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Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal

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NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) is an organization that is, generally, formed independently from the government. It tackles various issues like Education, Women Empowerment, Old age home, Rural Development, Children, and so on. Today in this article we are gonna talk about the top best NGOs in Nepal for Children.

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: Children Welfare

To Begin With

Nepal has seen improvements over the past few decades, the overall poverty rate remains high. However, the decline of the child poverty rate in the country has not matched the decline of the overall poverty rate.

Some children in Nepal continue to face multiple challenges like malnutrition, child labor, child death, and so on. Along with that, especially girls are forced into early marriage and motherhood.

On the other hand, it also solves the problems of the children in Nepal, NGOs have been playing a great role. NGOs in Nepal have still worked for uplifting the children who are in need. They are providing food, shelter, education, clothes, and skills as well as the welfare and care of the children.

Hence, we can find many NGOs in Nepal working for the welfare of the children in Nepal. Here in this article, we are with the list of the top best NGOs for children in Nepal.

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Here is the List of Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: NGO

NGOs have the ability to experiment freely with innovative approaches and, if necessary, to take risks. In the same way, they are flexible in adapting to local situations and responding to local needs. Therefore, they are able to develop integrated projects, as well as sectoral projects.

firstly, NGOs have the ability to communicate at all levels, from the neighborhood to the top levels of government. Thus, they can increase local participation in the development works and uplift the needed ones. Moreover, they also work as the voice of who is in need of support. So now without delay, let us move on to the list below.

Ama Foundation NGO for children in Nepal

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal

Image Source: Ama Foundation

Firstly, let us talk about Ama Foundation. It is one of the top best NGOs for children in Nepal but, the Ama Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization established in the United States that supports Ama Ghar. This organization is a house that wants to make it a loving home for homeless children who have been abandoned, lost the right track of life, also for orphans.

This organization is committed to giving children a loving home, a good education, health care, and as well as confidence. similarly that, it helps children become more productive and self-sufficient people.

Name of OrganizationAma Foundation

PRAYAS Nepal NGO for children in Nepal

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: Prayas Nepal

Prayatnashil Community Development Society (PRAYAS) is a Nepalese non-governmental organization devoted to improving the quality of education, livelihood, healthy living, and also providing opportunities for poor and disadvantaged Nepalese people.

As well as Prayas (PRAYAS-Nepal) focuses on children, women, marginalized people, and people in rural areas with food and health security in a safe environment by defining holistic development goals to form equality in society.

Name of OrganizationPrayatnashil Community Development Society (PRAYAS)
OfficeNeelakantha 5, Dhading

SOS Children’s Villages

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: SOS

The next one of the top best NGOs for children in Nepal is SOS Children’s Village. It is a Nepalese non-governmental organization that also provides a place for the children that they can call it home with other foster children. Similarly, they are taught the discipline and punctuation to live a moral life as good citizens.

They also teach children to help each other to cross the hurdles of life. This organization is not like others that provide shelter to live in but a real home where there is someone who can they call a mother to provide support as a real family and full-knit family of siblings.

Name of OrganizationSOS Children’s Village
OfficeSanothimi Madhyapur-2, Bhaktapur
AreasBharatpur, Dhangadhi, Gandaki, Itahari, Jorpati, Kavre, Lumbini, Pokhara, Sanothimi, and Surkhet

Namaste Children Nepal NGOs for children in Nepal

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: NCN

Another top best NGO we have on our list is NAmaste Children Nepal. It has been in operation since 2005. Since its inception, Namaste Children Nepal has worked in the field of child welfare. In contrast with the outset, they have been in regular contact with the Central Children Welfare Committee, which is a government agency and is also dedicated solely to the welfare of children.

They have a home and land so that the children live as a family with their fathers and mothers at home. Likewise, they assume all of the children’s obligations and give the necessary care. They also have been giving the youngsters with proper health care and education as well.

Name of OrganizationNamaste Children Nepal
OfficeNagarjun Municipality-6, Ramkot, Kathmandu
Contact(+977) 1 4254987

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Child NGO Federation-Nepal (CNFN)

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: CNFN

Here we have another one of the top best NGOs for children in Nepal, CNFN. CNFN was founded in January 1994 as NGO to work in various fields of child rights as well as the sector development in the country. This organization is affiliated with the SWC (Social Welfare Council) and more than 100 organizations have received its membership for further services.

In the same way, they help the child in their life growth and social development to teach them everything that a parent should teach to their own. They also run various programs to save child rights for their welfare and also for society.

Name of OrganizationChild NGO Federation-Nepal
OfficeBhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu

Nepal Baal Sangathan

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: NCO

Nepal Baal Sangathan was found under the National Guidance Act-2018 B.S. As well as in 1964 A.D. (2021 B.S) NCO is widely known as Bal Mandir also called the Children’s Temple globally. It is also an NGO for children working hard for the best possible future for children by providing essential care with their promotion of rights.

This organization is also no different than other NGOs for children doing everything they can to support the homeless child or abandoned children.

Name of OrganizationNepal Baal Sangathan
OfficeBaal Mandir, Naxal, Kathmandu

Aasaman Nepal (ASN)

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: ASN

similarly, talk about ASN. ASN is also an NGO of Nepal in the Terai region established in Dhanusha Janakpur in 1999 which is more active and involved in protecting and providing justice regarding the rights of children in Nepal. At the moment ASN has been working in over 13 districts about basic health security as well as education and shelter, etc. However, ASN has launched a campaign with the name “kaam chodau, school pathau”.

Name of OrganizationAasaman Nepal
OfficeRamananda Chowk, Janakpurdham, Dhanusha


Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: Right4children

Right4Children (R4C) is a Pokhara-based non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives and living conditions of impoverished children, youth, and also to their families. R4C was founded in January 2013 with the goal of aiding such children and young people in the same way for realizing their ambitions and dreams through programs and services that they believe are RIGHT for them.

Name of OrganizationRight4Children
OfficeAnnapurna Marga, Ratnachowk, Pokhara
Contact+977 61 46 51 76

Child Nepal

Top Best NGOs for Children in Nepal
Image Source: Child Nepal

Child Nepal is also an NGO that was established in 2003 by social working people within the mindset of developing child-friendly culture. They also help to provide education and protect their rights. It runs an innovative campaign by promoting such awareness of the importance of the future of children in the country and overall development.

Moreover, it helps to realize people about the rights of every child to live and get all those basic needs with help of emotional dramas as a demonstration.

Name of OrganizationChild Nepal
Office Gopikrishna Nagar, Chabahil -07, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact +977 1 4822002, +977 1 4812417

In conclusion these are the top best NGOs for children in Nepal.

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