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Life, Jobs and Business after Lockdown

Written by Dr. Durga Bastakoti · 3 min read >

It has been above two months that we have been in a stay-at-home-lockdown due to the epidemic of COVID-19. Who may have thought that something like this would ever happen? In fact, now we are getting used to the lockdown in some sense. It has been days since we ate at a restaurant, traveled, met our friends, and been to a social gathering or anywhere with more number of people. Many of us have learned to adjust in less. Life after this lockdown will definitely be hard for many of us.

What still fancies us is how the world will actually be after the end of this lockdown or we can say after the end of this pandemic.

Social Distancing after lockdown
“It sounds uncanny but sense of “touch me not” will aggravate among people.”
Photo by Ujjwal chouhan on Unsplash

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How will our daily life be after the lockdown? Will we be able live like before?

  • When it is over, people will not be cent percent assured that it is really over. So they won’t be doing the same things as they used to do before the lockdown.
  • We will see drastic changes in our daily routines and social habits. Attending social gatherings may highly reduce.
  • Now people will be more concerned and obsessed about mental health and physical well-being
  • Due to this long stay-at-home and the current tension around the world, anxiety and stress may play a big role on how people perceive individual and social life.
  • Priorities of life and redefining relationships with near ones may change order as many people have started to believe that family, happiness, and life are what matter the most.
  • In sexual life, as HIV/AIDS controls the emotion while having sex to become more cautious and less sensational, likewise, COVID-19 will reduce physical interaction and may motivate to self-satisfaction or distance satisfaction.
  • Stay-at-home measures’ effect will play its role and feeling of “home is the best place” will intensify.
  • It sounds uncanny but sense of “touch me not” will aggravate among people.
  • As we are already seeing that official and educational activities are adapting online methods, now people will be more dependent on virtual realities and internet usage.
  • People will be more concerned about cutting their unnecessary expenses and increasing their monetary savings for such scenarios in future.
  • Since the vaccine is still under development, people may now tend to believe in GODS if lockdown is lifted without the vaccine being developed.
Life during Lockdown
Emptied Queues during Lockdown

How will the jobs be? How will the work area change?

  • Since the lockdown, many people have already lost their job and many are on their way, and some of the employee’s salary has been halted, cut or reduced to a greater extent. Jobs are at risk, and youths are the one who will suffer the most.
  • On the other hand, even after the longest of break from office, not everyone will be excited to join the job on the very first day. They might fear to travel, take public vehicles and work alongside workmates and with costumers
  • Employers will have to recall the words of Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”.
  • Cleaning everything and disinfecting them will the first thing to do in your work place.
  • Entering the room/workplace without getting your hands sanitized will be felt suspicious by the fellow workmates.
  • Government might also come up with guidelines to follow while reopening businesses and management team will try hard to meet the requirements according to their capacities.
  • Physical distancing, wearing masks and not talking much with collogues will stay there for coming days even if it is not a necessity.
  • Seat arrangement will be changed to attain six-foot strategy and limit the capacity in waiting lobbies and meeting rooms.
  • Reception/front desk may start to keep caution-information and sanitation kits for visitors and office staffs.
  • The floor might get safe distance markings, though may not be followed.
  • Technology will be more used, online works over the laptops on top. Internet’s speed and dependency will increase
  • For bigger markets and malls, arrangement of sound system for announcing the notice and constant cautionary messages will be kept in place to constantly remind costumers of keeping physical distancing.
  • Health related business won’t operate without the availability of PPEs.
  • There is also a chance that all the staffs may be asked to get the medical certificate confirming status of COVID-19 infection.
  • With the extra sum of money spent to arrange smooth business with caution and safety, businesses are likely to end up price hike in the product and services.
  • With less number of people willing to sit and eat, rather prefer take-ways, it is probable that the restaurant business is one of the area to be hit hard.
Businesses affected by Lockdown
Businesses affected by Lockdown

Will the business be doomed or get a chance to bloom?

Things have changed a lot in these past few months. Major upheavals are seen in business and finance. People are concerned with their health and well-being of their loved ones. However, how will we sustain our life after lockdown if the jobs or businesses are totally knocked down? This is another stressful question for many of us.

The Doomed Ones

Even after the end of lockdown, for some business it will be really difficult to operate. Though not forever, but at least for more months or even a year, these areas are certainly going to be under loss.

  • Amusement – parks, playgrounds, fun zones, water parks
  • Restaurant- sit in and dine will be worst hit
  • Entertainment- movies, game parlors, show bizs, museums
  • Cinemas and theaters
  • Fairs, festivals and trade shows
  • Live entertainment
    • Concerts
    • Circus
    • Drama
    • Fashion shows
    • Magic shows
    • Dance and music halls

The May-Bloom Ones

The lockdown has caused us to choose online mediums to carry on the possible works, class, meetings, and all sort of distance interactions. This shows some business are going to get an opportunity to grow.

  • Online media houses
  • Online stores and online shopping
  • Mobile apps: related to gaming industry, tools needed for small businesses, virtual touring of different places, online cooking classes, digital medical assistance
  • Pick-up and delivery:
    • Especially of cooked food items, fresh groceries, meats and medicines
  • Well-being consultation from health experts
  • On-call doctors and nurses: home service, telemedicine
  • Education, sports, and well-being – virtual classrooms, online fitness classes.
  • Equipment sales: like sanitization kits, PPEs, disinfectant systems
  • Food and consumption item’s quality checking facilities

Dear readers, we are really happy and thankful on receiving this pleasant response from you. This pandemic is not going to last forever. All this will be over one day. Till then let’s read jointly, let’s learn jointly and let’s be there for each other jointly.

Stay safe.

Written by Dr. Durga Bastakoti
Teaching Affiliation: WRC, T.U. and SOE, P.U. CEO, Magic Cube Engineering Profile