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How to Make Your Restaurant Successful in Nepal

Written by Roshan Bhattarai · 3 min read >

Over time, people have started dining in restaurants more rather than cooking at home. The number of restaurants has also skyrocketed in Nepal. Which in turn, has increased the level of competition among the restaurant owners. Knowingly or unknowingly, there is a different kind of pressure among the owners, directors, managers, and every stakeholder of the restaurants to sustain in the market. Today in this article, we will discuss how to make your restaurant successful in Nepal.

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A restaurant is a business, that prepares and serves foods and beverages to the customers. These days, people not only go to restaurants for food, but also for friends’ unions, meetings, and social gatherings.

Nepal is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Millions of tourists visit Nepal every year, which encourages people for a restaurant business in Nepal. Today, the restaurant business is booming up and youths are attracted to the restaurant business in Nepal.

But What Attracts Customers to Try Out the Restaurants?

But due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, restaurants also took the most loss along with other sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and other industries. Still, people joining this business are growing rapidly. Thus, competition in the restaurant business is so tough in Nepal.

Every restaurant owner is giving their best to make their restaurants ‘THE BEST’ among all those restaurants. They are coming up with different new ideas, cuisines, decors, props, photo booths to attract customers to their restaurants.

Best Ways to make your Restaurant Successful in Nepal

Restaurant marketing has evolved considerably over time. With social media and more competition, it can be burdensome to attract customers as well as to find new customers. Here are some ideas for getting people to come to your restaurant.

A simple logic is, if you have good food, people will come to your restaurant.

Menu: Food and Drinks

The first and foremost thing that people lookout in a restaurant is good food and drinks. A restaurant must have great chefs whose food will make customers come back to that restaurant again. A restaurant should also try to include the local specialty dishes in their menu.

-Nothing brings people together like good food

Along with that, quality food is also a major attraction for customers. Also, a menu that is suitable for everyone including kids must be presented in the restaurant.

Varieties of Cuisines Attracts Variety of Customers

This is the world of globalization and people from different parts of the world are interconnected with each other. Thus, serving only a typical Thakali set, or Nepalese food, is not enough these days. We need to connect with the world and add varieties of cuisine in our restaurants.

Music has no boundary, nor has Cuisine

We need to introduce different types of cuisines such as Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and many more in the restaurant. So that Nepalese people can also try out different cuisines from all around the world.

This will also make customers try out new foods in the restaurants. Along with that, we can also serve international tourists, who are missing their country’s food and meals, while they are abroad.

Good Service Means Good Restaurant

Restaurant Business in Nepal
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Good staffs and service are prominent in the restaurant. If a restaurant can’t offer good services and ambiances to their customers, then it would be very difficult to run their restaurants. That’s why, it is necessary to have trained waiters/waitresses, valets, staff in the restaurants who can make customers feel welcome in their restaurant.

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Hygiene and Sanitation in a Restaurant

Sanitation and cleanliness are important in every aspect of human health. A filthy or unclean restaurant won’t allure any customers to their restaurants. So, every restaurant business person or restaurant owner or manager or staff must look out for hygiene, cleanliness, and proper sanitation in their restaurants.

Special Offers Attracts More Foodies

Restaurant Business in Nepal
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Special offers during festive seasons or any sports events will draw the attention of new customers as well as regular customers to the restaurant. Simply offering a food discount or ‘Order this food, Get this beverage as complimentary’ from time to time or even during holidays will boost up the business.

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Be Involved in Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools for restaurant operators. When customers are considering where to eat, your restaurant should be at the top of their list. So, the social media handling team should gear up and try to communicate and engage with customers through social media by constantly updating the restaurant’s social media accounts.

Restaurant Business in Nepal
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-Social Media is now of the biggest platforms for Advertisement

These are some ideas that can increase your restaurant business. In addition to all these ways of attracting customers to the restaurants, many other things will help to increase the number of customers in the restaurants. Offering takeout or online delivery services will aid in drawing customers to the restaurants.

Likewise, one can add photo booths or some kind of props like a swing or a unique piece of art, where customers can have their way of a photoshoot in their restaurant. Besides it, Free Wi-Fi can also help entice customers to the restaurants. Interior designs and decors again, captivate customers to the restaurant.

Moreover, restaurants can reach local foodies or media outlets to make their restaurants known to the public platform. You can also try serving one special item in your restaurant.

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End Note….

There are currently around more than 4,000 restaurants all over Nepal. However, only a small percentage of them fulfill customers’ satisfaction. The sector has improved in recent years as compared to a few years ago.

The competition is surely tough, but every restaurant owner and the operator must give their best to lure new customers as well as regular customers to their restaurants. Also, you should always update yourself about the latest trends of how to make your restaurant successful in Nepal.

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