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How New Zealand Deflected COVID-19

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The two countries most affected by the Corona virus epidemic — France and Spain — put forth separate plans to end the lockdown. At the same time, New Zealand and Australia have been very successful in preventing infection. On the other hand, the infection is spreading in Brazil. Doubts have also deepened whether Japan will be able to host the Summer Olympics next year without the development of the vaccine. It has already been postponed.

The number of corona virus infected patients in the world has reached 3,235,538 and counting. At the same time, 228,605 and unfortunately counting, patients in the whole world have died due to this. While the number of patients is increasing steadily in some European countries, including the US and Brazil, there are some countries where it has been controlled. Of these, New Zealand is a major country. Only 1474 cases have been reported there and 19 patients have died so far. In the last 24 hours, there have been only three new cases in New Zealand. The Health Department believes they are moving from Corona to victory in the war. Construction has resumed here, the beaches have been opened for surfing. At present, children have been ordered to study from home and people have to work from home. It is time for the whole world to learn from New Zealand.


  • On February 29th , a total of 1474 cases of corona were reported in New Zealand and 19 people died. These cases came in all the 20 District Boards of the country.
  • On 19th March 2020, New Zealand had completely closed its borders for visitors from outside.
  • On 10th April, every citizen coming back to New Zealand was quarantined for two weeks.
  • The alert level of Corona in New Zealand, which was 2 on 21th March, had become 3 in the next two days. In the next two days, on March 25th , its level was increased to 4.
  • On 25 March the lockdown was announced in New Zealand. Everyone was barred from leaving the house.
  • During lockdown, only employees involved in essential services were allowed to leave the house.
  • The most important thing in this is that the citizens here took it very seriously and followed the said things of the government fully.
  • Rules such as washing the mouth with a mask, sanitizer or soap, keeping a distance from another person at home, were completely followed.
  • This has led to alert level 3 on 27th March. This meant that new cases were falling in the country and patients were recovering.
  • On 27th April, the government temporarily allowed some things to be opened, and on 29th April, not a single active case was filed in New Zealand.

Early in March, according to The Washington Post, the country began to instruct all international visitors — in normal times, the country gets as many as 4 million tourists a year — to self-isolate for 14 days. Then on March 19, the tourism-dependent nation fully closed its borders to international visitors, a move that was likely effective because it came before community spread took off locally.

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The impact of infection has reduced on children compared to the elderly, but many officials, teachers and parents are concerned about the health of children by the opening of schools. They are also worried about the risk. In New Zealand, only three cases of infection were reported on Tuesday. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that people have done a commendable job in breaking the links of the infection, but there is a need to be vigilant even further.

The PM said during the regular press briefing, “We are going to open the economy, but we are not going to open the social life of the people.” Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of the Health Department, said that in the last few days there have been fewer cases that have given us confidence that we have met the target to eliminate corona. New Zealand plans to keep strict social distancing measures in place for at least a full month.

From this a lesson can be learnt and that is, this war with COVID-19 can be won without hampering the way of life very severely. Acting early and decisively made the war over COVID-19 laid-back in New Zealand. It is said that New Zealand’s strong social cohesion and high trust in government raise the hope the disease can be beaten without draconian measures.

Written by @DrShanroc
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