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How to Make Learning Fun For Your Children?

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First of all, thanks to Caroline Gibson (Mumbai, India) for sending us this wonderful article to share with JointReaders Community. In this article, you will find how to make learning fun for your children to help them grow sharp and improve their concentration.

Nowadays, mobile has become quite popular among children. As a parent, we don’t want to our child stick to a mobile phone and play video games all day long. These days, making the child engage in other activities like pursuing a new hobby, playing outdoor games, and doing homework do not work, or you have to face their temper tantrum. Then, sadly, you must have to give them back that device.  

We all know the consequences of playing too many video games. If children constantly play video games on mobile phones, then it can decrease attention span, hurt listing skills, depression, anxiety, social phobia. Spent too much-playing video games on mobiles phones and PC is harmful to your children and affects healthy growth and development.

Though most parents are aware of this harmful side effect, they still let their children play games! In this article, you’re going to know how can you make learning activities fun for children, so they can avoid playing video games and engage in productive activities that can develop skills.

Technology is a Need; so is Smartphone

One bitter truth is, we can not make our children avoid playing video games fully! In this technology era, every day new technology comes. These technological developments are crucial for all of us. It makes our life comfortable and helps us to get our desired goals.

This is so true for children too. If we somehow make our children stop playing video games on mobile phones or any devices, they might not know some technological evaluation. It is also not good for your children. For instance, if your children’s friend discusses new games or app, which is very helpful for your children, but your children do not know about it, then their friends might mock them and thinks they are very naive. As a result, your child might leave their friend’s group and stay home all the long.

Till this we know, spent too much time in mobile and avoid completely, both are not good for your children’s growth and development. Yes, we must take middle conditions for your kid and make sure your children are not spending too much on mobile phones and also not completely avoiding it.

Here are the Top 10 Learning Apps for your children. Click here to read more…

But, How? We can’t make the kids do their homework and pursue any hobby. But, we can make them learn through video games that they love to play or make learning activities fun through what they love to do on mobile phones.

For example, there are many apps available in the Google Play Store through which your children can learn many things while playing video games or spend time using an app. It is more likely that your child does not want to memorize different countries’ names or shapes’ names. But you still can do this by installing related apps or games. 

If you want your children to learn something that will be beneficial for their growth and development, then make them learn to play musical instruments. In the initials stage, your role is to develop this hobby in your children. But, how? 

Make Learning Fun with Mobile Apps

Here, is one app called Kids Piano: Animal Sounds & Musical Instruments. You can find this app on the Google Play Store, and it is rated up to 12 years. You can download this app for your children. 

Image: Kids Piano Game by Susamp Apps

Furthermore, you might wonder what is the benefit to learn to play musical instruments?

Benefits of music for children while growing :

Improve their brainpower and intellectual
Develop social skills & memory
Build their confidence & concentration
Creativity & imagination
Teaches them patience & discipline
Helps them in speech and pronunciation.

Kids can play different musical instruments such as 🎹 Kids Keyboard piano, 🎵 Baby Xylophone, 🎶 Kids Drum kit, 🎷 Kids Saxophone, 🎵 Harp, 🎸 Kids Guitar, 🎵 Flute, 🎶 Panpipe flutes. 

Also, kids can learn and memorize different sounds such as 🐯 Wild animal sounds, 🐄 Domestic animal sounds, 🐟 Sea animal sounds, 🐦 Bird sounds, 🎈 Color sounds, 🅰 Number pronunciation, 🚗 Vehicle sounds, 🔡 Alphabet pronunciation, 🌍 Nation flag & country names, 🎭 Shape names, 🎼 Different sounds, at this very platform!

Moreover, there are plenty of options to choose from, probably you will have thought why should you have Kids Piano: animal sounds & musical instruments  App?

Benefits of Kids Piano App

Best quality sound & music
It has Interactive UI/UX for children
Easy navigation inside application suitable for kids
Different sounds to help improve kids’ memory
Musical instruments to learn playing music through the app
The best app to help toddlers to recognize sounds
Make your children learn baby music songs on instruments
The app gives piano for beginners opportunity
Kids entertainment at its best

Along with kids, parents can also learn and improve their basics by playing various instruments with the help of one single App. Children can learn to pronounce Numbers, Colors, Letters, Nation names having beautiful themes for easy memorizing.

Within one app, your children can have basics clear for playing musical instruments, and also, your children can learn how to pronounce country names, shape names and can memorize different sounds such as animals, birds, vehicles, etc.

On the End Note…

Being a parent is not very easy. You have to adjust sometimes from a busy work schedule for your children. With that little time, it is hard to get to engage in activity that is very helpful for your children’s growth and development. However, if you use technology smartly, you can make the most out of your little time.

Definitely, you can not make your children do what you want, but you can make them want you to want through what they love. This simple child psychology can make your work easier. Your children can get what you want through this, and they will get it without knowing this!

Check Kids Piano: Animal Sounds & Musical Instruments for your children and get some idea of how child psychology works, so you ensure your children’s healthy growth and development.  

Thank you, Caroline Gibson, for this article.

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