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Hot Water Solution in Nepal

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Hello readers, if you are planning to set up a hot water solution in Nepal. Then, you can find all types of related hot water solutions or system technology. Here we list the hot water solution or system technology that is available in Nepal.

Hot Water Solution in Nepa
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Before we Begin

In human’s day-to-day life hot water solutions is being an important thing as a strategic concept of comfort first. Also using hot water technology uses the strategic concept of the maximum saving consumption rate. It provides 24 hours all-weather hot water for customers.

Hot water systems use gas, electricity, or sun as the energy source, and other systems are available in the market. The appliances of hot water heating are solar water heater, Electric Geyser, Immersion Rod, Heat Pump, etc.

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Solar Water Heater

It's winter and cold water is troubling to use. Thus, here we are with the list of Hot water Solution systems in Nepal.
Image Source: Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device that heats water by capturing sunlight. It might be a cost-effective solution to provide hot water for your home (for shower and bath).

A solar heater not only saves you money on energy, but solar power is free, compared to natural gas or fuel oil. Furthermore, it is a method of producing hot water for sanitary purposes.

Solar Water heaters are cost-effective solutions to heat water for your home. They might be utilized in any climate. Also, the fuel that they use is free i.e sunlight.

The solar water heater transforms light into heat by absorbing it through a collector on the roof. It uses a circulating pump to transfer the heat to a water tank. The thermal regulator initiates this exchange only when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank.

This keeps the circulating pumps from wasting electricity. On the other hand, it reduces overheating. In this way, a solar water heater works. The average price of a solar water heater ranges from NRS 40,000 to 250,000 on average.

Electric Geyser – Hot Water Solution

Image Source: Electric Geyser

An electric geyser is not much different from a common immersion rod. There is slight automation in the geyser.

The geyser operates on the simple principle of converting electrical energy into heat through the employment of heating components to raise the temperature of water by heat conduction.

It consists of a water tank filled with two pipes. One for an inlet of cold water and another for the outlet of hot water. Also, some thermostats control water temperature. The average price of electric geysers ranges from NRS 5000 to 30,000 on average.

Immersion Rod – Hot Water Solution

Hot Water Solution in Nepal
Image Source: Immersion Rod

An immersion Rod is a simple device that heats water using a heating coil and cord. All we have to do now is plug in the current and start to heat up and, as a result, heat water. We need to install it in a tank or container to heat a liquid. So, it is less costly and easier to use.

A coiled rod that acts as a resistor is used as an immersion rod. When an electric current is delivered through the rod, it conducts heat, which causes the region around it to heat. And then, after some time the water heats up. The average price of the Immersion rods ranges from NRS 200 to 10,000 on average.

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Heat Pump

Image Source: Heat Pump

The heat pump is used to heat or cool enclosed space just like a fridge freezer in a reverse way. When used to cool a building, a heat pump transfers heat from the inside to the outside world.

Similarly, when used to heat a building, a heat pump transfers heat from the outside world. A heat pump has a very high-efficiency rate because it simply consumes electricity for power rather than for heat generation. The average price of a Heat Pump is Rs. 240,000 for a 200-liter Heat pump.

Gas Geyeser

Hot Water Solution in Nepal
Image Source: Gas Geyser

For heating, gas geysers use LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). The power of these geysers to heat water is unrestricted.

Gas geyser heats water by utilizing a gas burner position beneath a large tank from which the heated water is transported via pipelines. When pressure builds up in a gas geyser during heating, the pressure valve intervenes and releases the pressure.

One of the disadvantages of the gas geyser is it is not strictly safe. It can lead to death as well. Moreover, It is also difficult to install and needs experts only. The average price for a gas geyser is Rs. 6000 to 22000.

Where can you buy these hot water Solution System in Nepal?

While these hot water solution systems are available in the local store near you. Or, you can also buy these systems at online shopping sites such as:

These are the hot water solution or system technology that is available in Nepal.

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