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How to Maintain Electric Vehicle Batteries in Nepal

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Hello readers, the trend of owning an electric vehicle is increasing by the day in today’s world. Electric vehicles are attracting people all over the world since they are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Along with that, the question” how can we maintain our electric vehicles?” may appear. So, today we are here with tips to maintain electric vehicle batteries in Nepal.

Tips to maintain electric vehicle batteries
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Before We Begin

Electric vehicles or EVs are those vehicles that are partially or fully powered by electric power. Thus, they require battery power to operate. Find here more how does an electric vehicle works.

Nepal’s government is promoting electric vehicles these days. It has decreased the rate of tax for EVs. Along with that, it is also developing various infrastructures that are required for electric vehicles. These days, many electric vehicles like bikes, cars, buses, trucks are being launched in Nepal.

The use of electric vehicles in Nepal is increasing compared to past years. There are different types of EVs in Nepal, these are EV, Plugin Hybrid EV, and Hybrid EV. Some popular electric vehicles in Nepal are; MG ZSHyundai KonaHyundai IoniqBYD E6Tata NexonThee Go E8, and Kia Nero.

EVs are easier to care for than traditional fuel vehicles. Electric motors and regenerative brakes require less maintenance than combustion engines and friction brakes. Find here more about electric cars vs. Fuel cars…

Electric Vehicles also run with fewer fluids. We will only need to monitor the coolant for the thermal management system, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Furthermore, due to its powertrain’s simplicity, an EV requires very little maintenance relative to a vehicle with a fuel-drinking engine. However, very little isn’t the same as nothing. Replacing battery packs and electric motors are expensive jobs that require specialized knowledge on the off chance either feature fails.

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What is the Life Expectancy of an EVs Battery?

Although battery tech has been around for ages, we’re still learning about the longevity of electric car batteries.

There are plenty of examples of electric cars covering well over 100,000 miles and many early mass-produced EVs are on the used car market with the battery’s State of Health (SOH) still high.

Data over the past 10 years suggests battery health decreases by about 10% over five or six years. However, this doesn’t necessarily impact range and battery technology has improved rapidly in the last few years, so expect this figure to get better.

Most manufacturers offer a warranty on the battery for eight years or 100,000 miles which is much longer than most people keep a vehicle.

Battery performance and longevity will also vary between manufacturers and models. Generally, the life expectancy of an EV battery is 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Can You Diminish Battery Degradation in Electric Cars?

Battery degradation is a natural process and overtime any battery will lose some “juice”.

However, it’s a lot more important to maintain the battery in an electric car because it’s something that will be used for a long time by you or someone after you. We also want to ensure maximum range and performance from our electric cars while we’re using them.

In addition, many electric car batteries go on to have a “second life” once their usefulness in powering four wheels has waned. These batteries are often used for energy storage, meaning one lithium-ion battery originally designed for an EV could be used for decades.

We want to maximize the life of the battery as it benefits us, but also minimizes the impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are things you can do to maximize the life of your car’s battery. Here are a few tips to help maintain an electric car battery.

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Tips to Maintain Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric vehicle batteries require special care and maintenance for protecting their lives from degradation. Here we are with the tips that will answer the question “how can you maintain electric vehicle batteries?”

Diminishing Rapid Charging

One of the best ways to maintain your EV battery is diminishing fast charging. Rapid charging is great when you need a charge quickly, particularly if you’re only stopping between meetings, perhaps or you’re on a long drive. While you shouldn’t be scared to use rapid chargers whatsoever, but continued use can degrade the battery faster than a slower charge.

Therefore, if you can charge your car slowly using a dedicated home charger, then that is much better for the health of the battery.

Keep the “State of Charge” between 20-80%

Avoid keeping your battery empty or full. Instead, change the settings on your car or car charger to limit the charge to around 80% and keep it above 20% if you can.

Most daily or weekly driving is easily covered by the range of most EVs. Most of us don’t even need it fully charged, so try to keep it between 20% and 80% except for longer trips.

Only Charge Fully for Long Trips

Another tip to maintain our EV battery is to charge fully only for long trips. Sometimes we need a full battery for a long journey. Charging the car fully does not degrade the battery unless you were to keep it at 100% all the time. So, where possible, only charge to 100% if you need it.

Most electric cars have inbuilt navigation that will tell you if you can reach your destination with the current state of charge, or plan using Google Maps to see if you need to charge to 100% or not.

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While Parking Minimize Exposure to Extremely High Temperatures          

We should avoid exposure to extreme heat while we park our EV unplugged. That will help you maintain the condition of the EV battery. When you park at the extreme heat, the automated temperature control system installed in your electric car will drain your batteries to keep the temperatures down.

It is better when it works only when your electric vehicle is on the road using its battery. Thus, while parking your electric vehicle, park it in the shade or plug-in so that its thermal management system functions only using grid power.

Check the Optimum State of Charge of the Battery During Prolonged Storage

When we park or store EVs with an empty or full battery, it also degrades the battery. Thus, it is better to get a timed charger and plug the EVs if you are planning to store EVs for a long time.

When you leave your car battery to 100% for a long period, the battery will struggle with preserving its state of charge while you are away. So it is good to keep your battery charge level between 25 % and 75%.

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These are the tips to keep electric vehicle batteries in condition.

Thank you for your time in reading. I hope after reading this article, you got to know tips to maintain electric vehicle batteries in Nepal. If you find this article helpful, please like and share this article. Stay safe.