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Pandemics and Incompetent Governments

Written by Dr. Durga Bastakoti · 1 min read >
pandemics and incompetent governments

There is no shame in making mistakes while acting for the goodness and well beings of people. We can’t claim such governments are unsuccessful and can still have faith in them. But, when they start blaming others for those mistakes then we have to reconsider our belief.

It should be understood that the start of the blame game is the start of the government’s failure. A well-defined example is this pandemic and incompetent government that has made us realize the real weakness of the systems.


Blame games create no variation other than to attempt covering own incompetence. There is one word that represents such governmental systems, Kakistocracy.

When something least expected comes up in the way of kakistocratic governments; they look for an easy escape by putting blame upon others. This happens when there are incompetent leaders. They do this in repetitive manner and bring forward scapegoats.

In times like ongoing pandemic [see past experiences of pandemics], real face of incompetence comes to surface, other times they are just taken as elected by majority of people. COVID-19 made us think twice about our health and our leadership.

Locking entire country down indefinitely

So far, lockdown is taken as the only key step to keep the virus away. For this leaders have to announce it, then people will obey the orders. It is just a matter of date when they announce it. But, side effects of lockdown are very damaging. It hampers the daily lives of everyone and the worst affected are those who have less or no reach to the government, to the power, to the leaders.

Socio-economic aspects, human’s freedom to live the way they want, cultural and religious activities, working on daily goings-on, and equally important right to know have been worst hit. Less fortunate ones (almost all people except leaders and billionaires who isolate themselves at luxurious hideaways) will forget those things and concentrate on saving and managing the earnings to survive and keep family breathing.

Lame blame games and conspiracies

The damage aggravates day by day and ramps up exponentially. The most hit are the general people and most benefited are the incompetent leaders who had done one good thing; to order lockdown.

When folks start to outcry the dire situations they start talking about conspiracies. People should always choose incompetence as the reason for failure of government in crisis time if they have dilemma of picking between conspiracy and incompetence.

Such leaders always come with excuses, blame games and conspiracies to cover up their inability. It is high time people understand the foul play and keep questioning their leaders until real answer is heard. This scenario is sure to challenge the leaders over the globe.

If incompetent leaders win then the governments will be more autocratic and keep enjoying the pandemic like scenario. If people win then things will start to fall into place and the world will be more beautiful place to breathe.

Written by Dr. Durga Bastakoti
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