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Night Shift Jobs in Nepal

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Whether you’re a night owl or just don’t have time during the day to get things done. Here we’ve got the night shift jobs in Nepal you might be interested in.

Night Shift Jobs
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Before We Begin

Are you searching the internet for night shift opportunities? We’ve got the overnight employment and graveyard shift work options right here, whether you’re a busy college student during the day or simply prefer to work after the sun has set.

Also, if you’re comparing two-night shift employment, we tried to make the process as simple as possible. Here below is the list of night shift jobs in Nepal.

Here are some top paid jobs in Nepal

List of Night Shift Jobs in Nepal

  • Customer Service
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Police
  • Hotel
  • Freelancer
  • Firefighter
  • Driver
  • Security Guard
  • Food Delivery

Customer Service

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Customer service is the assistance you provide to your consumers before, during, and after they purchase and utilize your products or services to make their experience with you as simple and joyful as possible.

If you want to keep clients and expand your business, you need to provide exceptional customer service. Customer care in today’s world extends much beyond the standard phone support worker.

It can be accessed through email, the web, calls, text messages, and social media. Many businesses also offer self-service assistance, allowing customers to obtain answers at any time of day or night.

Customer service is more than just answering questions; it’s an essential aspect of the promise your company makes to its customers.

Salary: Nrs, 15,000 to 20,000

Experience Required: On-the-job training.

Emergency Room Doctor

Emergency Room Doctor
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The list of Nightshift jobs in Nepal is incomplete without mentioning doctors. As emergency rooms are busiest in the evenings, doctors who work night shifts are in high demand.

Doctors in emergency rooms must diagnose and prioritize a wide range of illnesses and injuries rapidly. They must decide which tests and assessments are necessary to confirm the diagnosis and, if necessary, refer patients to specialists.

Job Criteria: Emergency room physicians must have a medical degree and meet the state’s licensing requirements.

Salary: Average Salary of an Emergency doctor in Nepal is Nrs. 1,00,000 to 5,00,000. However, top doctors in Nepal may earn more than that.


Image Source: Nurse

Another job night shift available is a Nurse in Nepal. Nurses can normally work when and where they wish, and night shifts are frequently available.

Nurses must be calm and understanding as they need to handle patients who are easy to distress and hard to deal with. When selecting whether or not to bring in other healthcare specialists based on new symptoms good judgment is essential.

Registered nurses must get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing from a college or university, which includes a curriculum in anatomy, microbiology, chemistry and behavioral science.

To stay current with contemporary health challenges and nursing practices, continuous learning is essential. Registered nurses earn a salary of 15,000 to 20,000 per month in Nepal.

Police officer

Police Officer
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Here we have another night shift job on our list, that is a Police officer. Evening and midnight shifts are available for police officers. They are on the lookout for accidents, crimes, and other crises on the roads and in communities.

Officers must be able to grasp and apply the law to changing scenarios while maintaining discretion and compassion. They maintain ties with members of the community in their region to help prevent crimes and collect leads when conducting investigations.

Police officers must have a high school diploma at the very least. For federal government positions and some state or municipal posts, college training in law or criminal justice is beneficial and required. Police officers make the pay of Nrs 20000 to 25000 per month on average in Nepal.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry
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Now let us talk about Hospitality Jobs. The hospitality sector, which encompasses lodge, food and beverage service, event organizing, theme parks, travel, and tourism, is a vast spectrum of industries within the service industry. Hotels, tourism organizations, restaurants, and pubs are examples of the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry has various departments running with night shifts. People working in the Front Office, Food and Beverage Production, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Auditor, and Security Department work in night shift in Hotel.


Image Source: Freelancer

Freelancers (free-lance, or freelance workers) are independent contractors that provide services to another firm, organization or individual and earn on per job basis unlike getting a fixed salary. Some freelancers use a firm or a temporary agency to represent themselves and resell freelancing labor to clients; others work independently or seek work through professional associations or websites.

Being a freelancer, you are free to work from anywhere and anytime you desire. A freelancer can work as a video editor, content writer, graphic designer, website developer, Research, Data entry, Design, Creation, etc.


fire fighting and fog computing
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Firefighters must be accessible 24/7 service. So, there are night shifts in firefighters. As one can never know when a fire might start firefighters are always ready to respond to any fire or disaster that might occur any time of the day.

They test and prepare equipment, as well as do drills and exercises to prepare for any crisis that might occur in any kind of situation. Firefighters must be willing to take on difficult missions and risk injury or death in the process.

A high school diploma is essential for employment as a fireman. Some train on the job while others attend fire training institutes


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Drivers have plenty of opportunities to take customers from airports, pubs, hospitals, restaurants, and any other places. Taxi Driver, Ambulance Driver, Goods Delivery, or many other Drivers can do their job at night.

Drivers are assessed based on their driving records, which must be relatively clean to be recruited. They’ll need a legal driver’s license, as well as a  special license in some cases. 

Security Guard

Image Source: Security Guard

Many significant commercial and industrial facilities require round-the-clock security to monitor and defend the facility throughout the night. Whether it’s an office building or a retail mall.

While there are security guards during the day, they need to have a night shift of security guard to let the day guard rest. And unlike during the day the when they have to take care of high numbers of customers as well the night security has fewer individuals to deal with making it bit easier.

They ascertain that a location is safe and secure, safeguarding people, valuables, and structures. Patrolling a place, being responsible for the protection of a specific individual, protecting an entry, keeping the contents of a vehicle secure, or using CCTV to detect suspicious activity could all be part of their job description. Along with that, they’re also in charge of dealing with the situation if security is violated in their region.

Here are Job portals if you are looking for a job

Delivery Person

Image Source: Delivery Personnel

A night shift delivery driver carries, foods, or goods to customers. Delivery personnel responsibilities change based on the type of cargo they deliver. Some delivery drivers start work in the evening and follow a predefined path to deliver packages.

While others may transport bread goods, food, beverages, parcels, coffee supplies, and other early-morning necessities of the companies. Some drivers go to a warehouse and pick up things to deliver on-demand.

Food delivery drivers work for restaurants that deliver 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll be responsible for documenting each delivery and, if necessary, providing customer assistance.

These are the top night shift jobs in Nepal.

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