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How to Renew Nepalese Passport from Abroad

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Are you under stress right now that your passport will expire the next month and you cannot do anything to renew it because you are ABROAD? Yes, we understand it is a problem big enough to give you stress throughout many days. Definitely, it will cause you more tension if you don’t know it has an easy solution. Here is how to renew Nepalese passport from abroad.

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As we know, a passport is an official document issued by the government of a sovereign country for its citizens to travel abroad. It provides protection to the carrier during the journey. In addition, passports are mandatory for international travel unless another specific arrangement is introduced.

Travelling to other countries requires documents and authorized permissions as well. Indeed, a valid passport and visa are a must for international travel. Likewise, there are some restrictions on what goods you can bring to Nepal from other countries without any customs.

Renew Nepalese Passport from Abroad

According to the Passport Act, Nepal, “Passport means a document issued by the Government of Nepal specifying the countries and times of such visits by granting permission to Nepali nationals traveling abroad.”

Basically, there are 3 types of passports: Diplomatic (Red), Special (blue), and Ordinary (Green). Moreover, the department also issues Travel Permits (Black).

Sometimes this may also happen that our passport may expire we are abroad. At that time, there is an easy solution for that. Now, let’s see the detailed process to renew your Nepali passport from abroad. Thus, in this, you will get to know the process of Nepal Passport renewal from abroad.

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Process of Nepal Passport Renewal from Abroad

The applicants must come in person to the Embassy of Nepal, situated in the country he/she is in for the renewal of their passport. If the Nepal Embassy is not located in the country he/she is living in, they should contact the embassy of Nepal who has got the responsibility for the country he/she is living in.

You can get all the information about the Embassy of Nepal and its location on the website of the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

embassy of nepal in foreign countries
Image Source: Nepal Embassy Bangkok

While the process and documents needed for the passport renewal process may slightly differ as rules may vary in the Embassies of Nepal located in different countries. Thus, it is better to visit or contact the respective Embassy for the complete procedure. Importantly, the applicant should visit himself/herself while they apply for the passport renewal process.

However, the applicants with no MRP Live Enrollment System and also those who are physically far from the respective Embassy can receive the application through post offices or any other safe mediums. In general, while applying for the Nepal passport renewal from abroad, they must bring the following documents for renewal.

Documents for Renewing Nepali Passport from Abroad

  1. Duly filled application form (2 copies) or Duly filled online application form (1 copy) in case of missions where the Live Registration System is implemented.
  2. Nepali Citizenship and its Photocopy
  3. Original Passport and its Photocopy
  4. MRP Size Photographs
  5. Renewal fees as per the Embassy of Nepal’s guidelines

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The applicants who cannot self-present in the office for specific reasons need to send documented evidence of their stay in the respective country. To illustrate, they will need a Resident Card, Company Identity Card, Copy of Visa with Entry Stamp, Employment Certificate, or others if required.

renew nepali passport from abroad

Visa Renewal for Minor/New Born Applicants

In the case of Minor/newborn applicants, applicants should submit the following necessary documents to the respective Embassies. Moreover, applicants’ mother/father should self-present in the embassy office.

Required Documents:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate (Registered in the Competent Authority of the Country of Birth) or a copy of Minor ID issued from the relevant District Administration Office in Nepal
  2. A copy of passport of both parents
  3. A copy of marriage certificate of the parents
  4. A copy of Nepalese Citizenship Certificate of both parents (when applicable)

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To sum up, these are the required procedure to renew Nepalese Passport from abroad. It is an easy way as you can visit the Embassy of Nepal located in the country you are residing in.

Once the passport is ready for collection, you can collect the passport from the respective Embassy of Nepal, you are living in. Generally, it takes up to 45 days for the passport to be ready for distribution. The fees for renewal is different for minor and adults. The rate may differ according to foreign exchange rates. Moreover, the embassy of Nepal may also have different rates for different countries.

For more details, please contact the Nepal Embassy of the respective countries.

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