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Name of Nepali Dried Fruits in Japanese

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Today the dried fruits are popular and consumed all over the world. Dried fruits have high nutritional value. We consume them for physical and mental benefits. We mostly know these available dried fruit names in Nepali and English. Today, in this article let us discuss the name of Nepali dried fruits in Japanese.

Before We Begin

While defining dry fruit, it is a fruit that has had almost all of the water removed through dehydration methods or sun drying. When we look at dried fruits they are small but have highly exceptional health benefits. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, protein, calories, antioxidant properties, etc.

Dried fruits are rich in polyphenols, that prevent blood clots, reduce blood sugar levels, and lower heart disease risk. We can store or preserve them for a long period. Dried fruits are popular as snacks and gifts. So now, without delay, let us move on to the list below.

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First, let us talk about Okhar. It is round single-seeded stone fruit, a nut that belongs to the walnut family. They are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, protein, calories, and fiber. Taking walnuts will lower your cholesterol level, the chances of a blood clot, etc. We call Okhar, クルミ Kurumi in Japanese.


The next dried fruit we have on our list is Chokda. Chokda has a sweet taste, thus it is rich in Sugar. We can get these dried fruits from the flowering plant species in the palm family, i.e. Date palm or Date tree.

Chokda is very rich in calories, anti-oxidant properties, and fiber. Moreover, they also promote weight control and brain health. The Japanese name for Chokda is ナツメヤシ Natsumeyashi.


Another popular dried fruit all over the world is Badam. Badam has a buttery flavor and is very high in nutritional value. They are rich in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin, and others.

Daily consuming Badam, will help you in digestion and maintain your blood sugar. The アーモンド Āmondo is the Japanese name for Badam.

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Image Source: カシューナッツ Kashūnattsu

When we talk about dried fruits, Kaju can’t be ignored. Kaju is obtained from Cashew’s tree. They are low in sugar and rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, copper, magnesium, and protein. Thus, it helps improve bone health, weight management, heart health, etc. We know Kaju as カシューナッツ Kashūnattsu, in Japanese.


The next dried fruit we have is Kismis. A Kismis is a dried grape. People consume it raw and also use it for several culinary purposes. It has a sweet taste, Thus, It is mostly used in a commercial bakery.

Kismis lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing blood pressure and blood sugar etc. Moreover, they are also rich in calories, sugar, iron, potassium, copper, Vitamin B6, and Manganese. The Japanese name for Kismis is レーズン Rēzun.

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Nepali dried fruits in Japanese

Now let us talk about Pista. It comes from the pistachio tree. However, they are usually green and slightly sweet. Eating pistachios have several health benefits. They are high in fiber, minerals, protein, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, etc.

Regularly eating it can maintain blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Moreover, they also lower the risk of heart disease. ピスタチオ Pisutachio is the Japanese name for Pista.


Nepali dried fruits in Japanese

Here comes one of the popular dry fruit Moongphali/Badam. It is available in the shell, peeled, salted, or roasted form. Peanut butter is one of the most used products we get from it. The Japanese name for Moongphali/Badaam is 落花生 Rakkasei.


Nepali dried fruits in Japanese
Image Source: Gorgun nuts

The next on our list is Makhana. It is a seed that we get from the Euryale Ferox plant. In taste it is tasteless. It is high in antioxidants, amino acids, etc.

Regularly consuming it, helps promote heart health, weight loss, stabilize blood sugar levels, and others. Gorgun nut is the Japanese name for Makhana.

These are the names of Nepali dried fruits in Japanese.

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Thank you for reading. I hope after reading this article, you got to know the name of Nepali dried fruits in Japanese. If you find this article helpful, please like and share this article. Stay safe.