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The Best Idea to Raise your Income: Quail Farming in Nepal

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Quail farming has been rising in popularity recently in the agricultural sector. It is specially sorted after as they have lower space and feed requirements and can be started with low investment and cost of production, unlike most other poultry farming birds. So, we are gonna talk about how to start Quail farming in Nepal.

Image source: Quail

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To Begin

Quail are from the family of Phasianidae bird that is used as game bird. Their eggs are said to have a richer flavor, nutrition, and more delicate texture than the chickens’ eggs. Along with that, Quail bird’s fowl has a stronger, more flavorful meat as well.

Why Start Quail Farming?

It is often asked why to start quail farming instead of any other livestock. Well, we are gonna talk about that question here. First of all Quail birds are smaller in size than all the other animals or birds kept as livestock. So, they take less space and feed. Decreasing cost from those factors.

They, unlike other birds in this industry, grow faster gain maturity within weeks of being born. And they start laying eggs at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Their eggs and meats are said to have more flavor and nutrition. Thus, due to the low starting cost and maintenance cost of Quail bird, it is climbing in popularity.

How to Start Quail Farming in Nepal


Image Source: Quail cage

You can farm Quail by keeping them in a litter or you can use a cage system. Of the two ways case system is more suitable as its management is easier and diseases or other problems are less.

A pen of about 120X60 cm with a height of 25 cm is required to raise 50 quails. The pen where the quail are kept needs to be well ventilated ensuring the proper flow of air and light.

The bedding for the floor is optional but usually, 5-10 cm of moss, sawdust, or wood shavings are used.

The pen should have a place for a nest where the birds can lay eggs. The nest can be made by making a small box with branches on the floor with the minimum dimensions of the box being about 20X20X15 cm.

The pen should have light available for at least 16-18 hours a day to ensure a proper lying cycle. It’s better to build a pen where it is exposed to sunlight. When it comes to light solar light is better than oil lamps or any other light form.

If you live in an urban or suburban area and don’t have a lot of space you should use a cage to rear the quail. The cage can be made of white wood and chicken wire.

The cage can be one or 2 floors, but multi-floored is not recommended as it might stress the quails. The floor should be made of wood and the chicken wire should not be bigger than 7mm for chicks and 1.5 cm for adult birds.


Image Source: Quail Feed

Like with the rear, any livestock feeding is an essential part of it. Good feeding can make livestock grow strong and healthy. So for quails, the food and water must be clean and fresh.

Quail’s main diet contains maize, millets, and sorghum. And the feed must be stored in a dry, cool place to protect it from mites, pests, and rodents. The feed that stays longer than 2 months should be avoided as it might cause them health problems.

Each stage of quail needs a different quantity of high protein feed as below

Starter feed should have 25-28% protein with 1% calcium and 0.5% phosphorous. Also, the feed should be finely grounded
Quails of 5 weeks of age are given ground shells or limestone as a calcium substitute.
Feeding quails with insects like termites fly larvae and mealworms can increase the protein and energy content in their feeds

If quails are not fed properly they can become violent. If such behavior is seen more feed should be provided.

Baby quails water feeding place should be half-filled with pebbles or such to make sure they don’t drown in them. The water should be clean and fresh water. The water must be changed regularly.

Warm water can cause pathogenic agents to be multiple so should be avoided.

It is very important to make sure both water and feed are clean as they have a major effect on quails. So disinfectants should be used to clean the feed equipment once every month to keep quails disease-free.

Egg laying and Incubation

Quail Farming in Nepal
Image Source: Quail

A Quail need to be provided light and heat for getting a good egg harvest. You can use artificial light and heat sources to get the result. If you want to breed and hatch eggs one male per 5 females is a good ratio of quails.

Here is the age of quail and light and heat needed to have a good egg harvest.

Age (week)Temperature (o Celsius)Light (Hours)
More than 9 weeks2116

Unlike other birds, Quails don’t incubate their eggs. So, if you want to produce chicks by hatching eggs you need to either hatch them with chicken or just an incubator to artificially hatch them.

It takes about 16 to 18 days to hatch an egg. The newborn is to be kept in a separate area with artificial heat and temperature management system for 2 to 3 weeks after their birth.

As quail chicks are very sensitive you have to keep following factors while raising chicks.

Adequate temperatureSufficient Light
Proper Air movementThe density of quail chicks
Supply of food and waterHygienic rearing rule

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Although diseases are less common in quails than other poultry birds, you have to take good care and manage them properly to ensure they are healthy.

Quails have a hard time with the weather changes and sudden temperature changes. So, you have to keep them in a pen that regulates temperature and has an artificial light source as well for nights and cloudy days.

How Much Capital Do You Need to Start Quail Farming in Nepal?

While, starting quail farming in Nepal, budget is one of the important things we need to consider. Here, below in the table, you will get information about how much capital will you need to start quail farming in Nepal.

ParticularsUnit price (Rs)QuantityAverage cost (Rs)
Chicks (chicks)7070004,90,000
Construction1,50,000 – 2,00,000
Feed (kg )604,7002,82,000
Human Labour (per month)1500015,000
Other resources (Feeder and Drinker, Husk, etc.)60,000

Note: This table doesn’t show the exact budget and should only be taken as a reference. And Price may vary according to place and time.

So, with the above table, we can say that if you want to start a quail farming business of 7000 quails you need to have at least starting budget of NRs 10,00,000 to 12,50,000 on average at least.

Average Income

Here is the table that shows the calculation of income on average in a batch.

ParticularsUnitsQuantityPrice (NRs.)Total Income (NRS)
Meat Productionbirds630020012,60,000
Egg productionunits2500/day717,500/day
Litter productionBag2000501,00,000
Total Income13,77,500 (in average)
Note: Above, the table doesn’t show exact value, and should only be taken as a reference

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When a quail reaches the age of 5-6 weeks, it begins laying eggs and continues to do so for another 8-9 months. In typical, the male to female ratio in a batch is 40:60. However, while we’ve assumed that just 40% of the population is productive females, it may be higher.

This is all about quail farming in Nepal. Thus, if you have a good market for Quail’s meat and eggs, this business can be one of the best startup business ideas for you.

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