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Top 10 BEST Air Conditioners in Nepal

Written by Roshan Bhattarai · 6 min read >

Hello readers, Air conditioners are one of the popular and best alternatives to cool your room. Installing a perfect Air Conditioner (AC) in your home/office requires quick research beforehand. Moreover, ACs are very well known for their expensive electricity bills. So, we need to be more considerate about finding the most durable and affordable AC. Find in this article the top 10 best air conditioners in Nepal.

Air Conditioner AC in short form is a machine that reduces the temperature of the air of the building and keeps the air dry. AC uses vapor-compression refrigeration. Its range is in size, from small units used in vehicles or single rooms to large units that can cool gigantic buildings.

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Air source heat pumps, used for heating and cooling, are becoming popular in cooler climates. These days, we see ACs used in offices, malls as well as perIn Nepal also AC is becoming very popular.

Here are the Top 10 Best Air Conditioners in Nepal

LG S3-W24K23VB 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner

LG 2.0 ton AC is one of the leading AC available in Nepal. It is an air conditioner that cools faster, in less time, and is quiet. Its Anti-Virus system filter eliminates viruses and bacteria in the environment. Moreover, this AC adjusts to maintain the desired temperature levels that save more energy.

It has a warranty of 10 years. It has an Eco-Friendly Refrigerant (R32 Gas) and provides 40% faster cooling/heating. Also, it has a Special Coating on the fin that prevents corrosion & extends the life of the unit.

Its price is NRS 1,45,000/- approx. (As of 2021)

Brand: LG
Capacity: 2 Ton
Dimensions: 998 (w) x 345 (h) x 210 (d) mm
Net Weight (in Kg): 11 Kg
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h): 23,885 Btu/h (Max)
Heating Capacity (BTU): 24226 Btu/h (Max)
Heating Input (W): (Min) 225 W ~ 2,370 W (Max)
Cooling Rated Input (W): (Min) 225 W ~ 2,370 W (Max)
Cooling EER (W/W): 3.06 W/W
COP (W/W): 3.05 W/W
Power Supply: 230V/50Hz

LG S3-W18KL3VA 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

The next AC in our list we have is LG 1.5 Ton AC. It is one of the top 10 best air conditioners in Nepal. As well as that, it saves energy consumption and operates with low sound levels. The advanced multi-filter protection technology removes harmful allergens and bacteria and provides a cleaner and healthier environment.

Image: 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner S3W18KL3VA

The LG PCB (Power Circuit Board) provides safety against voltage variations. It has an easy and fast installation procedure. Also, the diffuser (ventilator) allows the airflow to reach specific areas. Gold Fin ™ an anticorrosion coating ensures its greater durability.

The cleaning button activates the Automatic Cleaning function and prevents the reproduction of fungi and bacteria, eliminating unpleasant odors. As well, the Jet-Dry function keeps your room dry and cool. Likewise, Dual Protection Filter captures dust particles and bacteria and also fluff or pet hair.

It costs NRS 1,15,000/- approx. (As of 2021)

Cooling Capacity (BTU): 17,741
Heating Capacity (BTU): 18,425
Power Input (Cooling/Heating): 1780 / 1580
Running Current (Cooling/Heating): 8.2 / 7.2
Starting Current (Cooling/Heating): 1.0 / 0.9
Max Current (Cooling/Heating): 11.0 / 11.0
Fan Type: Cross Flow Fan (In) / Propeller Fan (Out)
Refrigerant: R32
Input Power Supply: 1 / 220 ~ 240 / 50
Indoor Air Flow Rate (m³/min (CFM)): 18 (653.0)
Outdoor Air Flow Rate (m³/min (CFM)) 31 (1093)
Moisture Removal (I/h): 1.5
Indoor Noise Level (dB (A) ±3): 45 / 43 / 38 / 32
Outdoor Noise Level (dB (A) ±3): 54 / 57
Product Dimensions (mm): 998*330*210
Cooling EER (W/W):    3.42

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Samsung 1 TON Air Conditioner AR12MSFHRWKNRC

Samsung 1 Ton Air Conditioner AR12MSFHRWKNRC is also one of the top best ACs available in Nepal. This AC has a unique triangular design that improves its performance, helps to circulate cool air faster, farther and wider. Its digital inverter features save energy consumption.

This AC has an Anti-Corrosion Fin treatment in an outdoor unit. This cooler eliminates viruses and provides healthy airflow for you. Its unique design makes its appearance look stylish. Also, It is durable and easy to clean and take out.

Its market price is about NRS 90,000 (As of 2021)

Type: Split AC
Cooling capacity: 11, 942 Btu/hr
Heating capacity: 13,648 Btu/hr
Compressor: digital inverter compressor
Dimension (mm): 720 x 265 x 548
Weight: 29.5 kg
Air Direction Control (up/down) (left/right): Auto
Frequency requirement: 50 Hz
Filter Cleaning Indicator
Indoor Temperature Indicator
Moisture Removable
Power consumption (watts) cooling: 1,030 w
Capacity (cooling, kcal/hr): 3,010
Voltage requirement (volts): 220V – 240V

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Blue Star Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton

Next up we have Blue Star AC 1.5 Ton in our list of top 10 best air conditioners in Nepal. It has a turbo cooling mode, sleeping mode, and timer that helps to save energy. Moreover, it has a motorized and manual Horizontal Louvre /Vertical Swing option. The AC also has an airflow direction control feature.

Image: Blue Star 1.5 Ton AC

The AC has a memory function to restart. Also, it has auto, night, medium, and low fan modes and Anti-Freeze Thermostat. It also has a dust filter. It has a Dust Filter that filters dust in the air.

Its price is NRS 80000 approx. (As of 2021)

Voltage / Frequency/ Phase:  220-240V/ 50Hz/ Single
Cooling / Heating Capacity (Watt): 5275
Power Input Cooling (Watt): 2150
IDU Dimension (W x H x D) mm: 900x202x280
ODU Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 760x552x256
Evaporator Fins: Hydrophilic Blue Fin
Noise Level Outdoor in dB (A): 56
Moisture Removal (Liters/Hour):1.49
Ambient Temp Operation (Cooling) °C: 46°C
Condenser Type: Copper Condenser
Compressor Type: Rotary
Net Weight In/Out: 11kg / 35 kg

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Blue Star 1 Ton Air Conditioner

Blue Star Air Conditioner 1 Ton is also another top AC available in Nepal. This AC has Anti-Freeze Thermostat. It Auto Restarts with Memory Function. It has Turbo Cooling, Sleep Mode, and timer features available. There is a copper condenser and blue condenser fin. Definitely, it is one of the most affordable ACs in Nepal that gives both power and performance.

Image source: Blue Star Air Conditioner 1 Ton

Its price is Rs.70,000 approx. (As of 2021)

Nominal Capacity (TR): 1.0 Ton
Voltage / Frequency/ Phase 220-240V/ 50Hz/ Single
Noise Level Outdoor in dB (A): 54
Net Weight IDU (Kg): 11
Net Weight ODU (Kg): 29
IDU Dimension (W x H x D) mm: 770x180x240
ODU Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 700x552x256
Compressor Type: Rotary Refrigerant & Ambient Operations
Ambient Temp Operation (Cooling) °C: 46°C
Refrigerant: R410A
Moisture Removal (Liters/Hour):1.13
Power Input Cooling (Watt): 1360
Power Input Heating (Watt): 1320
Input Power Supply: Indoor Unit

Panasonic YE18TKY 1.5 TON Air Conditioner

Panasonic YE18TKY 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner is another top AC we have listed here. It cools the room faster at startup. Also, it easily maintains a temperature that makes you comfortable. In addition, there is an automatic system that changes compressor rotation to save energy.

This AC has an anti-bacterial filter and dust filter that filters the air and provides you healthy air. Moreover, there are other features such as the dehumidification feature, remote control option, on-timer, off-timer, and copper coil condenser.

