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Prefabricated Houses in Nepal

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Hello readers, we all have the dream of living in our own house. But these days, building a house is expensive and we all can’t afford it. Thus, the prefabricated house can be the best alternative for building an affordable house. Yes, today we have brought the information about the prefabricated houses in Nepal.

A prefabricated house is made from a prefabricated board. These boards are available in various sizes according to the demand of the customers. The construction companies install these boards on the construction site.

How much does it cost to build a house in Nepal?

These boards are nowadays very popular in Nepal. It is lightweight, eco-friendly, and is an affordable way to build a house in Nepal. Today, this is attracting people in Nepal to build prefabricated houses due to its special features. There are calcium silicate boards or GI sheets in the interior and exterior walls of the prefab boards. Also, there is a mixture of cement, sand, and thermo-col chemical or Polyurethane foam in the middle of the prefab board that makes it strong.


10 feet width 12 feet length room =NRS 220000

According to this estimation, a prefab house with 1 floor 4 rooms has a cost of around 10 to 15 lakhs NRS.

Types of Prefabricated Houses in Nepal


Eco Panel is a lightweight interlocking prefabricated sandwich panel. It comprises a Non-asbestos calcium silicate board, cement, water, Sand, and Expandable Polystyrene (EPS). We can fix Eco panels in any weather as they contain a special additive that makes them water-resistant. These panels are lightweight and affordable.

PUF panel

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In the PUF panels, PUF (Polyurethane foam) is bonded between two sheets of Pre-coated thick GI sheets to produce straight-to-finish panels. The insulation core provides effective insulation. Moreover, it provides strong bonding that makes proper structural stability to facilitate higher loading and wider spans.

Top Roofing sheets manufacturing companies in Nepal.


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PUR is derived from rigid polyurethane. It is a plastic material invented by German scientist Otto Bayer and his colleagues in 1937. A rigid polyurethane panel is made by sandwiching Polyurethane foam between two galvanized sheets.

PUR panels can be helpful to create an energy-efficient barrier. In fact, the PUR panel minimizes the impact of water damage in flood-prone areas since it is a material that does not hold moisture.

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Korean panel is very famous in Nepal. We can find many houses made by using Korean panels in Nepal. According to SY panel Nepal, a Korean panel manufacturer Korean company in Nepal they make these panels by injecting two steel layers between with Polyurethane (PIR or PUR) foam, Glass Wool, or Flame Retardant EPS (Styrofoam and EPS).

The steel sheet layers are hot-dipped galvanized and polyester coated. Moreover, the manufacturer paints all sandwich sheets panels with reflective, anti-dust, and durable electrostatic paint from both sides. Also, Korean panels are available in RP wall panels, ivory wall panels, wooden wall panels, and zinc wall panels.

These are the prefab panel available in Nepal.

Legal Steps to Build a House in Nepal.

Benefits of Prefabricated Houses in Nepal

Prefabricated houses are growing in Nepal. Prefab Houses have many advantages when we compare them to concrete houses.

Let’s look at these advantages.

  • Less waste while construction
  • Durable
  • Shorter construction time
  • Better for the environment
  • Healthier
  • Better for remote locations
  • Affordable
  • Fireproof
  • Noise-proof
  • Heat and cold-resistant
  • Raw materials are lightweight.

Watch this video here to know about Prefabricated Houses in Nepal


A subsidiary of SY CO. LTD. (South Korea), Asia’s No. 1 Panel Manufacturer company sells Korean Manufactured Panel in Nepal. It sells Korean Sandwich panels, UPVC Windows, Steel doors & other subsidiary materials required for Panel Constructions in Nepal.

  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Contact:  01-4781881                     
  • Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu


International Green Developers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (IGDN) was established in 2014. IGDN has a joint venture with Al Khajah Est. & Factories, Bahrain ‘A Class’ General Civil Contractor. It is the first manufacturer of Pre-fabricated (Prefab) building products in Nepal.

Al Khajah has a wide range of products, from automotive to industrial equipment to various building materials, lightweight concrete panels, and cornices.

  • Address: Gorkha Eco Panel Factory, Jagati- Bhaktapur Nepal.
  • Phone: 01-5122026 (Factory: Jagati), Phone: 01-6632698/01-6200736 (Corporate office: Radhe Radhe, Thimi)
  • Email:
  • Web:


Arati & Company is running since 2000 AD as a Construction Company. It has taken a serious initiation in expanding its wings in the various new businesses like Prefab Houses and Shelter Construction, Interior Works, Supply and Delivery of Construction Materials, production of prefab panel, Trading Business and Promotion of Sanitation.

  • Head Office: Basundhara Chowk, Kathmandu
  • E-mail:,
  • Phone: +977 015903091
  • Mobile No: 9801033171, 9801033177, 9801033180
  • Showroom: Arati Building Hub, Hattigauda, Budhanilkantha, Showroom No.: +977 1 4376949
  • Website: Arati & Company


Orbit Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. is a leading construction company in Nepal since its creation in 2017. It manufacturers sandwich panels sourced from Korean Technology, the number one sandwich panel manufacturer in South Korea.

  • Address: Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Phone: +977-01-4377030
  • Email:,


Prefab House Nepal Pvt. Ltd constructs affordable, durable, schools, hospitals, buildings, houses, Pavilion, Pergola, Shed, and Garage. It provides a prefab panel that is best in the summer and winter seasons.

These are the authorized dealers for panels and raw materials of Prefabricated Houses in Nepal.

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