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Legal Procedure to Buy a House in Nepal

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First of all congratulations on planning to buy a house in Nepal. Yes. Definitely, we know that buying a house is not an everyday thing. After all, you will be spending all your savings and even taking loans to buy your own house. So, better not take any risk of illegal matters beforehand. You are at the right place as here we all noted down the legal procedure to buy a house in Nepal.

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Ultimately, we all want to have our own house some day.

Food, shelter, and clothes are the three basic necessities of humanity for a fulfilled life. One of the most essential of these is shelter. Back in the day, people used to live in close quarters. Science and technology evolved in lockstep with the evolution of human civilization. This technical revolution allowed the man to build his dream home, replete with all the bells and whistles.

The eventual destination, or, to put it another way, the motivation for generating money, is to have your own house. You save your entire life to construct or purchase your own home. At home, it is the best place to get peace of mind.

Legal procedure to buy a house in Nepal
Malpot Karyalaya

In Nepal, the legal process of purchasing land is similar to that of purchasing a house. Normally, the procedure takes 3-5 days. Before buying a house in Nepal, there are a few legal formalities to do. We really hope that this article will help you get through these processes easily.

1. Visit Ward Office

The first stage in buying a house is to get a verified recommendation letter (sipharis) from the respective ward office (seller).

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2. House Seller and Buyer should be Present

During the buying and selling of a house, both parties must be present in the office. If you go are going to buy a house, definitely, it is a must to follow the legal procedure to buy a house in Nepal by both parties. Both the sellers and the purchasers should be present since contract documents must be signed by both parties (tamsuk).

3. Measure the House Area

As each house has its own area, the area measurement can be faked if anyone has the authority to measure it. Therefore, an authorized measurement engineer known as amin should measure and verify the correct area of the house. A house plan map provided by the Municipal Office at the time of construction can also be required.

4. Tax Clearance

Before purchasing any house, buyers should check to see if the owner has paid all of his or her taxes. In fact, it is one of the main legal procedures to purchase a house in Nepal. If you’re planning to buy a house, make sure that the house owner has paid their taxes in the ward office.

5. Visit Land Revenue Office (Malpot Karyalaya)

Land Revenue Office (Malpot Karyalaye) is where the majority of the job is done. You must submit the relevant paperwork to the office and then the office works on the transfer of house ownership. Finally, as the house owner, the office will provide you with a House proprietorship book.

For any confusion, it is always a better option to take help from an expert. For which you can consult a genuine and authorized real estate agent to help you get through all the legal procedures easily. Also, real estate agents can help you find a great deal as well.

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma
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