Warranty period: 10 Years compressor & 1-Year Service with Spare Parts Warranty

It approximate price for this AC is NRS 1,16,000/- (As of 2021)

Type: Split AC
Capacity (tons): 1.5 Ton
Functions: 3D cooling system
Cooling capacity: 11.6 w
Heating capacity: 11.9 w
Weight: 32 kg
Compressor: Rotary compressor
Product dimensions: 619x824x299 mm
Voltage requirement (volts): 230 v
Air circulation: 565 cubic meter
Indoor Temperature Indicator

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Whirlpool Inverter AC 1.5 Ton

Whirlpool Inverter AC 1.5 Ton 3d Cooling System Air Conditioner is also one of the popular AC available IN Nepal. It has a Stand-alone in-built air purifier That Removes 98.6% Pollutants, 99% Odor Reduction.

Image source: Whirlpool Inverter AC 1.5 Ton 3d Cooling System Air

It saves your energy has zero impact on the ozone layer too. It has a very low maintenance cost.

Its market price is NRS 1,10,000 approx. (As of 2021)

Warranty: 10 Years Compressor & 1 Year Service with Spare Parts Warranty

Model: 1.5 Ton-AC
Type: Split AC
Functions: 3D Cooling System
Noise level (dB)-indoor: 43db
Voltage requirement (volts): 230 v
Air circulation: 937 cubic meter
Auto Restart
Auto-Air Swing
Indoor Temperature Indicator
Sleep Mode

TCL TAC09CHSA/BH Split Air Conditioner 0.75 Ton

Another one is TCL Split Air Conditioner 0.75 Ton TAC09CHSA/BH. It is also one of the top 10 best air conditioners in Nepal. It has an auto-restart feature if it turned off accidentally or in any other case. Auto-protection function detects errors; LED displays it on the indoor unit that helps to take action for protection. Ionizer purifies the air and delivers balanced positive and negative ions.

The AC has a 24h/12h timing on/off function. Moreover, the independent dehumidifying function keeps your clothes dry even if the weather gets humid. Also, it has an automatic power-off system after operating 10h, to save power and the environment.

The market price is about NRS 55,000/- (As of 2021)

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Type: Split AC
Capacity (tons): 0.75 ton
Voltage requirement (volts):220-240v AC 50 Hz
Product dimensions: 718x240x180 mm
Noise level (dB)-indoor: 36/34/32
Efficient Power Saving
Quiet Operation
LED Display
Intelligent Defrost
Sleep Mode

Sansui SSZ 24 CT9-MHB Air Conditioner- 2 Ton

The next top cooler available in Nepal is Sansui SSZ 24. CT9-MHB Air Conditioner- 2 Ton. It has Multi Point Cooling System and Dehumidification feature that provides quality in the air. It is a Split AC type of AC.

Moreover, it is one of the top 10 best air conditioners in Nepal. It is an affordable AC with durability and performance. Also, there are features such as Auto Clean function and also dust and anti-bacterial function available in it.

Its market price is Rs.90,000/- approx. (As of 2021)

3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Capacity: 2 Tons
Type: Split Type
Blue Fin Evaporator
Digital Display
Turbo Cool Mode
On/Off Timer

Yasuda YSAC24TH 2 TON Premium Split Air Conditioner

In today’s list, the last one we have is Yasuda 2 Ton Premium Split AC. It provides a 50-degree ambient temperature and a highly efficient compressor for electricity saving. Also, it has a durable high-density filter feature with Super-Fast Cooling.

Image: Yasuda Ysac24Th 2 Ton Premium Split Air Conditioner

It has a motorized and manual Horizontal Louvre /Vertical Swing. In addition, it has auto, night, medium, and low fan modes. The AC also comprises a dust filter to purify the air. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable ACs in Nepal.

Its approximate price is Rs.90000/- (As of 2021)

Warranty: 1 Year on Product and 3 Years on Compressor

50-degree Ambient Temperature
Premium Split AC
Hydrophilic Blue Evaporator
Air Flow Direction Control
Wireless Remote

If you are thinking of installing an AC at your home, workplace, or any other place, you can go with these above AC. You can choose any of these AC that suits your room size and also budget.

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