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How Much Time Does it Take to Build a House in Nepal?

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Once, we commit to home construction, we need to know how long it takes to build a house in Nepal. In this article, we are going to discuss how much time does it take to build a house in Nepal.

The complexity of the project, such as the land on which the house is being built, the area where the home is being built; the complexity of the home’s floor plan will all have an impact on the construction duration.

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As well as that, custom homes can take longer to build than normal homes. In this article, you will find out how much time does it take to build a house in Nepal.

How much time does it take to build a house in Nepal?

Average Time it Takes to Build a House

The average completion time of a medium house with three bedrooms, one hall, and a kitchen (3BHK) is around 7 months to 1 year. Also, the average completion time to build a custom house is around 1 year to 2 years or more. It depends upon the need and designs of all members of the family.

But if you are on the moving schedule, you can also choose to buy a house for immediate moving in. Check out the cost of buying a house in Nepal.

The construction style and the region and/or environment in which the house is built is the two primary factors that affect the time it takes to build a new house. In addition, for each of these scenarios, the average time to build a new house will be different.

Average Construction Time by Home Type

In like manner, we should also realize that custom modern homes take longer to build. However, the time may be comparably short for a temporary house than the reinforced cement concrete (RCC) house.

House TypeAverage build time
Custom house 1-2 years
Prefab house6 months – 1 year
Stone house6 months – 1 year
RCC house7 months – 1 year
Tin roof house3months – 1 year

Average Construction Time of House by Region

Now let us take a detailed look and look at the time it takes to build a house dependent on the region. Obviously, transportation and the availability of materials to build a house in the mountain, hilly, and Terai region are not the same. Building a house in a hilly or mountainous environment will take longer than in a Terai zone due to a variety of issues.

Definitely, you can always pre-plan before the construction to choose the best season to build your dream house in Nepal.

Regions  Average Build Time
Mountain region8 months – 2 years
Hilly region7 months – 2 years
Terai region6 months – 2 years

Pre-construction and permissions, environment, labor and supplies, changes, and construction style are the five most generally mentioned factors influencing construction time.

Pre-Construction and Permits

One who wants to build any kind of building within the territory of Nepal should get Building Permission from the municipality before starting construction. Meanwhile, construction should comply with the Building Code set by the Government of Nepal and local government bodies.

After that, completion the building owner should apply for the completion certificate. The District Administration office issues a Completion Certificate only after field verification to ensure that the construction is as per the approved design, drawing, and building codes. Read the full article about the legal procedures to build a house in Nepal.

Availability of Workers and Supplies

Because the summer months are often busy for house construction, your new home’s construction may be delayed while you wait for the required manpower to become available.

On the end note…

On the other hand, change orders typically increase the build time, especially if they come near the end of the process.

It is better to maintain open communication with your builder to reduce the amount of time lost due to decision delays.

After all, there will be several decisions to be made throughout the construction process.

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