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Travel UI/UX form! Some call it the dark pattern, we call it the ultimate online salesmanship using UI/UX design tweaks. Selling a product online is not anymore a simple home page, a little about us, a filter, and a checkout page. It’s much more complicated than that. In this article, we are going to look through some of the interesting travel UI/UX tweaks from the home page of

We believe all of you are aware of what is. It is an online travel agency for lodging reservations. If you haven’t browsed through it yet, please visit them here.

First let’s take 1 minute to browse through Then we analyse the home page in full.

1. Add user’s own country/region currency

travel UI/UX tip 1: Your Own Currency Showing the Currency from Your Country/Region

For any travelers, converting the foreign currency into their national currency is time-consuming and not effective. Thus, including the Currency option in the navigation bar is an important aspect of designing any travel website. If you can detect the geo location via ip and activate the country’s currency, that’s a great advantage. It can be an attraction for users as they will be able to estimate their travel budget in their own currency.

2. Display travel discounts and offers above the fold

Display discounts and offers above the fold

Showcase your discounts and offers in the first fold.They could have just searched and filtered, but why make them think and discounts always are an attraction. Keep in mind, the users get attracted to what they see first, so, the displaying these above the fold is key. This will help the users to choose the offers wisely. It also helps to achieve the recurring users’ ratio.

3. Building travel confidence in times of the Pandemic

Building travel confidence in times of the Pandemic

Add any link to FAQs or survey to show concern and build travel confidence for the users. For present scenario, add links related to COVID-19 FAQ page and your customer support who can assist users quires related to the covid adjustments while travelling. Make the link visible by placing it at the top. Adding valid links such as travel surveys, hotel preferences survey is also helpful.

4. Offer your subscribers something in return

Subscriber Gets Discounts and Offers

You can call it a customer relationship trick covered in showing a gesture for gratitude. Include offers like discounts and great deals, you can provide for signing up or subscribing to the website. Show them we are here to provide them with many benefits. This will help you to get more subscribed users.

5. Get rid of boring titles

Getting Rid of Boring Titles

Play with phrases and words to create attractive titles or headlines. Don’t go with common Headlines such as “Travel Articles”, “Our Blog”, “More Options”, “Travel Guide” etc. Attracting users with a cool and catchy phrase makes the customers to dig more into your website. Be more creative for texts you show in your website.

6. Build sense of a community from your forum user base

Travel Community

As it is a travel website, use words related to travel. For eg. using “Connect with travelers” instead of “Forum” or “Users” can create a connection between the users and you. Make it sound personal so that the users can feel a connection. For this, you can use words like travel community or travel circle or travel club.

For websites having an acceptable number of travelers, use X travelers not X users. It is a travel website so using travel words creates a better impression.

7. Footers links are there for a reason

Footers links are there for a reason

Again, use more creative, personal, and caring words. Footer is an area where the last impression for any website resides. Whatever the users see above, they might forget in the term of scrolling down. So an attractive and strategic footer can keep the users engaged. Include more tabs and links in the footer.

For a travel website, include links for as many places as you want. It’s human nature that we remember some things only after seeing anything related to them. For e.g. sometimes the traveler cannot decide exactly where to go or can’t even remember the names of many places. On seeing the link of different places on your website, travelers can discover more before choosing. The travelers can look for many places via your website rather than searching on Google. This also enhances the SEO performance of your website.

8. Remind them to save time and money, gain in the last fold

Remind them to save time and money, gain in the last fold

Once again, the footer section can create an emphasis on the users. We would again mention using catchy phrases and attractive lines to make the users feel confident and related. Create your own advertisement with lines like “Save time, save money”, “Travel more, spend less”, “More travel more fun, less spend more earn”, or “We make your trip better”.

Make the users sign up or subscribe. Use subscribe to email option but in a creative way so that the users cannot resist subscribing. E.g.: Instead of “Click here to receive email notification”, use something like “Send me a link to get the free booking APP” or “Send me the links for hot deals and offers”

9. Personalize, Personalize Personalize

Personalize, personalize personalize

Once the user uses your site, plays around with few links, throws in few search keywords, uses few filters, then you instantly know what the user is looking for in your site. Use the same information and personalize your pages. When the user comes back, it’s more personal and very convenient for them to continue where they left off.


So, are you inspired and ready for some travel UI/UX tweaks to implement in your travel and tour site? They are really simple and easy to implement travel UI/UX ideas.

We will be analyzing’s internal search pages, product pages, forums, blogs, and checkout pages in the near future. If you have any suggestions for the article’s content, or if you would like us to analyze some other pages, let us know in the comment section below or reach out to us via email.

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