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Kushma Bungee and Swing in Nepal; High-ground Adventure

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Be it adventure or meditation, anything you’re looking for, it is here in Nepal. Find in this article, the very thrilling trigger for your adrenaline rush; Kushma Bungee and Swing in Nepal, the highest swing in Nepal.

Frankly speaking, the adventure sports in Kushma is a treat for adventure seekers.

Kushma Swing is the World’s Tallest Swing and Kushma Bungee is the Second Highest Bungee in the World

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, most of the tourist attraction places and sports were closed. Now, many of the adventure sports have re-opened for local tourists these days.

The Cliff, the owner of Kushma Bungee and Swing

Kushma Bungee Jumping

Kushma Sling Shot Swing

Safety Measures for Customers

Future Project: Sky-cycling

How to Reach Kushma Bungee and Swing?

The Kushma Bungee and Kushma Swing will be operated again from 31st October 2020 i.e. 15th Kartik, 2077.

Located at Western Region of Nepal, Kushma is 262 km away from the capital city, Kathmandu. Kushma lies in the Parbat district of the Gandaki Province, Nepal.

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The Cliff

The bungee and swing are operated by a private company, The Cliff. Mr. Raju Karki is the owner of the company. The Cliff was established in 2073 BS. At present, there is bungee jumping and swinging. The company is also preparing to introduce a new adventure sport, sky-cycling.

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For Advance Booking Call: 9810330671

The construction of the 0.5 km bridge joining the two cliffs Kushma and Balewa was started in 2073 BS. Moreover, the construction of the bridge along with a classy resort was completed by the end of 2076 BS. However, the nationwide lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in the finishing and operation of the sports.

Kushma Bungee Jumping

The jumping platform for bungee and swing lies just above the Kaligandaki River. The platform is constructed in the middle of the 525-meter long suspension bridge. Also, the bridge itself can give goosebumps as it lies at a height of 228 meters or 748 feet from the Kalgandaki river.

Best Season: October, November | Cost: NRS 7000

Currently, the world’s tallest bungee is 764 feet high in Macau and the second tallest is 720 feet above Switzerland’s Bharjaska Dam. Meanwhile, the Cliff Project is set to become the world’s second tallest bungee after Switzerland.

Picture Courtesy: The Cliff

If you are seeking for an adventure trip, we suggest you including Kushma Bungee Jumping in your list.

Kushma Swing -Slingshot Style Ping

Kushma Swing is another thrilling adventure for people who love extreme heights. In fact, the Kushma swing has become the tallest swing in the world. So, taking a slingshot swing is definitely a new experience for any adventure seekers.

Price Per Person (Single) Swing: NRS 7000 | Price Per Tandem (Pair) Swing: NRS 12000

The height of the bridge for bungee is 228 meters while the height of Ping above it is 248 meters from the river.

The swing is operated with the help of a machine that pulls the swing and then leaves it in a slingshot style. It is different than the local swings that we see around.

Safety First

The company claims to have high safety for their customers. One of the main reasons people step behind when it comes to adventure is the risk behind it. Therefore, the company claims to have used high safety measures in both bungee jumping and swing.

The ropes used are of high quality suitable for rock climbing as well. The skilled technicians and professional trainers give training to the customers beforehand for safety.

Trying Kushma Bungee and Swing in Nepal will give you one of the best travel memories.

Future Project: Sky-Cycling

Sky cycling is a high ground adventure sport. It is made using steel core cable. A bicycle with a fixed handle is mounted on a rope like a train roller in a leak. In addition, both the bicycle and the passenger are tied with safety ropes.

The future project sky-cycling is projected to be a cycling route of 300 meters. The company claims to have prepared the sky-cycling as per international standards and safety measures.

The owner of The Cliff, Mr. Karki has announced that the new sport, sky-cycling will be launched in a few months.

How to reach Kushma Bungee and Swing?

Located at Western Region of Nepal, Kushma is 262 km away from the capital city, Kathmandu. Kushma lies in the Parbat district of the Gandaki Province, Nepal.

The Cliff is 55 km from Pokhara, 15 km from Annapurna Base Camp Gateway known as Naya Pul.

Definitely, a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara is one of the easiest ways to reach Kushma. You can then take a bus or a taxi from Pokhara. Also, public buses from Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara to Parbat, Kushma are easily available.


You can also book a Pokhara-Kushma two-way transport facility package with a vehicle at The Cliff.

However, those who don’t want to jump but want to visit Kushma for sightseeing can take the “Go and See” Package worth NRS 2000.

Definitely, you should try Kushma Bungee and Swing in Nepal at least once. The memories made at any adventure trip is worth cherishing.

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