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How much is 1 Tola Gold?

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Definitely, gold is a luxury that most people want to invest in. Gold is not only a luxury but also a secured investment. Generally, we measure gold in terms of Tola, Laal, and Suki in Nepal. Find in this article how much is 1 Tola Gold. Along with that, find the comparative chart showing how much is 1 tola gold equivalent to in gram.

Actually, Gold is a naturally occurred chemical element that has chemical and physical properties as of the transitional metals. Moreover, in its pure form, gold is bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and ductile. Gold is very expensive and its price fluctuates as per the market exchange rate as well.

In Nepal, Gold is used for ornament as well as investment.

Basically, we traditional Nepalese units of measurement to measure gold in Nepal. These units differ from the international units of measurement.

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Many people, society in mostly rural areas use these traditional units of measurement in daily life. They don’t know about the international units of measurement.

Weight Measurement Unit of Gold in Nepal

We use traditional Nepalese units like Tola, Lal, and Suki to measure gold in Nepal. In fact, these units are used all over Nepal for weighing gold.

How much is 1 Lal?

Lal is the smallest unit in gold measurement in Nepal. 1 Lal is equal to 0.1166 grams approximately.

How much is 1 Suki?

Now let us talk about another widely used unit of measurement in gold that is Suki.1 Suki gold is equal to 25 Lal. 1 Suki is 2.915 grams of gold.

How much is 1 Tola?

Tola is used mostly in South Asian countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, and others. 1 Tola gold is equal to 4 Suki that is 100 Lal or 11.66 grams. While, 1 Tola is also equal to 10 grams in some places nowadays.

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Now let us look at the following table and understand all the weight measurement systems of gold in Nepal and the global market.

1 Lal0.1166 gm.
1 Carat0.2 gm.
1 Suki (25 Lal)2.915 gm.
1 Tola (100 LAL)11.66 gm.
1 Aana0.72875 gm.
1 Chatak  (4.5 TOLA)58.31 gm.
1 Ounce31.10348 gm.
1 Kilogram1000 gm.
1 Baht15.24400 gm.
1 Hong Kong’s Tael37.79943 gm.
1 Japan’s Tael37.50986 gm.
1 Troy pound373.24172 gm.
1 Pound497.65573 gm.
1 Pennyweight1.70624 gm.
1 Vori11.66373 gm.
1 Grain0.06480 gm.
1 Ratti0.18200 gm.
1 Masha1.05752 gm.
1 Ton1,000,000 gm.

These are the Nepalese and international units of measurement used for weighing gold.

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