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NRNA Projects in Nepal

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NRNA Projects in Nepal

Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) are opening business opportunities in Nepal by investing in various sectors such as banking, tourism, hotel, hydropower, and many more. Thus, today we are going to discuss the NRNA projects in Nepal.

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Before We Begin

Nonresident Nepali is a person who currently holds citizenship of Nepal, who may or may not have acquired citizenship of another country(s), or who currently does not reside in Nepal for various reasons. NRNs has an association with the name of Non-Resident Nepali Association.

The Non-Resident Nepali Association was established to unite the Nepali Diaspora; utilize their knowledge, skills, resources in the interest of Nepal, and involve them in the socio-economic development of Nepal and the Nepali people.

The Non-Resident Nepali Association was established by the conference held from 11–14 October 2003 Kathmandu, Nepal. Based on the information and statistics gathered during the field survey, the NRN investments have gone to 67 different enterprises in nine districts.

Here is the list of NRNA projects in Nepal

NRN Investment is in the sectors such as Energy Based, Manufacturing, Service, and Charity. Kaski, Siraha, Gorkha, Makwanpur, Baglung, Chitawan, and Kathmandu valley(Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu) are the district with highest amount of Investment from NRNA.

The major sectors or fields of investment by the NRNs are:

Service –Hotel SectorHydro and Renewal EnergyTravel and TrekkingInformation Technology
Agriculture & FarmingHealth SectorEducation and Skill TrainingCommunication
Financial, Accounting, and BankingAviation & TransportationMigration Services and more.

Now lets talk about the NRNA projects in Nepal.

Laprak Model Settlement Development Project

Image Source: The Kathmandu Post

The NRNA is contributing to the rebuilding efforts through a private-sector and community-led effort. As part of this, it pledged to build rebuild permanent homes for earthquake victims in Laprak. NRNA built more than 500 houses in the settlement. The project is run by NRNA with collaboration with NRA (Nepal Reconstruction Authority).

NRNA Shankhamul Garden Project

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NRNA developed shankhmul park at shankhmul lalitpur. The total cost of the project was RS 25,777,744.69. The park has marvelosu and amazing view. Moreover, the shankhamul park has Idol of Shankha that emphasies the beauty of the park.

Ujyalo Nepal Foundation

Ujyalo Nepal foundation is the project of NRNA, that runs for reducing the energy crisis in Nepal. The association is doing varous work for Ujyalo Nepal Abhiyan. NRNA is providing LED bulbs costing in different phases . The power-efficient LED bulbs will contribute more electric power to the country’s power system. NRNA is working with in collboration Nepal Electricity Assoication.

Nepal Open University

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The Nepal Open University is established by an act of parliament in 2073 B.S. (2016). It is the premier Open University in Nepal with equal in the legal status of other universities in the country. The purpose of the establishment of the university is to expand the access of higher education to mass people who are unable to reach to conventional higher/tertiary education.

Nepal Science Foundation

Image Source: NSFT

Nepal Science Foundation Trust (NSFT) is one of the four divisions within the Skill Knowledge and Technology Transfer (SK&TT) department of the Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). The aim of this project is to develop skilled manpower in Nepal.

NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited

Image Source: NRNIL

From the NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited company, NRNA is running various hydropower projects. As the part of the investment with full support and trustworthy participation from shareholders around the globe, they have invested in the following projects:

27 MW Dordi Khola Hydropower Project in Lamjung being developed by Himalayan Power Partner Limited (HPPL)
73 MW Middle Tamor Hydropower Project in Taplejung being developed by Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited (SMTHL).
28.1 MW Lower Likhu Hydropower Project in Ramechap being developed by Swet Ganga Hydropower Limited.
14.3 MW Mathillo Mailung Khola Hydropower Project in Rasuwa being developed by Mathillo Mailung Khola Jalvidhyut Limited.

NRN Microfinance Limited

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NRN Microfinace Limited is national level microfinance limited. it is licensed by the Nepal Rastra Bank. The company was incorporated as the public company on Magh 7, 2075. Moreover, it started its operation from Falgun 3, 2075. The major promoters of the company includes NRNs, retired government employee, bankers, or national and international businessman.

