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Room Heating Options in Nepal

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As the temperature in Nepal is dropping and the weather is getting more wintry day by day. No one wants to leave their warm blankets and go out during this cold. So, if you’re looking for different ways to keep your room warm and cozy, then you’re in the right place. Here, we have chosen some of the effective room heating options in Nepal, that will keep your room warm this winter.

Room Heating Options in Nepal

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List of Room Heating Options in Nepal

Electric Space Heater
Electric Radiant Floor Heating
Gas Space Heater
Central Heating System
Air Conditioner
Wood Burning

There are many options available to keep your room, heated throughout the day. Thus, we are with the list to help you choose the one that is best for your room. Some of the best choices for room heating in Nepal are:

Electric Space Heaters: The Best Way to Keep Your Room Warm

Room Heating Options in Nepal
Image Source: Electric Space Heater

Electric Space heaters are the best room heating options for small spaces. It includes a heat transfer liquid, such as oil, that is heated by the electric element. Because the heat transfer fluid stores some heat, the heater can cycle less and provide a more consistent heat supply.

Modern electric space heaters sometimes have cooling fans that may be utilized on hot days, making them ideal for studio flats, home offices, basements, and other tiny spaces.

There are different types of Electric Space heaters in Nepal. We can find different types of Electric Space heaters in Nepal such as Electric Radiant Heaters, Electric Convection Heaters, Oil Heaters, and Electric Fan heaters.

You don’t need any professional service for the installation of these Electric Space heaters. The average price of electric space heaters can range from Nrs. 1500 to 25000. You can contact any of the local electric appliance supply stores or you can visit online shopping sites for ordering them.

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Electric Radiant Floor Heating-An Efficient Option That Provides your Room Warm

Room Heating Options in Nepal
Image Source: Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating is a new room heating option available in Nepal. A radiant heating system delivers heat directly to a home’s floor, as well as to the panels in the walls and ceiling.

The system relies heavily on radiant heat transfer. This means it involves infrared radiation delivering heat directly from a hot surface to the people and things in the room.

Electric resistance cables generate heat in electric radiant floor heating. Cables are hidden in thin mats that can be placed under tile, stone, engineered wood, and laminate floors in the most typical configuration. Retrofits benefit from electric heating mats.

These mats links to a thermostat controller. The thermostat controller allows you to set a timer or alter the temperature to ensure that your floors are warm and pleasant in the morning. However, Some of them are safe for use in showers.

It requires professionals for installing Electric radiant floor heating. For the quotation, you can contact Kathmandu Design & Build Limited.

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Gas Space HeatersOne of the Best Room Heating Options in Nepal

Heater in Nepal
Image Source: Heatpumpsource

Gas Space heaters are typically less expensive to operate than electric space heaters. It uses natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, or butane to heat a room or an outdoor area. There are two types of gas heaters: unflued and flued. Unflued gas heaters are movable, but flued gas heaters are fixed, with a flue pipe releasing the home’s emissions.

We don’t need any professional service for the installation of these Gas Space heaters. The average price of electric space heaters can range from Nrs. 7000 to 11000. You can visit online shopping sites for ordering them.

Central Heating System-One You Must Try

Now let us talk about the Central heating system. A central heating system produces heat in one central (typically isolated) location. The warmth is dispersed throughout a building’s many spaces.

Any household can use the isolated heating space, which is commonly a furnace room, basement, or mechanical room. After, that the heat is then circulated throughout the house using forced-air ductwork or steam fed through pipes.

It is quite rare, however, to see this system in Nepal. Because, one of the reasons is many people and contractors as well, in Nepal are unaware of the benefits of the Central heating System. Another reason is the cost.

But, the cost of operation and maintenance is significantly lower than other forms of heating since the entire system is driven by a mechanical process. For installing Central Heating System in your buildings, you need to hire professionals.

You can contact Urban Space for the quotation and other inquires about the Central heating System. Click here to find the contact information of Urban Space.

Air Conditioner (AC)One of the Popular Room Heating Options in Nepal

Image Source: AC

Here we have another one of the popular room heating options in Nepal. However, we normally know AC only works for cooling and is good in Summer. But, modern AC can regulate the temperature depending on your needs, both in summers and winters. You need professional service to install an AC system in your room.

The average cost of AC with a heating system is NRs. 60,000 to 3,50,000. For installing AC, you can visit online shopping sites for ordering them or any local electric suppliers near you.

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Wood Burning: One of the Traditional Ways of Room Heating Option

Room Heating Options in Nepal
Image Source: Wood Burning

However, wood-burning or a fireplace is a traditional and popular way of room heating in Nepal. People in Nepal, especially, from rural areas enjoy piling wood and stoking the stove or furnace. Wood is often less expensive than gas, oil, or electricity.

Cutting your own wood can save you a lot of money. Wood-burning pollution has been a concern in some parts of the country, prompting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enact regulations governing pollution emissions from wood stoves.

Moreover, regular use of wood-burning may increase the chance of respiratory diseases as it emits smoke. Along with that, wood-burning may result in a fire.

In Conclusion,

These are the options available for room heating in Nepal which you can use to keep your room all warm and cozy this time of year. You can choose any of these room heating options that suit your choice, need, and budget.

I hope this article helps you in finding the best option that is right for your room. Thank you for reading!! Stay warm. Stay cozy. Happy Winter!!