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Nepal’s Top Export Products 2022

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As we all know that “the more the national exports, the more the national economy”. Export is a business term that defines foreign trade. It means to sell the products abroad. We may not know this, but yes. Nepal exports some high-quality products that have inter-continental demands as well. Today, in this article we have brought the list of Nepal’s Top Export Products 2021. Now, let’s see which are these products and how they are helping Nepal’s economy.

Before We Begin…

Export is one of the greatest sources for the economic development of any country. If import exceeds the rate of export, the country will face a trade deficit in the economy. Because of low production, improper utilization of local resources, lack of proper trade policy, etc. Nepal’s import rate is higher than the export rate. Moreover, Nepal is a landlocked country that also obstructs Nepal from exporting.

Now, let’s see Nepal’s top export products that also benefit the national economy of Nepal.

Nepal’s Hand Woven Carpet- One of Nepal’s Top Export Products

Image Source: ECSNEPAL

Hand Woven Carpet produced in Nepal is very famous in the world. Nepali carpets which are usually from wool and silk, are famous because of their double-knotting system, high pile density, and eco-friendly production process. More than 90% of these small-scale industries are located in Kathmandu and marginal production takes place at Hetauda. Thus, the production of handwoven carpets mostly takes place in the most local areas of the three provinces.

Cottage and small-scale industries produce an annual output of around 600,000 to 700,000 meters of carpets. While most of the carpets are produced using wool or silk. These days eco-friendly production technology has encouraged the use of traditional items like hemp, allo, and jute. Thus, local products are slowly replacing imported raw materials during the process of manufacturing carpets in Nepal.

Nepal mostly exports its Handwoven carpets to the USA, Germany, U.K., Italy, France, Canada, Belgium, China P.R., Switzerland, and Australia.

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Large Cardamon- Feel the Taste of Nepal’s Large Cardamom

Image Source: India Mart

Large cardamom is another top product that Nepal sells abroad. Nepali large cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxburgh) is also called ‘black gold’ or ‘black cardamom’. In Nepal, it is known as Alainchi. This large cardamom is widely used as a spice. The large cardamom is grown mainly in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Sikkim in India, and Bhutan.

Taplejung, Panchthar, Ilam, and Sankhuwasabha account for more than 80% of the national production of large cardamom. Large cardamom is providing a great source of income for local and rural people in Nepal. It is the second-largest export commodity and one of the largest agro-based export of Nepal. India, Pakistan, U.A.E., Bangladesh, China P.R., Germany, France, and Qatar are the countries where Nepal Exports the most of its large Cardamom.

Tea of Nepal- A Perfect Way to Start your Morning

Image Source: Tea floor

Tea of Nepal is popular for its unique taste and health benefits. Nepal’s tea cultivation and export business has a long history. It started with the establishment of the Illam Tea Estate in the Hills of Ilam District in 1863. Jhapa, Ilam,  Panchthar, Dhankuta, and Terathun districts are famous for tea cultivation in Nepal. Nepal grows three types of tea, i.e. Camelia Asamica and C. Asamica Spp Lasiocalyx for CTC and Camellia Sinensis for Orthodox tea.

Nepal’s total tea production is 23,821 MT annually, according to the data of the Nepal Tea and Coffee Development board. India, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, France, USA, Denmark, Australia, and China P.R. are the top export destination countries for Nepal’s tea. Nepal’s tea industry is one of the major employment generators and sources of the economy.

Nepal’s Pashmina- Feel the Warmth of Nepal’s Top Export

Image Source: Khabarhub

Nepal’s Pashmina is produced from some of the finest wool derived from the inner coats of the animal Himalayan goat, Chyangra (or Carpa Hircus) found in the Himalayas of Nepal. Nepalis Pashmina shawls and Mufflers are very famous in the world. These wools are the finest, softest, warmest, and lightest wool found in all of nature and is widely regarded as the most delicate and refined wool in the entire world.

It is also known by the names like “Diamond Fiber” and “Soft Gold of High Asia”. Pashmina is also one of major Nepal’s export products. Many people in Nepal are engaged in the wool production business. Germany, the U.K., U.S.A., France, India, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, and Austria are the major markets for Nepal’s Pashmina.

Footwear of Nepal- Give your Fashion a Touch

Image Source: New Business Age

Another Nepal’s top export product is Footwear. Footwear industries are growing in Nepal. Nepal exports its leather footwear abroad. Moreover, Nepal uses traditional methods of footwear making that consume low electricity. The footwear industry has been playing a major role in employment opportunities.

