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Top Best Electric Geysers in Nepal

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So, winter is here! Now, people (like me) stay away from cold waters. Like, for now, bathing and washing utensils are one of the most difficult tasks in winter. Therefore, we believe you are here because you want a geyser to stay warm in these chilling winter days. Find in this article the top best electric geysers in Nepal.

First of all, let’s understand…

What is a Geyser?

A geyser is a machine/device that is used to heat water easily. It is one of the most popular ways of heating water due to its easiness. Geysers use either electric energy or heat energy produced by an LPG cylinder.

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And What are its Types?

Basically, we can find two types of geysers; electric geysers and gas geysers. Electric geysers use electric energy to heat the water. Whereas, the gas geysers use LPG gas to produce heat energy and warm up the water.

Inside this Article:

CG Electric Geyser

Baltra Electric Geyser

Midea Electric Geyser

Distar Electric Geyser

Havells Electric Geyser

Electron Electric Geyser

“A warm shower in a cold day takes all the stress away”

Top Best Electric Geysers in Nepal

Now, lets move on to the list and see which are the top best electric geysers in Nepal.

CG Electric Geyser

Chaudhary Group of Industries is one of the leading conglomerates in Nepal. It produces different household products, food items, construction materials, and electric appliances for the Nepalese market.

Also, CG is leading in common household electric appliances. The electric geysers of CG company are of good quality and come in an affordable price range. Moreover, it is one of the popular brands people choose for electric geysers.

Price: Approx Rs.9,430/- to Rs.10,000/-

Features of CG Electric Geyser

  • Earth Leakage Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Thermostat Control
  • High-Quality Heating Element
  • Multi-Functional Safety Valve

Baltra Electric Geyser

Baltra Home Products is an India based company that produces high-quality home electric appliances. Also, ranging from mixer, refrigerator, to heaters and air-conditioners, it produces every item for daily use.

Baltra Electric geyser of really good quality. It is equipped with ELCP protection to make it safe for use. Definitely, it is popular among Nepalese households for its high quality and affordability.

Price: Approx Rs.12,900/- to Rs.15,000/-

Features of Baltra Electric Geyser

  • 15 liters Capacity
  • 2000 Watt Power
  • Free Installation worth Rs.1500/-
  • Powder-Coated Metal Body
  • High Provision Thermostat Control
  • Multifunctional Safety Valve
  • Equipped with ELCP Protection
  • Single Weld-line Tank

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Midea Electric Geyser

Midea Group is a Chinese electric appliances manufacturer. It produces high-quality electric appliances ranging from daily home appliances to commercial air-conditioners.

It is one of the very popular names for electric home appliances in Nepal too. Also, the price range and product quality make Midea one the most chosen brand for electric geysers too. In addition, the company provides 1 year of warranty as well.

Price: Approx Rs.10,600/- to Rs.16,000/-

Features of Midea Electric Geyser

  • High-Efficiency Heating Element
  • New Titanium Enamel Heating
  • 10 Liters Capacity
  • Shock-Safe Plug
  • Overheat Protection
  • Over-Pressure Protection
  • ELCB more Protection
  • HWOR Energy Saving
  • Antibacterial Hygiene
  • New Titanium Enamel Tank

Distar Electric Geyser

Distar Home Appliances is a Nepalese company that produces electrical appliances for household use. Moreover, it produces different categories of home appliances like TV, refrigerator, geysers, vacuum cleaners and commercial products like air-conditioners as well.

Price: Approx Rs.10,940/- to Rs.14,000/-

Features of Distar Electric Geysers

  • 10 liters capacity and 1-year warranty
  • Ferroglass coated tank with a single-line design
  • High-density PUF insulation retains
  • 50% more heat
  • Use 3-pin plug with 16A
  • Magnesium Anode to protect the tank from corrosion
  • Resettable type thermal cut-out for additional safety
  • Temperature resistant and long life ABS body
  • Variable temperature
  • Control knob for temperature control

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Havells Electric Geyser

Havells India Limited is an Indian company that produces home appliances like kitchen wares, lighting for domestic as well as industrial use. Also, it manufactures electric wires, induction motors, and many other products for commercial and industrial applications.

Electric geysers of Havells company are of high-quality and come at an affordable price. Certainly, it is one of the most trusted brands for electric geysers in Nepal.

Price: Approz Rs.12,000/- to Rs.17,500/-

Features of Havells Electric Geyser:

  • Related capacity 10 liters
  • Shock-safe plug
  • Adjustment knobs for setting the temperature conventionally
  • Ferro glass TM technology with single weld line design
  • Incoloy glass coated heating element
  • Whirlflow technology
  • Ferro glass coating in the inner container
  • Anode rod protects the tank from corrosion
  • High-density PUF insulation
  • Multifunctional safety valve
  • Water resistance and splash-proof

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Electron Electric Geyser

Electron International Private Limited is a Nepal based household appliances manufacturer. The company produces high-quality appliances for household and provide them in a suitable price for the Nepalese market.

It also produces other appliances such as heaters, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, gas stoves, and mixers. Also, electric geysers of Electron company are very popular and trustworthy among Nepalese people.

Price: Approx Rs.17,000/- to Rs.19,5000/-

Features of Electron Electric Geyser:

  • Saves up to 50% energy
  • 15 liters water storage capacity
  • 1-year brand warranty
  • Fully automatic and user friendly
  • Fusible plug
  • Non-corrosive body
  • Thermal cutout
  • Single-lined inner container
  • Thermal insulated
  • Multifunctional safety valve

On the End Note…

So, this was the list of the top best electric geysers in Nepal along with their features and average price.

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See you next time! Till then stay warm and healthy.

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