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Metal Furniture OR Wooden Furniture; Which is Better?

Written by Roshan Bhattarai · 2 min read >

Furniture is both an essential as well as an exquisite need for your home or office. It completes the interior of your house, office, or any construction. As well as that, furniture is our friend for a long. So, we don’t buy furniture every now and then. And, that’s one reason we want to buy the best furniture for our rooms. Here, in this article, we have prepared a brief comparison between metal furniture or wooden furniture. Definitely, this will help you choose the suitable one for you.

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We use furniture for decoration, design, comfort, etc. Moreover, furniture adds style and beauty to the interior and exterior design of our buildings. We can find furniture of various styles and materials. It is difficult to select the right type of furniture as we can find a variety of furniture in the market.

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Here, we will discuss the wooden and aluminum furniture that will make it easy to choose the best furniture for you.

Wooden Furniture

So, first, let us know about the pros and cons of wooden furniture and metal furniture and decide which is best to choose.

Wooden furniture is very popular all over the world. Skilled manpower and machine give meaningful shapes to wooden planks. It looks as astounding as it sounds. We can find chairs, beds, sofa, table, cupboard, and all sorts of wooden furniture.

VersatilitySharp objects can scratch furniture
DurabilityWood-destroying pets
Nice Feel and lookHigh exposure to fire
Anti-corrosionRepairing requires high skill and knowledge
 Vulnerable to water and sunlight

Metal Furniture

Another very popular type of furniture is metal furniture. Metal furniture is mostly made up of stainless steel, aluminum, or carbonated steel. These days, metal furniture is getting more popular. The shiny color of this furniture adds texture to your interior and exterior design of the house.

With metal, we can make all sorts of furniture for our home or office.

Shiny colorVulnerable to strong winds
Less vulnerable to water and sunlightCorrosion
Easy maintenance Rusting
Easy to work with, clean, and move

Metal Furniture or Wooden Furniture? Which to Choose?

Definitely, both wooden and metal furniture have their pros and cons. Analyzing their pros and cons will help you choose the best option for you.

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We hope these above pros and cons of the metal and wooden furniture have made you clear about your needs.

Metal furniture suits best for official chairs, cupboards, tables, desks, dining tables, etc. Whereas, wooden furniture suits best for beds, sofas, cupboards, etc.

You should not go with metal furniture if you are living in a place with strong winds, tornados, because metal furniture is comparatively light and wind may damage them. Nevertheless, you should also apply anti-corrosion paint, coat to protect your steel furniture from corrosion.

On the other hand, fire, water, moisture, sunlight, are harmful to wooden furniture. Likewise, pets can also destroy wooden furniture quickly. Sharp objects can scratch wooden furniture and damage the furniture’s look and beauty.

These days, we can also find furniture made up of both wood and metal. So, we can definitely choose the one that suits us the best.

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