Nepal manufactures the following types of footwear.

Shoes with outer soles of rubber or plastic
Footwear with outer soles of leather or composition of leather and uppers of textile materials.
Sports footwear, including tennis shoes, basketball shoes, and gym shoes, with outer soles of rubber or plastic.

According to the Footwear Manufacturers Association of Nepal, the annual estimated production capacity is over 30 million pairs. India, Denmark, Australia, Switzerland, Bahrain are the top export destination for Nepal’s footwear.

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Nepal’s Ginger- A Perfect Ingredient from Nepal

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We know how much ginger has importance in our kitchen. Ginger is one of the most popular ingredients in the kitchen. Moreover, not only as food ingredients, but people also use them for health benefits. Ginger is also one of the top export products of Nepal. Nepal is the top 5 largest Ginger producing countries in the world.

In total, Nepal produces more than 250,000 MT of ginger. Nepal exports more than 50 percent of total Ginger produced. In Nepal, it is assumed that about 200,000 families are engaged in the production of ginger. Gingers are produced in more than 65 districts all over Nepal. Some of the major Ginger producing districts are Doti, Kailali, Surkhet, Salyan, Palpa, Syangja, Nawalparasi, Ilam, Jhapa, and Sindhupalchowk.

India, Bangladesh, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, China P.R., Germany, France are the major export destinations of Nepal for Ginger. Nepal exported over 200 million NPR Ginger in the year 2020 abroad.

Silver Jewellery of Nepal- Probably the Best Export Product

Silver is one of the multipurpose chemical elements. We can use them as ornaments, for trade, monetary exchange, and utensils. Nepal’s silver is famous for its quality and design. Nepal’s traditional method of making Silver jewelry adds value to the jewelry. Silver statues of gods, goddesses, made in Nepal also come under one of the most exported items from Nepal.

The Shakya and Sunar are the major producers of silver jewelry in Nepal. Nepal exports more than half of the silver. Talking about the most major markets for Nepal’s silver jewelry are the U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, France, U.K., Switzerland, Russia, and Canada.

These are the top products that Nepal exports. If we can encourage youths in the production of these items and increase our production it will solve the problem of the trade deficit of Nepal.

Nepal’s Medicinal and Aromatic Plants- Full of Medicinal Qualities

Image Source: Franchise India

Nepal is a country full of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Diverse climatic conditions from Hot Terai to Cold Himalayan, Nepal has got many herbs and aromatic plants. 2% of the world’s flowering plants and an estimated 7,000 species of higher value plants are available in Nepal. Among these flowering plants, many of them are considered medicinal plants.

Valuable Medicinal plants like Yarshagumba, Chiraito, and Jatamansi are available in Nepal. Herbs like Sugandhawal, Zedoary, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Citronella, Juniper Berries, Lemongrass, etc. are used for the preparation of essential oil. Nepal exports most of the Medicinal and aromatic plants to the countries such as France, India, the U.S.A., China P.R., Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.

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Honey of Nepal- Best Immunity Booster from Nepal

Nepal’s other top export product is honey. Honey is one of the most used preservatives. Moreover, it has health benefits too. We all know Honey as immune-boosting food. Nepal’s Beekeeping method Apis Cerena is an old traditional method of beekeeping, in which people keep colonies generally in the log and wall hives without any management except honey harvesting once or twice a year.

Honey hunting in the jungle is also famous in Nepal. Many people go for wild honey hunting, which has great health benefits and good taste. The flowers such as Chiuri, Mustard, Buckwheat, rudilo, sunflower, and litchi are origins for Nepal’s honey. People of mountain areas produce Honeydew honey collected from pine and spruce trees and oak trees. In Nepal, people squeeze the combs with their hands to extract honey.

U.SA., China P.R., Japan, India, U.A.E., France, Hongkong, SAR of China P.R., Korea R, Malaysia, and Singapore are the countries where Nepal exports the Honey most.

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In the end

These are Nepal’s top export products that help the national economy to balance the level between imports and export. However, we all know that the import and export ratio is great as we have more imports than export. For instance, Tea, Ginger, Pashmina, Woven Carpet, Footwear, Large Cardamom, Honey, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, and Silver Jewelry from Nepal are the top products that Nepal sells abroad. If we can maintain the proper trade policy, increase the promotion of these items at a global level, the sales of these items will grow undoubtedly.

Moreover, we should also increase our productivity and maintain consistency in the quality of our output to increase our export rate. If we can do this for sure it will help in Nepal’s economic development.

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