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Hydropower Projects in Nepal

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In this 21st century, we cannot imagine life without electricity. We all know that electricity is like basic needs in our daily life nowadays. In this article, you will get to know about the top-rated hydropower projects in Nepal.

First of all, as we all know electricity is one of the basic needs nowadays. We use electricity everywhere. Directly or indirectly, electricity also plays an important role in the economic development of a country. As well as that, electricity is one of the main infrastructures of development which plays a significant role in developing countries.

Being a Nepalese, we all may have gone through hours and hours of load shedding before. Definitely, electricity cut-off for 8-10 hours continuosly per day is a severe problem. Fortunately, things have changed now. There is no more load shedding today except than some system failure during rainy reason. Thanks goes to our geography and all the responsibe people who did their best to eradicate load shedding.

As a matter of fact, Nepal is the second richest country in the source of fresh water. Definitely, we are rich in rivers and lakes. That is the reason, the major source of electricity in Nepal is hydroelectricity.

Here is the list of Hydropower Projects in Nepal

Kaligandaki A Hydroelectric Power Station

Capacity (MegaWatt)144 mW
Put in order2002 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Authority

Middle Marshyangdi Hydropower Station   

Capacity (MegaWatt)70 mW
Put in order2008 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Authority

Marshyangdi Hydropower Station

Capacity (MegaWatt)69 mW
Put in order1989 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

Kulekhani I Hydropower 

Capacity (MegaWatt)60 mW
Put in order1982 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

Khimti I Hydropower Plant

Capacity (MegaWatt)60 mW
Put in order2000 AD
CompanyHimal Power Limited

Upper Trishuli 3A Hydropower Station 

Capacity (MegaWatt)60 mW
Put in order2076 BS
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

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Upper Marshyangdi A Hydroelectric Station

Locationlamjung Marshyangdi Rural Municipality
Capacity (MegaWatt)50 mW
Put in order2016 AD
CompanySinohydro Sagarmatha Power Company (SSPC), Power China

Bhote Koshi Power Plant (Upper Bhote Koshi)

Capacity (MegaWatt)45 mW
Put in order2001 AD
CompanyBhote Koshi Power Company Pvt. Ltd.

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Kulekhani II

Capacity (MegaWatt)32 mW
Put in order1986 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

Chameliya Khola Hydropower Station   


Capacity (MegaWatt)30 mW
Put in order2018 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

Hydropower Projects Under Construction in Nepal

We all know that Nepal is rich in water resources. So many upcoming hydropower Projects are running in Nepal. The government of Nepal is adding these hydropower projects to help the national supply of electricity. Here, we have listed some of the upcoming projects below:

Budi Gandaki Hydropower Plant

Capacity (MegaWatt)1200 mW
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

Arun III Hydropower Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)900 mW
Completion Date2022 AD
CompanySatluj Jal Vidyut Nigam

Upper Tamakoshi Project  

Capacity (MegaWatt)456 mW
Completion Date2020 AD
CompanyNepal Electricity Association

Rasuwagadi Hydropower Project

LocationRasuwagadhi Hydropower Project
Capacity (MegaWatt)111 mW
Completion Date2020 AD
CompanyChilime Hydropower Company Limited

Middle Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)102 mW
Completion Order2021 AD
CompanyMadhya Bhotekoshi Jalbidhyut Company Ltd.

Lower Solu Hydropower Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)82 mW
CompanyEssel Clean Solu Pvt. Ltd.

Middle Tamor Hydropower Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)73 mW
CompanySanima Hydropower Limited

Upper Marshyangdi A Hydroelectric Station

Capacity (MegaWatt)50 mW
CompanySinohydro-Sagarmatha Power Company Pvt. Ltd.

Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project      

Capacity (MegaWatt)46 mW
CompanyGovernment of Nepal Department of Irrigation

Lower Sanjen Hydroelectric Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)43 mW
CompanySanjen Jalbidyut Company Limited

Mistri Khola Hydroelectric Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)42 mW
CompanyRobust Energy Pvt. Limited

Khani Khola (Dolakha) Hydropower Project

Capacity (MegaWatt)30 mW
CompanySasa Engineering Hydropower Pvt. Limited

So this was the list of the Hydropower Projects in Nepal. Moreover, it is really good to see this many new projects as well.

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