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Top Best Paint Brands in Nepal-2022

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top paint brands of Nepal

Your home is your dream. Any concrete structure you build or any building that you establish is a product of your hard-earned money. You invest a lot to build it. At this time, we have prepared a list of the top best paint brands in Nepal.

Eventually, designing it on paper to seeing it being built right in front of you, is a sense of satisfaction. Another important concern is, painting your house with the right paint. You want to choose the best color for your house. Indeed, by best, we mean the perfect shade and a quality product.

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The lifestyle has changed these days. Also, “decoration” is not a new term. Heavily decorated interiors and sophisticated designs have always attracted people. Moreover, we care about the looks of the place we live or work in.

Companies focus to design highly stylized interiors of offices and hotels. Painting takes time and we do not paint our house or offices again and again. Therefore, the quality of the paint matters because we may not paint again for at least 2-3 years.

top paint brands of Nepal

Apart from that, the color of your home is what connects with you. The rooms of your walls affect the environment of the house. E.g. yellow is not fit for children’s rooms. Red is considered good for increasing appetite. Similarly, yellow, lemon, or orange suits best for the kitchen as these colors enhance positivity and grace in the kitchen. Therefore, people take the time to choose the best quality color which suits their personality and creates an impression.

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Here are the top best paint brands available in Nepal.

  • Asian paints
  • Berger
  • Pashupati Paints
  • Ashirbad Paints
  • Apollo Paints
  • Yeti Paints
  • Kansai Nerolac Paints
  • Jasmine Paints
  • Tirupati Paints

Asian Paints

Asian paints is a very popular paint in Nepal. It is an India-based top paint company in the world. Asianpaints Nepal is one of its subsidiaries established in Nepal in 1983.

Asian Paints Nepal manufactures and sells decorative as well as industrial coating paints. Its decorative paints include wall paint for interior and exterior surfaces; enamels for metal and normal woods; specialized wood coatings and ancillary products, like primers and putties. 

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Berger Paint is one of the most popular and quality paints available in Nepal. It started its operation in Nepal as Berger J&N Nepal in 2000. It is an Indian company that also has its subsidiaries in Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, and Poland. Berger is one of the top paint manufacturing and marketing companies in Nepal.

There is a wide range of decorative products ranging from distempers to highly luxurious silk glamorous paints. These paints are affordable and high quality for both interior and exterior painting. Berger silk is one of the most loved paints for a glamorous look.

Click here for the official website of Berger Paints

Pashupati Paints

Pashupati Paints is the first paints manufacturing company based in Nepal. It was established in 1984.  Its quality product has emerged as a benchmark for the paint industry in Nepal. Pashupati Paints is a NEPAL STANDARD and ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

It is popular and provides affordable quality products to the customers. It manufactures a wide range of decorative and industrial paints such as exterior and interior emulsion paints, enamel paints, acrylic distempers, texture paints, epoxy paints for floors, road marking paints, varnish, and so on.

Click here for the official website of Pashupati Paints

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Ashirbad Paints

Ashirbad Paints is the first paint production firm of its sort in Nepal’s western area. With its fine research and innovative team, the company strives to bring the highest quality paints using the latest technology and innovations. Likewise, due to the quality-centric approach, Ashirbad Paints have emerged as one of the preferred Nepali paint brands.

Click here for the Official Website of Ashirbad Paints

Apollo Paints

Apollo Paints Nepal is another Nepal-based paint company that was established in 2004.  It is a NEPAL STANDARD and ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

It produces all kinds of interior and exterior paints, emulsion Paints, gold and silver paints, decorative paints, enamel, cement paints, waterproof paints, metal paints, and many more. Its head office is located in Chitwan with branches in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Click here for the official website of Apollo Paints

Yeti Paints

Yeti Paints is one of the leading paint manufacturing brands of Nepal established in 1993. It manufactures high-quality decorative and industrial paints for the Nepalese market. As it is a Nepalese brand, it matches the Nepalese market demand by providing quality products at an affordable price.

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It provides all painting products including exterior and interior paints, emulsions, wall putties, waterproofing, enamels, metal paints, and many more.

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Kansai Nerolac Paints

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd is a subsidiary of Kansai Paints Company Ltd, Japan. It operates in Nepal under the brand name Kansai Paints Nepal Pvt Ltd, a conglomerate of Shalimar Nepal.

It provides high-quality paints manufactured by using Japanese technology. There are a variety of products including interior exterior wall paints to very luxurious paints for decoration. There are high-quality weather coat paints, texture paints, and emulsions in Nerolac.

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Jasmine Paints

Jasmine Paints Pvt. Ltd. is a paint manufacturing company of the Manakamana Group, established in 1994. It is an ISO-9001:2000 and NEPAL STANDARD-certified company in Nepal.

The company produces all kinds of interior and exterior paints, emulsions, enamels, gold and silver paints, waterproofing products, powder-based colors, and many more.

It is one of the most used paint brands in Nepal and provides a variety of products in an affordable price range.

Click here for the official website of Jasmine Paints

Tirupati Paints

Tirupati Paints Private Limited is operating since 2069 B.S. in Nepal. It is one of the very popular paint brands in Nepal because of its quality and service.

Tirupati Paints manufacture decorative and industrial paints such as exterior and interior emulsion paints, enamel paints, acrylic distempers, exterior, and interior cement primers, oil base primers, varnish, waterproof cement paints, waterproofing agent, and much more.

Click here for the official website of Tirupati Paints

These are the top paint brands in Nepal that you can easily find in many hardware shops nearby. You can choose as many shades and textures of these colors to paint your walls.

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