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How to use A Stepwise Guide to using ProAffix

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma · 1 min read > is not just another online directory listing website, it is an online marketplace for professional service providers of wide categories. It provides the best hand-picked services in town. Ranging from home and personal services to legal advising and auditing, every service is there in Moreover, Here is a stepwise guide on how to use was launched in the Nepalese market by Magic Cube Engineering Solutions and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd in 2020. At present, ProAffix is providing its services in Pokhara. However, the company has plans to extend its wings to the other cities of Nepal too. Undoubtedly, the demand for online services is increasing in Nepal. ProAffix provides an online platform to connect with a wide range of service providers and service seekers.

ProAffix connects the service seekers with the best service providers. The service seekers can communicate and book the services directly via ProAffix. Certainly, anyone who is an exceptional service provider can join the ProAffix team today and create an online presence to grow their service/business.

1. Go to Google or any other search engine and type

2. Home Screen

The home screen provides the basic info and menus to select the different categories you are looking for.

 Services provided by

3. For Anyone Looking for a Service

Fill the form and click “Send Request”

4. For Service Providers to Join the ProAffix Team

The service providers can register their profession or service in by clicking the “Join Now” button. The service providers can create their online presence via For anyone searching for a service online, ProAffix will help the service providers to be found online.

Fill in the form with all the details

And it’s done!

5. To Receive ProAffix Discounts and Offers you can also subscribe to ProAffix Newsletter

Find more about ProAffix at

Furthermore, if you are planning to start a business or a company please click on the link below to get some vital information beforehand. Here is an informative article on the procedures of registering a business or a company in Nepal.

The process to register a business or a company in Nepal.

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma
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