They are also air purifiers. These indoor house plants are good to reduce stress, calm your mind, relax you, aid in restful sleep, and also boost your mood.

Thank you for the reading. If you find this article helpful, please like and share this article. Stay safe.