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Khukuri Knife of Brave Gurkha – The Pride of Nepal

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“If a man says, he is not afraid of dying, either is lying or he is a Gurkha”. This saying elaborates perfectly the history of Nepal. So is the pride of Brave Gurkhas. And, this saying has been possible only with the Khukuri knife of Brave Gurkha -The pride of Nepal. Khukuri or Kukri has a great relationship with the history of Nepal. In the past, Khukuri was one of the most important weapons of the Nepalese soldiers. Today, in this article we have brought some really interesting facts about the Khukuri knife of brave Gurkha -The pride of Nepal.

Before we begin

From the history of the Anglo-Nepalese War to the history of the unification of Nepal, Khukuri was the most important weapon for Nepal. At the time, when Nepal was not with modern weapons such as guns, and bullets, Khukuri played a great role in saving Nepal from the Anglo-Nepal war. Moreover, we cannot deny the fact that Khukuri plays an important role in the unification of Nepal.

Not only in Nepalese history but also in world history, Khukuri was considered a fatal weapon. Many brave Gurkha soldiers fought in World War I and World War II with Khukuri – The Pride of Nepal.

Khukuri these days are used as all-purpose knives in Nepal. Basically, Khukuri is a knife, in which the blade is tempered steel, slightly curved, and exceedingly sharp. The handle of Khukuri is made up of wood or animal horns. Moreover, Khukuri is popular because of its elbow curve sharp blade, wider at the top than near the handle, and also easy to use.

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Khukuri knife of brave Gurkha has not only has historical importance, but it also has religious values in Nepal. Different festivals, culture shows the importance of Khukuri as religious purpose in Nepal. In Nepal, the Khukuri knife of brave Gurkhas has the symbol of strength, honor, justice, human dignity, and freedom. There is no more thing that can symbol for the strength, and honors for Nepalese other than Khukuri.

Moreover, these days, soldiers of different countries such as Nepal, India, the U.K., Bahrain, Singapore, etc. use Khukuri as one of their weapons. Definitely, this is a matter of pride.

Khukuri Manufacturers – Who Makes the Khukuri of Brave Gurkha?

As when we look at the history of Nepal, Bishwakarma ethnic group used to manufacture Nepali Khukuri for the soldiers. They used very traditional blacksmith techniques. For instance, techniques like forging, bending, welding, and hardening with the most local resources available. Mostly, these places where the blacksmiths do their crafts are known as “Aaran”.

Image Source: Himalayan Imports

These days, many companies or industries are engaged in Khukuri production in Nepal for the international market as well. Moreover, not only companies, youths, and new entrepreneurs are attracted to the Kukri business today. While, in Nepal, we can see many manufacturers of Kukri. Here, we have also prepared a list of the major Nepali Khukuri manufacturers here. (You can check on the given links)

Ex Gurkha Khukuri House 
Khukuri Craft Pvt. Ltd Nepal
Nepalese Khukuri House
Great Gurkha Khukuri
Kailash Blades
Altitude Himalaya
Khukuri House Thamel

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What You Get when You Purchase a Khukuri?

Definitely, the Khukuri knife of brave Gurkha is the glory of national pride, honor, and strength. The average price of a standard Khukuri in Nepal is Rs.4000 to Rs. 6000. These prices may differ as per the quality of the Khukuri. A Khukuri comes in a finely crafted leather case. While purchasing a khukuri, two small knives, Karda and Chakmak are also provided along with it.

Karda: Karda is a small knife tucked behind the scabbard. We can use it to cut and chop small things and to make small holes.

Chakmak: Chakmak as the name says, is used for sharpening the Khukuri. Moreover, It also could be used to light a fire with the use of stone. It is a blunt knife.

Notch: The notch near the handle as Hindu religious beliefs and tradition. It may also represent the teats of a cow, a reminder that a Khukuri should never be used to kill a cow, an animal revered and worshipped by Hindus. Moreover, it also makes a promise that I will not use this weapon on women and children.

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How can we Promote the Khukuri Business among Youths?

These days, many youths are interested and attracted towards the Kukri business, but it is not in enough numbers. We need to perform various initiations for increasing the youth’s and new entrepreneur’s interest in the Khukuri business. Here are some of the ways which we think can be some help for increasing youths’ interest in the Khukuri business.

Making youth understands the importance of khukuri and its history
Teaching Khukuri making techniques
Government laws and policies for the promotion of khukuri
Programs and awareness for promoting khukuri businesses
Decrease in tax and limitations in the business of khukuri
Government support for the youths initiating khukuri business such as fInance support, guiding, and recognition
Promotion, public awareness through social media, radio, TV, etc. for increasing public interest towards Khukuri

If we can implement these things, definitely we can increase youth participation in promoting the Khukuri of brave Gurkha as a business.

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In the end

Khukuri of brave Gurkha -The pride of Nepal, yes it is. Khukuri has a great historical, symbolic, and religious importance for Nepalese people. Thus, we have to increase and promote the use of Khukuri in Nepal. Likewise, the perfect initiations are needed in Nepal to increase youths and new entrepreneurs in the Khukuri business, to make Khukuri of brave Gurkha even more popular around the world.

Thank you for reading, I hope, after reading this article you got to know about the Khukuri of Nepal. If you find this article helpful, please like and share this article. Stay safe.