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Top Best Furniture Stores in Nepal

Written by Sudarshan Pahari · 3 min read >

Dear Readers, this time we have brought you a list of the top best online furniture sellers in Nepal. This list is merely an informatory guide to the top best furniture Stores in Nepal that sell their products through online mediums as well.

Furniture has been an essential part of our lives since ancient times. Moreover, we need and use different furniture from birth to death. The life of a person starts from a crib to a casket, in between we use various furniture for different ceremonies and auspicious occasions. In addition, it has taken a significant aspect of our lives. Also, it is a reflection of our prosperity as well.

As furniture are essential for every moment of life, while it can be of wood or metal, it has its emphasis. Having said that, furniture adds value to buildings or constructions where we work and live.

Furniture provides a cozy home-like feeling to us. Without furniture, a room or a house is just a vacant and empty space or structure. Here, in this article, you will know about the top best comfort providers in Nepal.

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Here are the Top Best Furniture Stores in Nepal

Fun Furnish

FunFurnish has expertise in solving your furnishing complications for home and office. They have assortments of international as well as local brands and products. Along with this, FunFurnish is providing offering new exciting, convenient, and quality-assuring ways to shop for furniture.

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They also furnish services for decor. The company delivers all over Nepal, they are dedicated to providing prompt customer service and facilities like free assembling and delivery.

Furniture Land

It is one of the largest furniture showrooms in Nepal. Furniture land strives to provide customers with a wide selection of furniture and household decorative items that are well designed, functional, practical, and comfortable.

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They are the traders of international furniture as well they, import furniture from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and many other countries. In addition, they can fulfill your furnishing desires as they keep a huge stock of furniture.

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SB Furniture Nepal

SB Furniture was established to cater to both condominium and residential markets. They are merchandising quality and space-saving furnishing commodities that will satisfy and fit any lifestyle.

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The product sold by SB Furniture passes through international quality inspection making the brand known for its E1 seal or European class standards. It indicates low-level formaldehyde. This means there is a guarantee that each piece of furniture is safe for you and your family’s health.

Index Furniture

Index Furniture Nepal is an exclusive franchise of Index Living Mall, spread all over most of the East Asian countries: Thailand, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Pakistan Indonesia, and Nepal.

Click here to visit the official website of Index Furniture

They are one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of furniture and lifestyle products. Their showrooms are spread all over most of the East Asian countries. Nevertheless, they have expertise in contemporary design to fulfill the demand of the customers.

Bira Furniture

Bira furniture is the oldest firm in the wood industry in Nepal serving clients since 1963 AD. They deal with all kinds of wooden products manufacturing and supplying furniture, door/windows, frames, trusses, parquets, wall paneling.

They have proficiency in supplying luxury furniture in Nepal. Moreover, they also assist you by serving their interior designing services.

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Kunal Furnishing

Kunal Furnishing was founded in 1989, with a aim to upgrade the quality of home décor in Nepal. It is the destination store for your entire home furnishing requirements from the very basic to most exclusive.

They present you with a wide range of furnishing products at an unbeatable price. Moreover, they offer discerning customers a dazzling spectrum of products to satisfy the most demanding of tastes, with the innovative layout and model and high standards.

Jaya Furnishers

Jaya Furnishers was established in 1985. Today, it is one of the reputed and reliable names to its customers for furniture and furnishing. They provide a wide range of furniture and furnishing products under one roof with excellent supervision from well-dedicated staff and workers.

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They have a huge collection of imported and locally made furniture of both steel and wood. Also, they take orders for custom-made designs, sizes, and models as per customer instructions.

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Interior Points Nepal

Interior Points Nepal is a trusted interior design company in Nepal since 2006. They are focused on providing interior design and decorating services they also provide prefab solutions and furniture supply for interior works.

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Moreover, they work with clients to develop ideas, create designs, build them and deliver customized interior design solutions.

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Ultra Interio

Ultra Interio is a leading brand in modular kitchen and interior. They build and execute home interiors to perfection from fabulous false ceilings, glamorous kitchens, and stunning wardrobes luxurious sofas.

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Their team of craftsmen and supervisors transforms clients’ dreams into reality. Also, they use the finest materials to accomplish their objectives.

On the EndNote…

So this was the list of the top best furniture stores in Nepal. This time we have included only a few of them. Definitely, we will prepare another list soon.

For further instance, they are the experts in Nepal to contact for furnishing complexities. Moreover, it’s totally your choice to go for and select the company for your furnishing dream. In conclusion, all the furnishers are well reputed and competent in what they do, it depends on you to choose one.