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Repatriation of the Dead Body to Nepal

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Body repatriation is the process of transferring a person who has passed to their country of origin or citizenship. Today, in this article we will talk all about the repatriation of the dead body to Nepal.

Repatriation of a Deceased to Nepal
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Repatriation of the Dead Body to Nepal- The Complete Process

Repatriation of a deceased is one of the complicated and confusing situations. Thus, one to be calm and follow the necessary procedures to overcome the situation. We’ll explain here everything one needs to know about dead body repatriation and how the process works.

In case of the death of a Nepali national in aborad, the sponsor is advised to observe/take immediately the following steps.

Inform the death of the employee to the family (next of kin) of the deceased in Nepal and also to this Embassy.
Inform the family of the deceased and this Embassy well in advance regarding the plan of dispatch of the dead body.
Send the deceased’s all legitimate dues, insurance, money, left money, and valuables (converting them into cash to the extent possible), if any, to this Embassy for transferring the same to the legal heirs of the deceased in Nepal.
A No Objection Letter to book air cargo of the dead body will be issued from the Embassy upon the official request of the sponsor. For this purpose, the sponsor should submit the necessary documents to the Embassy of Nepal in the respective country.

Repatriation of a Deceased to Nepal Documents Requirements

While the process and documents needed for the repatriation process may slightly differ as per different embassies of Nepal in different countries. Thus, it is better to visit or contact the respective embassy for the complete procedure. Normally, One needs to have the following documents for the repatriation of the deceased to Nepal.

Original copies of the death certificates realized by the local authority
All the deceased belongings including passport
Copy of detailed police report in case of unnatural and accidental death;
Burial Transit Permit;
Online application from next of kin of the deceased through Department of Consular Services of Nepal. Apply here ( Or, an authorization letter from the next of kin of the deceased through the local governments.
A sealed letter from the health department of non-contagious disease certificate

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Repatriation Service Provider

You can also contact a repatriation service provider in the respective country of the deceased. The repatriation service provider company provides the service of repatriation of the deceased one to their home country. These repatriation service providers can manage all the processes for repatriation. They have 24/7 service available. They can help you with:

Providing all information about international and local repatriation services according to local and international repatriation laws
Provide all information about the available flights from the best airline companies
Preparing the deceased body before shipping includes embalming and skincare
Dealing with their embalming experts who have massive experience in this field
Selection of the best Zinc lined coffins according to the international shipping laws

Delivering home of all documents and certificates related to the deceased
Finishing all the embassies and hospital procedures quickly to release traveling permission from all the concerned authorities
Book a flight to the deceased relatives
Flight ticket for shipping the deceased in a suitable coffin
Preparing Chapel of Rest rituals to send the deceased off
Tracking of the deceased not to be worried
Shipping of the deceased personal belongings

In this way, the repatriation service provider can help you to repatriate a deceased to Nepal. Moreover, some of them also may offer burial or cremation services as other options besides repatriation.

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In the End

In general, repatriation to Nepal takes approximately 5-10 working days. The process starts from the date the deceased is released by the local authorities after releasing the authorization letter. After all the documents are released one needs to book a flight and make the shipping process.

It is necessary to be calm and think without panic. Because being in an over panic may add more problems to the existing situation.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe.