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Modern Agricultural Tools and Machines Used in Nepal

Nepal is an agricultural country. Many Nepalese are engaged in agriculture. People from the rural area of Nepal have their main source of income from agriculture. However, in Nepal, most people use traditional tools and machines for agriculture. But, these days we can see some of the uses of modern agriculture tools and machines in Nepal. Today in this article we will discuss the modern agricultural tools and machines used in Nepal.

Before We Begin

More than 60 percent population of Nepal is engaged in agriculture. In Nepal, most people use traditional tools for agriculture, such as Halo, Juwa, Doko, Namlo, and others. While these traditional tools of agriculture, lack productivity. Moreover, they provide less efficiency in work. But with modern agriculture tools and machines, both efficiency and productivity are great.

In Nepal, we can see farmers are adopting modern tools and machines for agriculture. Nepal’s government is funding these modern agriculture tools and machines to the ones in need. Here below we are with the list of popular modern agricultural tools and machines used in Nepal.

Here is the List of Modern Agricultural Tools and Machines Used in Nepal

Thresher Machine

Modern Agricultural Tools and Machines Used in Nepal
Image Source: Indiamart

A thresher is a farm machine for separating wheat, peas, soybeans, and other small grain and seed crops from their chaff and straw. The machine is loaded with advanced components and modern features that help in threshing in farming. Along with that, it saves time and effort. There are different types of thresher machines. Here below are the different types of thresher machines

Paddy Thresher
Maize Thresher
Wheat Thresher
Multi Crop Thresher

These are the different types of thresher machines. The price range of thresher machines in Nepal is Nrs. 12,000 to 2,00,000. The cost of the threshing machine, maybe even more which we use for industrial purposes.

Rice Milling Machine 

Modern Agricultural Tools and Machines Used in Nepal
Image Source: Wanmas

When we remember the past, we used to mil using our traditional milling tools that are Dhiki and Jato. Using these traditional tools for milling needs more effort and time. But, now with the rice milling machine, we can mill easily with less effort and time. Moreover, These days milling has been much easier and productive with these milling machines.

The Rice milling machine is one of the most popular agricultural machines in Nepal. On average, we can say that the rice milling machine costs NRs. 40,000 to 200,000 in Nepal. The price of the milling machine differs based on the capacity of the milling machine.

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Water Pump

Modern Agricultural Tools and Machines Used in Nepal
Image Source: Bax

Now let us talk about Water Pump. The water pump is used for irrigating the land in agriculture. It helps to irrigate more space in less time. Using these water pump machines, We can irrigate our farmland by pumping water from the tank or even from the river. A Water pump with a capacity of irrigating 5 acres of land at a time costs Nrs. 40,000 to 50,000 in Nepal.

Mini Tiller

Image Source: Indiamart

Another popular machine people use in agriculture in Nepal is the Mini tiller. Mini tiller is a small tilling machine. Moreover. A mini tiller machine is a plowing machine which farmers use for plowing the soil for agriculture. It is a multi-purpose machine. We can use it for multipurpose by simply attaching various equipment to it.

We can plow-land by attaching a furrow opener in it. Along with that, we can also attach a potato harvester, water pumper, plower, trailer, Anti-Wrap Blades, Deep Hoe Blades, Anti-skid Wheel, or paddy wheel in Mini tiller and use it for various purposes in agriculture. In Nepal, it is available in petrol and diesel variant. Based on the power of the Mini Tiller, these machines cost Nrs. 45,000 to 150,000 on average in Nepal.

Power Tiller

Image Source: Benniu

The next machine on our list is the power tiller. Power tiller is also a multipurpose agricultural machine. While we compare power tillers to 4 wheel tractors, these machines are affordable and consume less fuel, which attracts framers to use them.  

As the same ad mini tiller machine, we can use a Power tiller for various purposes. We can easily use it in any type of land, such as Plains, hilly terrain, submerged fields, or dry-land. Power tiller is used for harvesting potatoes, plowing, and much more. Moreover, Attaching trolley in power tiller we can transport goods. The price of power tiller in Nepal is Nrs. 150,000 to 200,000.

Reaper Machine

Image Source: Farming machine

Farmer uses Mechanical reaper machine to cut and harvest the crops. These machines are best for wheat reaping. It increases productivity and makes reaping easier. Along with that, it also saves labor costs. The average cost of a mechanical reaper machine is Nrs. 160,000 to 200,000.

Row Rice Transplanter

Image Source: Shrestha Agri

Another modern agricultural machine used in Nepal is the Row rice transplanter machine. Farmer use row rice transplanter machine for translating the rice. These machines save labor costs and increase productivity and efficiency. Moreover, it also saves time. It is available in the gasoline engine option. The cost of a row rice transplanter machine depends on how much rice it transplants at a time. The average price of a row rice transplanter machine is Nrs. 450,000 to 550,000.

4 Wheel Tractor

Image Source: ECplaza

The next one we have on our list is 4 wheel tractor. It is one of the best multi-purpose modern agricultural machines in Nepal. It is the best option for the Farmer who farms on huge land. 4 wheel tractor increases the efficiency and the productivity of the farmers. Moreover, it also saves time and labor costs.

We can use it for various purposes by simply attaching external tools and equipment to it. By attaching tools and machines we can use them for cultivation, transporting goods, plowing, potato harvesting, planting crops, and many others. It is available in fuel engines. The market price of 4 wheel tractors costs Nrs. above 11,00,000 depending on its engine capacity.

These are some of the popular Modern Agriculture Tools and Machines Used in Nepal. In Nepal, especially in rural areas, we can see farmers using traditional tools and machines for agriculture. If we can replace traditional agricultural tools with these modern agricultural tools in Nepal definitely the agriculture sector of Nepal will improve.

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