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Setting Up a TV in your Home

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 2 min read >

TV is one of the most common sources of entertainment in the world. It has helped children and adults pass the time during the time they couldn’t go outside and before the internet was easily available. Although setting up a TV used to be simple, new designs with more features have been produced throughout time. So, in this article, we are gonna discuss setting up a TV in your home.

Since TV was commercialized they used to put up on a study table near are electrical socket and watched. With time the design of the TV has made it flatter with a bigger screen. Though they still used to put in a table could take as a part of setting up a TV. Nowadays you can mount a TV in a wall though a Table under is still recommended for addition component the TV can handle to be kept in.

Setting up a TV on the TV Table

The most important thing is to get a sturdy table that can handle the weight of both the TV itself and any compliment you wanna keep with it. You can take the image above and the most basic design for your TV stand. It also has space to keep compliments like cable box, DVD player, Game console, etc.

Setting up a TV on the Wall

Wall mount for Setting up a TV
Image: TV wall mount

To set up a TV on the wall you need a TV that can actually be mounted on a wall and wall strong enough to handle the weight. Houses that use drywall need to make sure that they place the TV mount on studs instead of the wall itself and they might break if the weight becomes too much. Those who don’t use drywall can mount it in the place they want to keep the TV.

For fixing the mount to the wall you need a power drill and various drill bits. After deciding where you want to put the TV in case you are using drywall find studs to put a hole in using a drill. You can find a stud finder in the market to find studs in drywall. If you aren’t using drywall believe your wall is strong enough to handle weight start drilling then place the mount and screw it to the wall.

First, remove the stand from the TV and locate the mounting plate attachment hole on the back of the TV. Attach the plate to the back of the TV with included hardware. Line the mounting plate of the TV with the bracket on the wall and connect them following the manufacturer’s instructions as it can vary from mount to mount.

While some might think they are strong enough to mount TV to themself. It’s better to have someone else besides you to help you through the process just in case you alone become too much to handle the TV weight.

During this process, you can eyeball the level of the TV if you trust your eyes but is recommended to use beam level to be certain that the TV is on level.

Connecting TV to the Compliments

Connecting TV to your cable box is not as complex of a process as one might think. How to connect the cable box to your TV depends on one if your TV and cable box has an HDMI port or not. If both of the has an HDMI port you can connect them using an HDMI cable. But if neither or either has a port you might have to use component cables. Component cables are color paired to the port so connecting them isn’t hard.


The favorite of entertainment for many people has always been TV. And as new types of gaming consoles, Dvd players, TV receivers, etc. TV can be used for more than just browsing channels only nowadays. Gaming, Youtube, Netflix, etc have given people more options than they can imagine. So TV is one the main attraction of living room decoration living room with other furniture can have an effect on your enjoyment.