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Legal Procedure of Buying Land in Nepal

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Land investments are highly capital demanding, and any blunder made during the process can cost the buyer a lot of money. As a result, a buyer must take caution when evaluating the property documents. Here, we have prepared a list of legal procedures to buy land in Nepal.

However, if you want to invest in the land while following all legal procedures in the correct order, it will undoubtedly benefit the buyers. Let’s take a look at an example: if you bought a car in 2014, the price would fall than the original price. However, if you bought land in a desirable location, the price would rise in the following years. So, considering there are no issues with the legal process, investing in land is a pretty good bet.

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The legal process of buying land is somehow similar to (buying a house) in Nepal. Here are some legal steps to follow before buying land in Nepal.

मालपोत सम्पर्क नम्बरहरु::घरजग्गा सम्बन्धि नेपालकै पहिलो अनलाइन पत्रिका
Image Source: Malpot Khabar
  1. Visit ward office: The first step is to get a verified recommendation letter (sipharis) from the respective ward office (seller).
  2. Land seller and Buyer: Both parties should be present in the office during the process of buying and selling land. Both the sellers and the buyers should be present since they must sign on contract papers (tamsuk).
  3. Measure the land’s area: As each plot of land has its own area, the area measurement can be faked if anyone has the authority to measure it. Therefore, authorized measurement engineers (amin) should measure and verify the correct area of land.
  4. Tax Clear: Before purchasing any land, buyers should check to see if the owner has paid all taxes. If you’re planning to purchase land, make sure that the land owner has paid their taxes in the ward office.
  5. Clearance letter (fukuwa patra): Get a clearance letter from both the bank and the malpot karyalaya if the land has a bank mortgage.
  6. Visit Land Revenue Office (Malpot Karyelaye):  Land Revenue Office does the majority of job. You must submit the relevant paperwork to the office and then the office works on transfer of land ownership. Finally, as the landowner, the office will provide you with a Land proprietorship book, also known as lalpurja.

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Required Documents:

  • Citizenship certificate of both buyers and sellers.
  • Properly filled up application provided by ward office and land revenue office (malpot)
  • Tax clearance letter.
  • Fukuwa patra (if the land has bank mortgage)

As you received basic ideas or advice on where to start and how to begin. The process usually takes 3-5 days. Additionally, this post provides a lot of information about the processes that people should take when buying land.

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma
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