Road Safety Program

NRNA Projects in Nepal
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The Road Safety program works closely with Ministry of Transport & PhysicalInfrastracture (MoTPI) to support, advocate and implement NRN Road safety activities and flagship projects.

Promotion of Nepal

Non Resident Nepal Assoication is working for the promotion of Nepal at the global level. It is actively promoting agriculture in Nepal, to uplift the status of rural livelihood. Moreover, it is also promoting tourism of Nepal in the world to increase the tourism development in Nepal.

Find here all the ongoing Mega Projects in Nepal..

NRNA Bridhhasharam Galeshwor

NRNA Projects in Nepal
Image Source: Galeshwordham

The support of N.R.N U.K and local support built NRNA Bridhhasharam Galeshwor. It consists of 2 RCC buildings and 2 old buildings. It is located in Galeshwor Dham, a religious place in Nepal.

Uterus Prolapse Project

Uterine prolapse occurs when pelvic floor muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken and does not provide enough support for the uterus. NRNA had been working in this project last few years and completed more than a hundred operations. As a project, the plan is to complete at least 300 operations. It is working in collaboration with the government of Nepal for this project.

Nepal Library Foundation

NRNA Projects in Nepal
Image Source: NLF

The Nepal Library Foundation (NLF) has an aim to promote literacy in Nepal. Their mandate is to support library development and work towards a national library system. NLF is registered as a charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency. Moreover, NLF is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is run by a committed group of volunteers throughout Canada and beyond.

NLF has a close working relationship with the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), which has appointed the NLF as the agent through which libraries in Nepal are supported.

Women Empowerment and Skill Enhancement Project

Other NRNA projects in Nepal is Women Empowerment and skill Enhancement Project. It takes care of providing skill training to women in Nepal. Moreover, it aims at stimulating employment opportunities among women of various socio-economic levels and different age groups

Nepal Policy Institute (NPI)

NRNA Projects in Nepal
Image Source: Nepal24hours

Nepal Policy Institute (NPI) has been conceived as a global initiative of the NRNA to unleash the potential of Nepali diaspora to build a prosperous Nepal as guided by ‘NRNA Vision 2020 and Beyond’. The overall goal of the NPI will be to develop policies and advise the Government of
Nepal for sustainable development of Nepal.

Charity Project

Through the charity project, NRN collects funds for the calamities, disaster, pandemic etc. With the charity fund, NRN collected funds for the Covid-19 relief fund, Foreign employment relief fund etc. for helping Nepalese in need. Moreover, NRNA is also supporting unprivileged children and disabled people in need.

NRN Mobile Blood Bank

NRNA Projects in Nepal
Image Source: NRNA

NRNA Mobile Blood Bank Project” is a quality enhancement Project of Non resident Nepali Association. The 2nd NRNA Mobile Blood Bus under this project will be handed over to the Regional Blood Bank of Nepal Red Cross Society Dhangadhi. Because, Dhangadhi, a medical hub for Sudurpachim Province, is facing many challenges in providing quality blood service time again.

Moreover, the harsh climatic condition of Dhangadhi adds challenges in collecting blood during the summer, winter, and rainy seasons. Furthermore, It will also provide protection for the Blood Donors during times of pandemic too.

These are the NRNA projects in Nepal.

In The End

The goal of NRNA is to unite and bring Nepali residing all over the world under one umbrella. It protects and promotes NRNs interest in and outside Nepal and utilize their potential and resources for the welfare of Nepal. Moreover, it also works to achieve these objectives the association shall conduct the following activities:

Promote and protect the rights and interest of Nepalis residing outside Nepal
Establish a global network and a common platform for Nepalis Diaspora
Attract and facilitate NRNs investment, including foreign direct investment (FDI) for economic and social development of Nepal
Promote tourism and preserve Nepali culture and heritage globally
Mobilize the knowledge, skills, capital and other resources within the disposal of NRNs for the socio-economic development of Nepal

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