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How much is 1 Aana? Ropani? Bigha?

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Here, in this article you will find the measurement values of Aana, Ropani, Bigha and other International as well as Nepalese area measurement units.

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1 Aana equals to 342.25 sq. ft.

1 Ropani equals to 5476 sq. ft.

  1. Aana is a traditional Nepalese unit for land measurement. It is most widely used for land measurement in the hilly areas. Aana is a small scale of land measurement. 1 Aana is equal to 342.25 sq.ft.
  2. Ropani is a traditional Nepalese unit for land measurement. Most used for land measurement in hilly areas, Ropani is a common unit used by Nepalese people. Ropani is a larger scale of land measurement than Aana. 1 Ropani is equal to 5476 sq.ft.
  3. Bigha is a traditional Nepalese unit for land measurement. It is mostly used in the Terai region for land measurement. Bigha is a larger scale than Ropani. To illustrate, 1 Bigha is equal to 72900 sq. ft.

Here are the values of other area measurement units.

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Aana into other units:

Ropani into other units:

Bigha into other Units

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